This Week in Boracay (May 20 to 26, 2018)

Keep updated with airline news and Boracay rehabilitation updates.

By: Karen Bermejo | May 20, 2018
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Caticlan and Kalibo flights update

People in Boracay enjoy a less crowded White Beach after Boracay closure.

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This week will mark the first month since tourism activities in this world-famous island have been shut down. Though the island is closed for tourists, activity did not stop, most of which revolves on rehabilitation activities. The impact of the closure though is already evident, with some people moving out of the island temporarily and with Caticlan and Kalibo flights updated to match the marked decline of tourists.

Weather news: Gloomy weather in paradise

Most days of this week will have gloomy weather. Rain showers and thunderstorms can be expected throughout the week and will usually fall in the morning. This timing means that stunning sunset sessions at the White Beach will still be possible. Despite the expected gloomy weather, summer heat will still be felt with a maximum temperature of 31 °C and minimum of 30 °C [1].

Traffic News: Road widening works continue

Road widening works continue this week. Apart from removing structures along the 12-meter road setback, sewage pipes are also being installed on the ground along the main road. The Department of Public Works and Highways has also started removing electric posts within the road easement. The agency is targeting to pave the main road from Cagban Port to the Barangay Yapak, the northernmost portion of the island within the closure period.

To further decongest the road, personnel of Land Transportation Office were assigned on the island to crack down on motorists without proper license and franchise. In the coming months, diesel-fueled tricycles will also be prohibited in Boracay; only electric tricycles will be allowed to operate.

Travel Updates

Caticlan and Kalibo flights update

Ever since the closure was announced, airline companies have started to reduce their flights to Kalibo and Caticlan. One month after the closure, Cebu Pacific has already suspended all Caticlan flights [2]. They intend to resume its full commercial service in late October. Those who have booked their flights can get a refund, rebook, or change their route.

Sewerage system complete

Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) has completed its sewerage system that connects the two of their treatment plants [3]. BIWC is one of the water utilities on the island which is also in charge of the sewerage system. Correcting Boracay’s sewage lines is one the priority during the rehabilitation period since illegal sewer connections are one of the factors tied to water quality problem of the island. The Boracay Tubi, another water utility company, has also started laying its sewer pipes recently.

Price freeze

To prevent the overpricing of commodities, the Department of Trade and Industry has imposed an automatic price control in Boracay in line with the closure [4]. The agency has also been conducting regular price monitoring of basic necessities and prime commodities. Due to the closure, the entry of goods to the island is likewise regulated.

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