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Enjoy Baguio’s Food Scene without Going Broke at These 5 Best Affordable Restaurants in Baguio

Discover the best affordable restaurants in Baguio!

By: Viktor Austria | March 24, 2023
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A food crawl in Baguio City is always a good idea.

Images: Yoorekka

Everyone’s favorite thing about being a true foodie is that it doesn’t stop when you’re full; somewhere, new and exciting food is always dished out as often as we are hungry. This summer, that “somewhere” is the City of Pines. These affordable restaurants in Baguio show that the city’s famed foodscape is thriving more than ever and remains a part of the local culture as the city’s landmarks.

Set a trip to Baguio soon; these best affordable restaurants in Baguio are all primed to satisfy our palates with new flavors. If you’re excited to know where they are, then read on!

1. Haru X DLF

Where: Lower Ground Floor, ECCO Building, Assumption Road, Baguio City
Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Budget: Starting at PhP199 per head

Affordable Restaurants in Baguio – Yoorekka Philippines, affordable restaurants in Baguio

With such a wide assortment of wing flavors, Haru Let’s Eat should be your favorite stopover.

Images: Haru X DLF Facebook page

The fanfare around unlimited offers isn’t dying soon, and Haru X DLF at Naguilian Road is joining that list. This affordable restaurant in Baguio offers Unlimited Wings, Pasta, and Rice for PhP199 to PhP399 per head. But this isn’t any other wings place; their wings buffet features 23 different flavors. Savor flavors include Garlic Parmesan, Teriyaki, Honey Garlic, Asian Sesame, Cheesy Lava, Mango Rojo (red), and more.

Aside from having various flavors of hotness, this is also a cheap place to eat in Baguio. If you’re a casual eater, settle for the mild buffalo, Thaisian, or spicy mango. But if you think you can take it up a notch, sample their Fire BBQ Cracker, Cajun, or Saucy Finger, or go all the way and order the Magma or Suicide flavors, the hottest on the menu of this best affordable restaurant in Baguio.

Take note at this affordable restaurant in Baguio, though, that you aren’t allowed to share, take out, or leave any leftovers, or else they will charge you extra, meaning your wings are only yours to enjoy!

2. Sittie’s Fil-Korean Restaurant

Where: G/F Calde Commercial Building, Assumption Road, Baguio City
Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday to Sunday, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Budget: Starting at PhP388 (adults); PhP250 (kids) for unlimited buffet

Affordable Restaurants in Baguio – Yoorekka Philippines, best affordable restaurants in Baguio

Take as many trips as you want to the buffet table in Sittie’s Fil-Korean Restaurant!

Images: Sittie’s Fil-Korean Restaurant Samgeupsal w/ Hotpot Unli Eat All You Can Facebook page

Another food trend that’s been gaining rave reviews is restaurants offering unlimited samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly), and the trend seems to have made its way to the Summer Capital. Sitties’ Fil-Korean Restaurant at Calde Commercial Building in Assumption Road is a chain of do-it-yourself samgyeopsal restaurants.

They are also one of the best and most affordable restaurants in Baguio; they have grown a solid following since opening last September 2018 because of its buffet, which features several selections of Korean side dishes that go with several flavors of pork belly. Not because they belong as one of the cheap places to eat in Baguio, they limit their menu! They have tocino-style and bulgogi-style pork bellies, which boast sweet and tangy tastes, bringing out the best Filipino and Korean palates.

This affordable restaurant in Baguio also has Filipino and Korean dishes for short orders, like pork tapa (cured pork), japchae (stir-fried glass noodles), ramen, kimbab (rice rolled in dried seaweed), and tteokbokki (rounded rice cake sticks). Since it is one of the best affordable restaurants in Baguio, enjoy the Korean Buffet for only PhP388 per head or PhP250 for children aged four to 10. Kids below four years old are free.

3. Mountain Chef International Cuisine & Cake House

Where: Baguio-La Trinidad’s Global Plate, Kilometer 6, Barangay Betag, Dangwa Square, La Trinidad
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Budget: PhP200 to PhP400 for a whole meal

Affordable Restaurants in Baguio – Yoorekka Philippines, cheap places to eat in Baguio

Partner with the savory cuisines of Mountain Chef with their sweet selections.

