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The Finest Bacolod Roof-deck Bars with Majestic Views of the City

See and enjoy the best views of the city from the top.

By: Paul T. Lizares | October 05, 2016
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There is something about rooftop bars and restaurants that are especially attractive on a warm, clear night. An outdoor setting with a nice view for dining or drinking is simply perfect for cozying up and ending an otherwise hectic day. If you find yourself hanging around in Bacolod City, here’s where to find some of the best rooftop views you shouldn’t miss while you unwind or just enjoy what the city has to offer.

L’ Fisher Chalet

If you want an unobstructed view of the sunset or sunrise in the midst of the city, L’ Fisher Chalet’s rooftop bar and restaurant may be the best place to go.

Nestled behind the famed L' Fisher Hotel in midtown Lacson St., L' Fisher Chalet is the newer of the two hotels by the same family owner. It boasts of the best yet least visited rooftop hang-outs in Bacolod.

Bacolod roof-deck bars with view

Enjoy the pool and scenic view while on the roof-deck of L’ Fisher

Photo by Writer

The rooftop bar and restaurant offers a majestic view of the mountains at sunrise to the east. To the west at sunset, it lends a calming view of the islands of Guimaras and Panay. Meanwhile, a pool by the restaurant provides instant reprieve to the weary observers as they watch the sun rise to full power at the start of day or hide in the darkness of the night. The well-stocked pool bar and first-rate amenities of the hotel, unmatched in Bacolod City, and most especially the glorious view it offers guests are testaments to the establishment’s claim of being one of the best in town.

Sharing the rooftop space of L' Fisher Chalet are rooms for business meetings and private parties, a well-equipped gym, Cocoon Spa, and Virtu Salon. With all that, the place is practically a country club! You will not find that anywhere else in Bacolod City.

Avenue Suites Hotel

Once a year, Bacolod hosts the MassKara Festival in October, and one of the best places to check out the scene is atop the rooftop bar of Avenue Suites Hotel. Located five floors up in a relatively new building with a modern ambiance on the 12th Street along Lacson, the rooftop bar of the hotel offers excellent view of the foot traffic below all the way up to 17th Street, where most of the festivities take place.

Bacolod roof-deck bars with view

Partying at rooftop bar of Avenue Suites Hotel

Photo courtesy of Unwind Young Professionals

With people, food booths, and bands lining the street for a stretch of one kilometer or so, there’s no better way to just watch it all but from the top. The rooftop bar of Avenue Suites Hotel has open-air dance floor and an overall cozy ambiance ideal for detaching from the crowd during the festival, or for private parties anytime of the year.


Bacolod roof-deck bars with view

The relaxing view at Zuu Bar

Photo courtesy of Zuu KTV Bar Facebook page

Conveniently located adjacent to the enormous and crowded Robinson's Mall, Zuu surprisingly has a very tranquil atmosphere. It is a corner haven enveloped by live acoustic music that perfectly complements the relaxed feel of the place. You get a sense of being near the sea when you’re at Zuu. The cold evening breeze, native furniture with colorful cushions, and swaying sarong-like curtains draped over bamboo poles successfully complete the experience.

Bacolod's charm indeed extends to the rooftop views offered by some of the finest bars and restaurants in the city. Enjoy the view!

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About Paul T. Lizares
Paul T. Lizares was born and raised in the island of Negros (Bacolod). He studied high school and college in University of California Santa Barbara, California, USA and has lived and traveled abroad for 17 years. Returning to Negros in the year 2000 to raise a family, he worked in the family real estate business and in power distribution. An advocate of environmental conservation, he is also a trustee of Philippine Reef and Rainforests Conservation Foundation Inc. and Negros Forests. Paul continues to travel and raising his children in Bacolod. He hopes to one day open a resort that caters to wellness and outdoor activities.
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