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Eat the Most Authentic Bagnet, Empanada, Poqui-poqui, and More at These Restaurants in Vigan City

Find the best restaurants in Vigan City’s corner for your next local food trip!

By: Zofia Leal | June 23, 2023
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Your favorite empanada never gets old at these restaurants in Vigan!

Images: Hidden Garden Vigan- Lilong and Lilang Restaurant Facebook pages

Vigan City is famous for its cultural heritage, Spanish-style houses, and rich Ilocano cuisine, ranging from simple vegetable dishes such as the pinakbet to tourist favorites bagnet (deep-fried crispy pork belly) and longganisa (Filipino-style sausages), empanada, etc. Many restaurants in Vigan and eateries offer a wide selection of meals and Vigan food products, but those at the city corners deserve our attention.

Here are just a few restaurants in Vigan that give locals and tourists an authentic Vigan food trip feel.

1. Hidden Garden Lilong and Lilang Restaurant

Address: Bulala Centro, City of Vigan
Price Range: PhP195 to PhP5,599

restaurants in Vigan

A lovely spot to while eating Miki with bagnet bits at Hidden Garden Vigan

Images: Hidden Garden Vigan- Lilong and Lilang Restaurant Facebook page

Diners can build their appetite before eating at this restaurant in Vigan, the Hidden Garden Lilong and Lilang Restaurant, because they are first treated to a tour inside the Hidden Garden. At the end of the garden is the dining area. Guides are available at one of the best restaurants in Vigan City to direct the guests where they should turn.

This restaurant in Vigan offers rice meals, snacks, and local delicacies. They also have fresh fruit shakes from the local fruits available during the season. Specialties include sinigang na bagnet, bagnet sisig, poqui-poqui, or mashed eggplant with egg and tomatoes, empanada, and more! If you don’t know where to eat in Vigan, try this place!

How to get there:
For private vehicles, the exact location of this restaurant in Vigan is Brgy. Bulala, Vigan City. From Quezon Avenue, turn right to Liberation Blvd until you reach the Pagburnayan, where the clay vases are made. Follow Katipunan St. passing the redrying tobacco plant and Immaculate Conception Minor Seminary until you see the arc of Brgy. Bulala. Turn right to reach Hidden Garden.

2. Café Uno

Address: #1 Bonifacio Street corner Quirino Blvd 2700 City of Vigan
Price Range: PhP55 to PhP680

best restaurants in Vigan City

The interior of Café Uno offers the same vibe as the tourist spot Calle Crisologo with its cobblestones.

Images: Cafe Uno Facebook page

Café Uno is one of where to eat in Vigan, located near Calle Crisologo. This restaurant in Vigan offers bagnet miki, poqui-poqui, and more! Besides Ilocano dishes, it also serves pasta, sandwiches, cakes, and coffee. The café is part of Grandpa’s Inn’s line of eateries in its vicinity, including Kusina Felicitas and Uno Grille.

How to get there:
From Calle Crisologo, turn left to Bonifacio St. Café Uno is near the lobby of Grandpa’s Inn, located at the corner of Bonifacio St. and Quirino Blvd.

3. Panganan Ken Ihawan Toy Ciudad Vigan

Address: Vigan City, Vigan
Price Range: PhP45 to PhP110

where to eat in Vigan

The eatery is also a local hang-out.

Image: Uriel Teodoro

Translated, the name of this eatery is “Restaurant and Grill in the City of Vigan.” This restaurant in Vigan offers some Filipino and Ilocano vegetable and meat dishes. This is one of the best restaurants in Vigan City that is cafeteria-like, as diners would have to line up with trays and pick the dish they want. This restaurant in Vigan can get pretty crowded during lunchtime as it is also a local hang-out. The locals call it by its former name Gaizel’s.

How to get there:
From Quezon Avenue, turn right to Bonifacio St. The eatery is at the corner of Bonifacio St. and Rizal St. Parking can be a problem during lunch, so riding a tricycle might be an option.

4. Kusina de Kenyong

Address: Salcedo, Vigan City

restaurants in Vigan

Kusina de Kenyong gives you that heritage city feel while eating bagnet chips.

Image: Kusina de Kenyong

Proclaimed as the home of the smallest and biggest burger in the country, Kusina de Kenyong’s menu is a mix of old favorites and new inventions. The restaurant offers rice and viands such as bagnet kare-kare and pork sisig to pasta dishes and burger varieties. Their tiniest burgers are priced at PhP99 for a set of five. The restaurant also challenges those who can eat the most giant burger in less than 15 minutes.

May 2023 Update: Kusina de Kenyong is permanently closed. But don’t worry! Check out the 1995 Studio Cafe Vigan for possible replacement.

Looking for more dining options in Vigan and Northern Luzon? Visit Yoorekka Magazine to find out more!

Stay safe as you travel and dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on March 30, 2017.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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