This Week in Iloilo (April 1 to 7, 2018)

The province welcomes April with developments and improvements!

By: Hyacinth Bangero | April 01, 2018
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updates in Iloilo

Sicogon is the newest attraction in the province.

Image: Experience Sicogon Facebook Page

April has come, and Iloilo has exciting news in store this first week of the summer month! Along with the great weather also come great updates in Iloilo in terms of tourism and transportation.

Weather: Mostly sunny with some clouds and rain

A sunny but partly cloudy weather will be experienced in Iloilo this week with an average day temperature of 32 °C [1], while cold temperature is expected at night. The weekends wouldn’t be as sunny though, as rain is expected to fall on Saturday. To prepare for the scorching heat of the sun and the rain, Ilonggos and guests are advised to carry with them umbrellas whenever and wherever for protection.

Traffic Update: Local transportation plan

A comprehensive local transportation plan is being developed to see if there are enough public utility vehicles in Iloilo City. According to the head of the Public Safety and Transportation Management Office (PSTMO), there is a shortage of taxi units in the city right now [2], which people will feel when big malls in nearby areas open. In light of this news, tourists in Iloilo should prepare for possible difficulties in finding taxis in the area.

Travel News

Welcoming of container ships urged in Iloilo’s port

A Bureau of Customs top official believes that container cargoes must be welcomed in the port of Iloilo to make the city more competitive in terms of trade and business. If this pushes through, prices of imported goods from countries like Korea, China, and Southeast Asian neighbors could drop since they would directly come to the port [3].

Sicogon Island development underway

Sicogon Island, which is located in northern Iloilo, is now developed by Ayala Land Inc. and Sicogon Island Development Corporation into a tourist destination [4]. The island boasts of white sand beaches that could rival those of Boracay’s. This summer, the airport runway, jetty port, and resort will be opening and this event is expected to boost the tourism sector. For those who wish to stay in the island overnight, there are currently 20 rooms that can accommodate you, while 80 more rooms are set to be added within the year.

Renovation of Iloilo City Hall

Renovation is underway in the old Iloilo City Hall which is now used as the Administration Building of the University of the Philippines-Visayas (UPV) [5]. The structure, which was designed by architect Juan Arellano in collaboration with Italian Painter Francesco Riccardo Monti, features magnificent sculptures made by the latter which are loved by tourists and locals.

Passed Ordinance: "No Reserved Parking" Ordinance

The Public Safety and Management Office (PSMO) has been clarifying the “No Reserved Parking” ordinance in Iloilo City to violators and establishments alike. According to the agency, when establishments put “Reserved Parking for Customers Only” signs in public places, they are already in violation of the ordinance. Through this ordinance, public spaces will be cleared from use by establishments.

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