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7 Affordable Accommodations in Baguio You Should Stay If You’re on a Budget

Going to the summer capital soon? Here’s where you can have cheap accommodations in Baguio.

By: Viktor Austria | March 05, 2024
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Rooms are rarely air-conditioned since the brisk Baguio breeze is enough to keep you cool and cozy.

Image: Guest Haven Bed and Breakfast (L); Hotel Veniz (R) Websites

If you wish to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines for any reason, you can bet staying for a day in affordable accommodation in Baguio wouldn’t be enough.

Hence, it’s good that the Summer Capital is never short of plush hotels that cater perfectly to family and friends. However, with many options for an affordable stay in Baguio, choosing what cheap place to stay in Baguio City may be overwhelming! These ideal accommodations in the City of Pines can give you the most informed decision on choosing cheap accommodation in Baguio for your upcoming trip.

Choose the best affordable accommodation in Baguio now.

1. 3BU Hostel Baguio

Location: 121 Upper Bonifacio Street, Baguio City, Benguet
Rates: Start at PhP700 a night

Affordable Accommodation in Baguio

3BU Hostel gives you your key card and provides security within common areas.

Image: 3BU Hostel Baguio Facebook Page

If you’re a bunch of backpackers on a budget who aren’t fussy about meeting new friends, 3BU Hostel has the perfect solution. At this affordable accommodation in Baguio, guests sleep on single-sized mattresses inside hut-shaped pods, capsules, or bunk beds only fitted with a single light and electrical socket. What makes the hostel a hit is the sense of community it creates—patrons are encouraged to meet fellow guests, have a quick chat, plan itineraries through the bulletin showing Baguio’s upcoming events, or watch Netflix on the common television in this affordable accommodation in Baguio.

3BU Hostel is one of the cheap accommodation in Baguio with a rooftop café, J’s Liquid Black, that serves breakfast and quick bites. 3BU Hostel also offers membership packages for frequent voyagers that they can use for up to nine months from their first stay, ranging from PhP3,000 to PhP13,000. For more information at this affordable accommodation in Baguio, you may visit their website at

2. Hotel Veniz

Session Road branch: 54 SB Building, Session Road, Baguio City, Benguet
Burnham branch: 1 Abanao Street, Baguio City, Benguet
For Burnham branch: Start at PhP2,369 a night
For Session Road branch: Start at PhP2,956 a night

Cheap Accommodations in Baguio

With Hotel Veniz, friends and small families can fit their plans within the budget.

Image: Hotel Veniz Website

The next affordable accommodation in Baguio is located at Session Road and the nature-embraced Burnham Park, this cheap accommodation in Baguio, the Hotel Veniz, ensures they get the best service and amenities if you’re still finding a cheap place stay in Baguio. It means that Baguio City hotel’s guests are always at the perfect vantage point to witness the upcoming Panagbenga Festival while having an affordable stay in Baguio.

Both branches share the same regal style—the Burnham branch, an affordable accommodation in Baguio boasts 102 well-appointed rooms while their Session Road branch has 73, perfect for single up to quintuple occupancy, all equipped with Wi-Fi and a private bathroom. Don’t miss out on this cheap accommodation in Baguio on the Mongolian buffet at Veniz Grill, which boasts an array of Baguio’s best produce. You can also enjoy breakfast while having your stay at this affordable accommodation in Baguio at Mommy Betty’s Kitchen or a light late afternoon snack courtesy of Veniz Café.

3. Cedar Peak Condominium

Location: Upper Mabini Street corner General Luna Road, Baguio City, Benguet
Rates: Start at PhP2,530 a night

Cheap Place to Stay in Baguio City

Nothing comes as complete as Cedar Peak Condominium’s well-equipped apartment accommodations.

Image: Cedar Peak Condominium Website

In your next affordable accommodation in Baguio, contemporary style meets country sensibilities inside the Cedar Peak Condominium. With great apartment rooms at the center of Baguio’s sprawling scene, guests will never be too far from the festivities. Each room at this cheap accommodation in Baguio has a private bathroom with heating, kitchenware, a refrigerator, a stovetop with a toaster, electric kettle, microwave oven, a flat-screen TV with activated satellite, a dining table, and when staying at this affordable accommodation in Baguio you can see a majestic courtyard or city view. It feels entirely like your own tiny home!

This cheap place to stay in Baguio City also has an in-house restaurant that can satisfy all your cravings via dining or room service anytime. If these aren’t enough, various shops and boutiques are also in the same building, so your needs are just one elevator ride away when staying at this affordable accommodation in Baguio!

4. Bloomfield Hotel

Location: 3 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City, Benguet
Rates: Start at PhP2,680 a night

Affordable Accommodation in Baguio

Come and go as you please because the Bloomfield Hotel stands near the best tourist spots.

