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5 of the Best Waterfalls You Can Visit in Ilocos

When in Ilocos Norte this summer, these waterfalls should be on your itinerary!

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | January 01, 2024
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Waterfalls in Ilocos Norte, Falls in Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Norte Falls

Go with the flow this summer!

Images: Left, @jranavarro; Right, @imxheng

If you’re planning to go on a refreshing summer trip, consider visiting waterfalls! Luckily, Ilocos Norte houses the best empanadas, iconic heritage sites, and the freshest waterfalls. Rounded up in this list are some of the best waterfalls in Ilocos that you can explore. From vital, raging rivers to short, peaceful streams, these waterfalls in Ilocos can surely help you beat the heat.

Waterfalls are impressive in many ways. For one, they can be a place of respite; just listening to the sound of the waters cascading to the catch basin is relaxing. In addition to that, they’re also good destinations for adventure. They are usually a no-fail option for summer itineraries since travelers can trek, swim, and go cliff diving in them. Read on to find out what and where they are!

1. Tanap Avis Falls

Location: Burgos, Ilocos Norte

Waterfalls in Ilocos Norte - Ilocos Norte Falls - Yoorekka, Waterfalls in Ilocos Norte

Tanap Avis Falls is usually called a “hidden wonder of the North.”

Image: @yogameisterjj

One of the gems of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, you can include on your Ilocos summer itineraries is Tanap Avis Falls. The falls are pretty short compared to other waterfalls, but they can bring strong and raging rivers depending on the weather. Below the falls is a vast and clear pool that allows you to soak in the sun as you take a dip in it. If you’re brave enough, you can even jump from the edge of the falls!

2. Kaangrian Falls

Location: Burgos, Ilocos Norte

Waterfalls in Ilocos Norte - Ilocos Norte Falls - Yoorekka, Falls in Ilocos Norte

“Kaangrian” translates to “smelly place”, an ironic name for such a sweet-smelling waterfall.

Image: @rafagarcia24

Tucked in Burgos is the scenic Kaangrian Falls. The falls is one of the places to visit in Ilocos. It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls because of their multi-layered, stair-like rock formations. Despite the popularity of the falls among tourists, locals make sure that their natural beauty is preserved. When visiting, it is highly recommended to bring your water, packed lunch, and a trash bag to avoid leaving trash behind.

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3. Anuplig Falls

Location: Adams, Ilocos Norte

Waterfalls in Ilocos Norte - Ilocos Norte Falls - Yoorekka, Ilocos Norte Falls

Channel the daredevil in you and try cliff jumping from the falls’ first level!

Image: @princessxncl

Adams is a valley in Ilocos Norte home to 18 waterfalls and ten hanging bridges. If you’re planning to go waterfall hopping on your summer trip, then Adams is the place to be. One of the pride of Adams is the majestic Anuplig Falls. The 25-foot waterfall consists of two different levels, with the first level being higher than the second one. Its large catch basin at the bottom provides calm and sometimes strong waters where large groups can go for a swim.

4. Kabigan Falls

Location: Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Waterfalls in Ilocos Norte - Ilocos Norte Falls - Yoorekka, Waterfalls in Ilocos Norte

“Kabigan” was derived from the Filipino word for friend, “kaibigan.”

Images: Left, @jranavarro; Right, @imxheng

Approximately 87 feet tall, the Kabigan Waterfalls is one of the most frequently visited fresh waterfalls in Ilocos. It is postcard-worthy not only because of its clear waters cascading from above but also because of the lush greenery surrounding it. The water drops straight into an open pool below, offering a cold and refreshing place to swim. When visiting, it is highly advisable to carry a water bottle with you if you get thirsty during the trek.

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5. Anat Falls

Location: Adams, Ilocos Norte

Waterfalls in Ilocos Norte - Ilocos Norte Falls - Yoorekka, Falls in Ilocos Norte

Imagine unwinding in a peaceful place like this after long minutes of trekking.

Images: @vanessa_simon08

Here’s another of best waterfalls in Ilocos located in Adams! Anat Falls is relatively shorter than Anuplig Falls, but it can surely give any adventurer the relaxation they deserve. The waters of the falls are calm and refreshing, and just listening to them as they gush over the rocks can already bring peace to anyone who visits. While you’re here, don’t miss the chance to try the hanging bridges in the area for a whole Adams experience!

Remember that just like waterfalls, life never flows backward. So trek, jump, swim, and chase all the falls while you can!

Need more help planning your Ilocos summer itineraries? Go to Yoorekka Magazine to discover some more exciting destinations in Ilocos and Northern Luzon!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. Have a great trip!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on March 01, 2021.

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