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Calawag Mountain Resort: Unique Resort in Antique Features in Alex Gonzaga’s Latest Vlog

Discover this health and wellness Antique resort featured in Alex Gonzaga’s latest Vlog!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | May 11, 2022
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Calawag Mountain Resort, