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6 Food and Grocery Delivery Services in Bohol to Use While Pandemic

If you don’t feel like going to the market.

By: Mira Maestrecampo | January 17, 2022
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Conveniently book your food and grocery needs through local delivery services in Bohol.

Since the public is encouraged to stay at home, it would be helpful and convenient for residents in Bohol to avail themselves of these local delivery services offered in the province. These delivery services can do the grocery shopping for their clients, and they can also cater to their food delivery needs and have it delivered in the comfort and safety of your household. With this, Boholanos are encouraged to stay at home, especially if they do not have any necessary things to do unless they are going out for work.

1. Toktok Bohol Delivery Service

6 Delivery Services in Bohol for Food and Grocery Buys, delivery services

Toktok Delivery Services is one of the most famous delivery services in Bohol and the country.

Image: TokTok Bohol Delivery Service Facebook page

Toktok Bohol Delivery Service is one of the popular delivery services with very affordable rates. The convenience of having the necessary grocery items delivered to your doorstep is just a click away when you download their app through your mobile phone. You can also directly message them for delivery bookings through this link: Another convenient option is downloading their app through the App Store:, or through Google Play for Android users: Delivery service rate starts at PhP60 and an additional PhP5 for every succeeding kilometer.

2. Dalikyat Convenience Store and Online Grocery Delivery

6 Delivery Services in Bohol for Food and Grocery Buys, food

Dalikyat Grocery and Convenience Store temporarily stopped its 24-hour operation due to the pandemic but still serves and delivers goods to their clients.

Image: Dalikyat Convenience Store Facebook page

Dalikyat Convenience Store and Online Grocery Delivery is an online convenience grocery store in Tagbilaran that offers delivery services, especially for your grocery needs. They deliver almost everything you need from food, juices, canned goods, bottled drinking water, personal care, cleaning materials, and promo grocery items. They can deliver anywhere in Bohol, and you can contact them at 0917 7006995, 0947 8906895, or through their Facebook page: or You can also book your grocery deliveries directly through their website: They currently have a promo of free delivery for grocery orders above PhP197. An additional PhP20 is required for PayPal users.

3. Buy Me Delivery

6 Delivery Services in Bohol for Food and Grocery Buys, grocery

BuyMe delivers anywhere in Bohol and can do your errands for you.

Image: BuyMe Delivery-BMD MAIN Tubigon Facebook page

BuyMe Delivery is a Bohol-wide service provider doing particular errands for customers, including groceries, food delivery, medicines, and other necessities. This delivery service is guaranteed-hassle-free, affordable, and reliable. Contact them for orders, grocery deliveries, and bookings at 0961 8554184, 0955 0119383, and 0946 3521768. You can also reach their operators directly through their Facebook page for faster transactions: They can deliver food, and grocery needs anywhere in Bohol.

4. Bohol Online Store

6 Delivery Services in Bohol for Food and Grocery Buys, grocery store

Bohol Online Store serves as a convenience store for your grocery needs, and they can deliver anywhere in Bohol.

Image: Bohol Online Store Facebook page

The Bohol Online Store aims to serve Boholanos with satisfactory delivery services for groceries, clothing, shopping items, and technology. This delivery service delivers grocery items anywhere around Bohol. If you are out of the country and want to provide groceries for your families in Bohol, then this is the delivery service you can use. You can go directly to their website: or you can email them at For fast transactions, you can also call them at 0917 1206100. This delivery service is exclusive to Bohol areas only.

5. Door Bill Panglao

6 Delivery Services in Bohol for Food and Grocery Buys, food delivery

Door Bill Panglao delivers food, groceries, and other supply needs.

Image: Door Bill Panglao Facebook page

Residents in Panglao, Bohol, do not have to go out of their homes to the grocery store with Door Bill Panglao delivery services. You can send Door Bill Panglao a message to place an order, and they will be in charge of having your food and grocery items delivered at your doorsteps. There are no additional prices added on grocery items and food products, there is no minimum order required, and you are guaranteed to pay an affordable delivery service fee. The rate for delivery services in Danao and Tawala areas are at PhP50, Bolod, Libaong, Looc, and Poblacion areas are at PhP70, Doljo, and Lourdes areas at PhP80, Bil-isan areas at PhP90, and Tangnan areas at PhP100. You can directly book your orders through their Facebook page:, or contact them for delivery services at 0950 4169893 or 0963 3813616. They also have a landline number for your necessary grocery deliveries: 504 9625.

6. GrEats Food Delivery Services

6 Delivery Services in Bohol for Food and Grocery Buys, yoorekka com

GrEats Local food Delivery Services covers a vast area in Bohol for their delivery services.

Image: GrEats Local Delivery Service Facebook page

If you want food or groceries delivered anywhere in Tagbilaran, Bohol, you can easily book them through GrEats Food Delivery Services. This delivery service is guaranteed to have fast in your homes and is a known courier delivery service in Tagbilaran, Bohol, that you can rely on to buy your food and groceries for you. Orders and delivery transactions are booked through their Facebook page:

Delivery service rates start at PhP50 for delivery services in Pob 1 to 3, and areas in Baranggays Mansasa, Dampas, Cogon, Booy, Taloto, and Dao. As for areas in Baranggays Ubujan, Manga, TipTip, San Isidro, and Bool, rates start at PhP60. An additional PhP20 is required if you want to have your food or groceries delivered from another store. GrEats Food Delivery Services also have these delivery rates which start at PhP60 if your booking is from any Dauis store to Totolan, Sungkulan, Mariveles, Pob Dauis, Tabalong, Mayacabac, Tinago, Catarman, Bingag, or Biking.

The PhP90 delivery service rate applies if your booking is from any Tagbilaran store to Totolan, Sungkulan, Mariveles, Pob Dauis, Tabalong, Mayacabac, Tinago, Catarman, Bingag, or Biking. For Panglao delivery rates, delivery service fee starts at PhP200 for bookings from any Tagbilaran store to Tangnan, Bil-isan, Bolod, and Libaong. If delivery bookings are from any Tagbilaran store to Looc, Danao, Poblacion, and Tawala, the delivery service rate starts at PhP250.

And for delivery bookings from any Baclayon store to Guiwanon, Taguihon, Sta. Cruz, and Poblacion areas, rates begin at PhP60, and rates start at PhP90 if bookings are from any Tagbilaran store to Guiwanon, Taguihon, and Poblacion areas.

This delivery service accepts online payments and bank transfers through BPI (1359 803 881), GCash (0948 2225677), or PayPal (

Availing the delivery services of these local delivery couriers in Bohol is one of the things that you should consider now that the country is facing another round of handling and regulating the virus to spread further. Staying at home is one helpful thing to help the government and the community in general in this fight against the coronavirus.

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