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Want to Travel North Aside From Baguio? Check out These Nature and Cultural Places to Visit in Abra

Explore the northern part of the country with these places to visit in Abra!

By: Kriszel T. Rago | May 15, 2023
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From above to under and on the ground, immerse yourself in Abra’s rich culture and nature at these tourist destinations.

Images: Alex Valera (L), Leila's Loomweaving Facebook page (R)

Talk about local destinations in the northern part of the country; for many Filipinos, Baguio would be on top of the list. But in case you didn’t know yet, other provinces up north are worth the visit, such as the province of Abra. Hailed as the Natural Dye Capital of the Philippines, Abra has much more to offer than its abundant natural dye-producing material and practices.

With 27 municipalities and 303 barangays, there are a lot of tourist spots in Abra, from spectacular bodies of water to scenic mountain ranges, history-filled museums, and churches. To make planning your trip easier, we listed the best places to visit in Abra.

1. Leila’s Loom Weaving Center

Location: Sitio Callaguip, Bulbulala, La Paz, Abra

Tourist Spot in Abra – Places to Visit in Abra – Yoorekka.com, tourist spot in Abra

Learn about Abel loom weaving from the experts at Leila’s Loom Weaving Center.

Images: Leila's Loomweaving Facebook page

Know more about the culture of weaving and natural dyeing with the indigenous groups Tingguians and Itnegs at Abel Loom Weaving at Leila’s Loom Weaving Center. As one of the most cultured-centered places, La Paz is the home of several generations of loom weavers who still uses traditional techniques to create masterpieces. Visit this tourist destination in Abra and be delighted to watch loom weavers make colorful fine woven fabric called Abel, also used for hand-loomed products such as scarves, shoals, skirts, and more.

Leila’s Loom Weaving Center is a 24min drive away from Bangued.

2. Libtec Crystal Cave

Location: Libtec Dolores, Abra

Tourist Spot in Abra – Places to Visit in Abra – Yoorekka.com, places to visit in Abra

Discover what underground Abra at Libtec Crystal Cave is.

Images: Lovely Cruz

Feel like you’re in a different dimension at this tourist spot in Abra. Located at Dolores, Abra, Libtec Crystal Cave, also known as Quiling Crystal Cave, is home to bats and many mineral deposits. An underground river reflects a fantastic view of the stalactites and stalagmites on the cave’s roof.

Libtec Crystal Cave is a 33min drive away from Bangued.

3. Kaparkan Falls

Location: Sitio Kaparkan, Barangay Caganayan, Tineg, Abra

Tourist Spot in Abra – Places to Visit in Abra – Yoorekka.com, tourist destination in Abra

Dip and relax at these refreshing Kaparkan Falls in Tineg, Abra.

Images: Jen Bobias (L), Jevelyn Santiago (R)

Kaparkan Falls, located at Tineg, the northernmost part of Abra, is a unique body of water in the province as its multi-tiered spring pool gently cascades down the forest. This tourist spot in Abra, also known as Mulawin Falls, is a sight to behold with its structure and emerald-green waters.

Kaparkan Falls is a 1hr 15 mins drive away from Bangued, the capital of Abra.

4. Apao Rolling Hills

Location: Tineg, Abra

Tourist Spot in Abra – Places to Visit in Abra – Yoorekka.com, where to go in Abra

Whether you want to watch the sunrise or sunset in Abra, Apao Rolling Hills is the perfect spot.

Images: Alex Valera

From the name itself, Apao Rolling Hills will feed your eyes with a scenic view of wavy hills filled with brown lands and green grass. If you’re early enough, you’ll also witness a sea of clouds and a sunrise that genuinely pleases the eyes. Truly this deserves a spot in your list of places to visit in Abra.

Apao Rolling Hills is a 1hr 30mins drive away from Bangued.

5. Piwek Rock Formation

Location: Tineg, Abra

Tourist Spot in Abra – Places to Visit in Abra – Yoorekka.com, tourist spot in Abra

Be adventurous and dare to go over and between the rocks at Piwek Rock Formation.

Images: Joanne Luban Clere

If you’re craving adventure, this other tourist destination in Abra is for you. Don’t forget to bring climbing and swimming gear as you go to Piwek Rock Formation. After crossing the Binongan River and climbing boulders, you’ll see a white limestone area with peaks and valleys that are truly Instagram-worthy. There is also a cliff where you can dive into the calm, clear waters.

Piwek Rock Formation is a 1hr 30mins drive away from Bangued.

From magnificent bodies of water to scenic views above and underground, the province of Abra has much to offer. So next time you go up north, know where to go in Abra, starting with this list of must-visit spots.

Visit Yoorekka Magazine to learn and find out more about the best tourist destinations in Northern Luzon!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

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