Image: Bloomfield Hotel Website

If you’re staying for the weekend and finding cheap accommodation in Baguio, Bloomfield Hotel’s ideal location is worth checking out. All thirty guest rooms are fully air-conditioned for their affordable accommodation in Baguio, have private baths, and include mini-bars, refrigerators, hairdryers, and wide closet spaces. Their deluxe rooms and suites all provide a picturesque view of the streets below, which is perfect when watching the flower festival’s many street parades and pageantries.

This cheap accommodation in Baguio also puts you near Baguio’s renowned tourist spots, such as Session Road, Baguio Market, Burnham Park, and Maharlika Building. But if you prefer to enjoy your time indoors in this kind of affordable accommodation in Baguio, head to Bloomfield Hotel’s Patch Café. The diner serves everything from all-day breakfast to your favorite café fares and desserts.

5. The Podium Boutique Hotel

Location: Kilometer 4, Ben Palispis Highway (formerly Marcos Highway), Baguio City, Benguet
Rates: Start at PhP2,980 a night

Cheap Accommodations in Baguio

The Podium’s prominent use of pine wood panels reflects its owners’ love for nature.

Image: The Podium Boutique Hotel Facebook Page

One of the more favorable lodging options, affordable accommodation in Baguio for backpackers with budget constraints, is The Podium Boutique Hotel. It has only three room types, but this cheap place to stay in Baguio City show an exquisite take on the most necessities. In your stay at this cheap accommodation in Baguio, their Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum rooms all come with cable TV, lightning-speed Internet connection, jet-powered hot and cold shower, and complimentary breakfast for all guests. Guests at this affordable accommodation in Baguio can also choose between rooms with a sunset or a sunrise view.

Speaking of breakfast, The Podium Boutique Hotel also has Hōka Brew, their in-house restaurant, café, and grill, where meals are complemented by musical acts and a stunning balcony view. This is where to stay in Baguio, where they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets featuring their Hoka Rice, Baguio’s version of brown rice. This affordable accommodation in Baguio also houses their Beer Bank and Tap List, a collection of handpicked craft beers.

6. C Boutique Hotel

Location: 5 Arellano Street corner Moran Street, Barangay Gibraltar, Baguio City, Benguet
Rates: PhP3,900 to PhP6,900 depending on room types

Cheap Place to Stay in Baguio City

C Boutique Hotel ensures peace for its few guests, tucked inside a quiet residential nook.

Image: C Boutique Hotel Baguio Official Facebook Page

With just 17 rooms, this affordable accommodation in Baguio, the C Boutique Hotels, maybe the humblest hotel on this list, but that only ensures that their lodging and service are top-notch and always kept that way. Inside this cheap accommodation in Baguio, every amenity of this three-story hillside hotel reflects homely comfort and respite so well that you could mistake it for one of the residences in the area. You won’t be disappointed if you know where to stay affordable accommodation in Baguio.

Every room at this cheap accommodation in Baguio has its en suite private bath, flat-screen TV with cable access, a mini-bar and fridge, coffee maker. A telephone unit, as well as a small veranda overlooking a vertical garden view when you plan to take a break at this cheap place to stay in Baguio City. Enjoy breakfast served by their in-house restaurant, Charley’s Bar, either beneath the hotel’s high ceilings or outside, in the alfresco dining area beside the bonfire facility of this affordable accommodation in Baguio.

7. Guest Haven Baguio Bed and Breakfast

Guest Haven Baguio - 9 Justice Village Road, Baguio City, Benguet;
Guest Haven House - 47B Interior A, Balacbac-Santo Tomas, Baguio City, Benguet
Rates: Start at PhP4,300 a night

Affordable Accommodation in Baguio

Experience true country living inside Guest Haven Bed and Breakfast’s Cordillera-inspired abode.

Image: Guest Haven Baguio Bed and Breakfast Website

This affordable accommodation in Baguio was formerly owned by a celebrity; Guest Haven Bed and Breakfast replicates country living like no other accommodation. While stayng at this cheap accommodation in Baguio, you can see the air-dried pine wood adorned with native Cordilleran textiles; both Guest Haven branches reflect the quaint, rustic lifestyle that is a Baguio exclusive.

All the rooms are meticulously designed and maintained at this affordable accommodation in Baguio, from the canopy beds to the study nooks, and present a wide-open view of nature outside their windows. Rooms at this affordable accommodation in Baguio can also have en suite private bathrooms and walk-in closets. Within the manor, this is a cheap place where to stay in Baguio that keeps you cozy with the focal fireplace at the heart of the common area, or take time to reflect over a cup of coffee made by Guest Haven Coffee House using the finest beans from Benguet. Soak in the homely atmosphere at this affordable accommodation in Baguio’s dining area while enjoying your complimentary home-cooked breakfast.

Make sure you’re settled nicely in the cheap accommodation in Baguio of your choice so you can get the most memorable festival experience possible!

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on February 14, 2020.

The rates may change without prior notice.

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