About Yoorekka Yoorekka is an online business directory and magazine on travel, shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and entertainment in the Philippines.

Yoorekka is a leading online business directory and business magazine in the Philippines that features the best and latest on travel, shopping, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and lifestyle.

Yoorekka’s online magazine helps local and international travelers and local Filipino explorers find any kind of lifestyle destination that they are looking for - from dining spots, hotels and resorts, and more!

Our website features articles in our online lifestyle magazine that are well-researched and thoughtfully written by our writers, aiming to give you access to facts and information in just a few clicks. Yoorekka ensures its readers to be empowered to fulfill those travel goals, get the best access to shopping guides, and navigating the Philippines – all-in-one.

There is also lifestyle news to keep you updated with the latest travel news and lifestyle trends.

Guided by Yoorekka's goal to provide useful lifestyle information, we have also established a special section in our business magazine for shoppers to discover affordable finds through shopping articles under health and beauty, home and living, fashion, and gadgets.

Yoorekka also brings its readers and consumers the business directory which aims to help shoppers, diners, and travelers have easy access to the brands and places that they are looking for. The directory has two versions: a Visitor’s Guide, which is recommended for consumers new to the area, and a Locals’ Favorites Guide, which is geared towards locals.

All these features are designed to achieve one ultimate goal: to bridge local consumers and businesses swiftly and conveniently with the goal to make the best travel and shopping decisions. So whether you already have something in mind or are looking for options around you, Yoorekka Philippines can help you say, “I found it!”

Our Mission

The primary mission of Yoorekka is to help its original target market,the merchants, to achieve local brand recognition and to increase the overall sales while still providing its avid fanbase content they can both learn from and take pleasure in.

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We offer Free Business Listing to increase your market's visibility and Brand Advertisement to elevate your brands, products and services.

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