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Iloilo Business Park: Taking Iloilo City to New Heights

See why Iloilo Business Park is helping Iloilo become the next big thing!

By: Karen Bermejo | July 15, 2019
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Iloilo Business Park

Iloilo Business Park is putting Iloilo in the map even more.

Image: Festive Walk Iloilo Facebook page

True to the tagline “The Next Big Thing,” Iloilo is indeed becoming a well-developed city. If you’ve never been to Iloilo for quite a long time, you will definitely notice a lot of significant changes. One big thing that has happened in the past five years is the Iloilo Business Park.

The Iloilo Business Park, which is located at the old airport road in Mandurriao district, is now one of the major lifestyle districts frequented by Ilonggos as well as tourists. The establishment is also home to Festive Walk Mall, a lively lifestyle complex. Curious what’s in the place? Here are the things you can find in this famous spot in the city.

Feast on Ilonggo food and more

Iloilo, park

KBL short for kadyos, baboy, langka is the ultimate favorite dish of most Ilonggos especially this rainy season.

Image: Café Panay Facebook page

No Iloilo visit is complete without having a food trip. Well, food is part of Ilonggo culture, after all. At Festive Walk Mall in Iloilo Business Park, you will find several food stalls serving popular dishes from Iloilo and even other international cuisines. If you’re craving for Ilonggo favorites such as KBL which stands for kadyos (pigeon beans), baboy (pork), and langka (jackfruit), it is being served at Café Panay for PhP325. If you have a big appetite for meat, there is also an unlimited samgyupsal (grilled meat) to satisfy your Korean cravings. Just by walking around the area, you can surely see one place you would want to eat at.

Treat yourself to a date

what to do

Have your nails done and feel good about it after.

Image: Festive Walk Iloilo Facebook page

As With Iloilo being the City of Love, it is also important to give love while in the city. But before anything else, give yourself some of it. Go on dates alone if you can, and even if you are alone, you will never feel lonely while at Iloilo Business Park. If you want some pampering, watching a movie in a state-of-art cinema is a perfect treat. Reclining on leather seats with bottomless popcorn and drinks is more than picture-perfect.

Meanwhile, if you love dogs, there’s also a coffee shop in the area with friendly doggies you can play around with. Aptly named Barking Café, your heart will melt with the cuteness of the dogs. To complete your pamper mode, there’s also a spa and wellness center at the complex where you can get your nails done and be your best self. A good massage is also never a bad idea.

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Go shopping


Be stylish with various collections of clothes at Festive Walk Mall in Iloilo Business Park.

Image: Festive Walk Iloilo Facebook page

As a full-scale mall, shops are just everywhere. If you’re looking for clothes, shoes, or any apparel, you can also find it at Festive Walk Mall within Iloilo Business Park since big local brands are just sprouting there. Apart from that, some small businesses are also given a chance to showcase their products inside the mall. And if you want to buy some groceries, the big house also hosts upscale supermarkets. The Festive Market is home to Marketplace by Rustan’s and the SM Savemore on the other side.

Take some time to appreciate art


Immerse yourself in art at the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art.

Image: Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art Facebook page

Art in Iloilo is always thriving. That’s why it’s something you should not miss when you’re in the city. In fact, museums around the city are scattered. One museum is the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA) which is also connected to the Festive Walk Mall. The museum features works of local artists as well as artists from other parts of the country. The museum occupies three storeys of the Casa Emperador Building along Festive Walk. It is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, from Tuesday to Sunday, while the entrance fee is PhP100. Aside from ILOMOCA, there’s also MAMUSA, an art gallery/bistro place which serves booze and food. While eating, you can also start looking around the art pieces.

With so many things to do at Iloilo Business Park alone, you will never really run out of things to do while in Iloilo.

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