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Organic Stores in Cebu To Help You Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Check out Cebu City’s favorite organic and herbal stores.

By: Peter Parcon | March 31, 2020
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Due to changing quarantine measures, the activities, destination/s, store/s, establishment/s featured in this article might be temporarily prohibited or closed under the latest government policies. LGUs might also implement health protocols and travel requirements. Please get in touch with the establishment/s before visiting. Stay safe!

herbal stores in Cebu City

God’s Grace Farm Store Banilad branch

Image: Courtesy of God’s Grace Farm

The trend towards healthy living has caught up with Cebuanos as a number of herbal and organic shops have opened their doors in the Queen City of the South. These shops offer products that contribute to a sound mind and body for residents and visitors of Cebu alike. The following are just some of the organic and herbal stores located in Cebu City.

God’s Grace Farm Store

Organic produce and livestock straight from the farm

herbal stores in Cebu City

Organically produced tomatoes

Image: Courtesy of God’s Grace Farm

The products offered at God’s Grace Farm Store come from God’s Grace Farm, which is located in the southwestern part of Cebu. The farm is certified organic by the Negros Island Organic Certification Services (NICERT), which supports the organic agriculture program of the national government. But the farm does not limit itself to complying with the standards set by the government since it practices the highest standards of organic farming. The farm guarantees all its products are free of chemicals and toxins.

Some of the products of the farm are organically produced lime, cucumber, carrots, sunflower sprouts, and Aiko tomatoes, among others. The farm also offers organic pork and chicken along with organically produced fruits. These products are delivered directly to the two God’s Grace Farm Store outlets located in Banilad and Banawa, Cebu City.


The Banilad outlet is located at TPE Bldg., Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City while the Banawa outlet is situated across Anita’s Bakeshop along R. Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City. In addition to the two outlets in Cebu, God’s Grace Farm products are also sold in Manila through Seven Days of Greens. God’s Grace Farm Store also holds the Harvest for the Week event where customers can have the products delivered straight to their doorstep. Orders can be placed by calling 0917 309 4370.

Cebu Herbs

Naturally grown herbs for the culinary arts

herbal stores in Cebu City

Various herbs can be found at the Cebu Herbs garden.

Image: Courtesy of Cebu Herbs

Cebu Herbs can be a good place to look for those sought-after herbs used in the culinary arts. Offering naturally cultivated herbs, the store is paradise on Earth for chefs, aspiring chefs and simple cooking enthusiasts. Culinary herbs can enhance the flavor of ordinary food, which is why they are used by the best chefs in the world.

Cebu Herbs prides itself in offering home-grown herbs, including rosemary, dill, echinacea (coneflower), fennel, stevia and sage, among others. The culinary herbs offered by the store are grown using natural farming methods.


Cebu Herbs is located in No. 20 Horseshoe Drive, Banawa, Cebu City. They are open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM from Monday to Saturday, while Sunday visits are by appointment only. Orders can be placed through (+6332) 253-4890 or (+63922) 824-4504.

Dad’s Organic Farm

Bee farm in the middle of the city

herbal stores in Cebu City

Honey kalamansi salad dressing and pure organic honey

Image: Courtesy of Dad’s Organic Farm

In addition to herbs, spices and other organic produce, Cebu City is also home to an organic farm offering honey and its by-products. Aside from being used as a natural sweetener, honey can also be used as a natural moisturizer. Dad’s Organic Farm was started in 2012 by the de Jesus family at the backyard of their house in Sunset Drive, Lahug, Cebu City.

Since honey production is seasonal, the family had to ration the honey to ensure a continuous flow of products. Their initial start of only eight colonies of bees then grew to 40 colonies. While the farm is now capable of sustaining its production, there are some instances when the supply of honey becomes scarce.

Aside from honey, Dad’s Organic Farm also offers bee pollen, honey kalamansi (calamodin) salad dressing, aromatherapy massage oil, honey milk soap, lemongrass soap, and rosemary soap. The bestseller of the farm is pure honey, which is used by customers as a sweetener or moisturizer. While customers can drop by the outlet in Lahug, they can also place their orders through (032) 383 6016 and have their purchases delivered to them.

Some Important Tips

herbal stores in Cebu City

To keep herbs fresh, it is important to do the following:

• Wash the herbs under cool water after they are harvested to remove any insects or dirt.
• Shake off excess water before patting the herb dry with paper towels.
• The excess stem should be cut off and the herbs should be placed in a vase or glass with the leaves of the herb kept above water.
• The herbs can now be refrigerated.
• The shelf life of basil leaves can be extended by doing the same procedure above, but it should be stored in room temperature rather than inside a refrigerator.

* Click the store names to see their exact addresses and contact numbers.
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