Images: Mountain Chef International Cuisine and Bake House Facebook page

If choosing where cheap places to eat in Baguio is always a difficult choice for you, you might need to go somewhere that offers the best from around the world—a place like Mountain Chef International Cuisine & Cake House in Dangwa Square.

This affordable casual dining restaurant in Baguio opened its doors last September 2018. American, Asian, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisines made their way to the Igorot-owned eatery through dishes like chicken curry biryani rice (highly seasoned rice), American pork ribs, Greek calamari, Japanese shrimp tempura, beef kalbi chim (braised short ribs), and of course, Mt. Chef’s signature adobo (stewed pork). Mountain Chef has already earned the approval of many with its sumptuous dishes influenced by international flavors.

Aside from pastries and signature cakes, they are also known as one of the best affordable restaurants in Baguio because of the artisan bread in their choices, such as focaccia sticks (Italian bread) and French baguettes.

4. Dalikan Food Terminal

Where: 2F La Asotea Bldg., Session Road, Baguio City
Budget: PhP100 to PhP200

Affordable Restaurants in Baguio – Yoorekka Philippines, affordable restaurants in Baguio

Try their zesty kinigtot and discover the Mountain Province’s original flavor!

Image: Dalikan Taste Asia

Suppose you’re looking for where to eat the unique cuisines of Mountain Province; head on to this affordable restaurant in Baguio. The best cuisines of Mountain Province meet our modern sensibilities inside the modest corners of Dalikan Food Terminal in Long Long Road. Dalikan is an Ilocano word for “stove,” an inspiration from the owner from the first kitchenware his grandparents gave him as a prompt to start cooking. His pride in the highlands indeed shines through, as shown by sumptuous dishes like the etag (sun-dried salted pork), tinegteg (chopped beef sauteed in tomatoes), kinigtot (stewed goat meat and innards), and the ever-famous pinikpikan (chicken stew). Down these with a shot of tapey (Igorot rice wine) or bugnay (wild berry wine), and cap off your meal with their selection of pastries or a serving of patupat (glutinous rice cake) in this affordable restaurant in Baguio.

They are not just the best affordable restaurants in Baguio; they also sell bottles of vinaigrettes, jars of chili sauces, and ba-ak (aged chili). The place may be small and cheap places to eat in Baguio, but they sell out fast, so make sure to come early to savor the Mountain Province flavors in the morning!

February 2022 Update: Dalikan Food Terminal has moved to Dominican Road.

5. Homie’s Milk Tea & Takoyaki

Where: 1/F Station 120 Building, 101 Lower General Luna Road, Baguio City

Affordable Restaurants in Baguio – Yoorekka Philippines, best affordable restaurants in Baguio

Homie’s Milk Tea & Takoyaki takes the Japanese snack to a whole other level of tasty.

Image: Homie’s Milk Tea & Takoyaki

Homie’s Milk Tea & Takoyaki is a great first stop for your Baguio food crawl at Lower General Luna Road. This affordable restaurant in Baguio opened last 2019, and it wasn’t long until their customers returned. One of their specialties is the takoyaki (ball-shaped wheat snack). The Japanese grub is typically filled with minced octopus, but at Homie’s, they also make takoyaki with bacon or quail egg and offer takoyaki draped in cheese. Choose among the chashu (stewed pork), spicy tonkotsu (pork marrow), or miso variants. If you have difficulty deciding, order their sampler to have a go at each takoyaki type since they are one of the best affordable restaurants in Baguio with a modest selection of ramen.

The menu in this affordable restaurant in Baguio is called “Tea Tea Moo,” including around 20 flavor choices. The warmth of the takoyaki or ramen always goes great with their signature milk tea. They also have iced tea in fresh fruit flavors and Yakult-blended beverages.

February 2022 Update: Homie’s Milk Tea & Takoyaki is permanently closed. But don’t worry! You may check Levram Cup Milktea Station & Takoyaki Bar, with menu prices starting at PhP75.

These fantastic affordable restaurants in Baguio should always be included in your itinerary, with reasonable prices to match the delicious dishes!

Want to explore Baguio City further? Visit Yoorekka Magazine and get up-to-date travel information for your trip!

Stay safe as you dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. For now, keep safe!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on March 22, 2019.

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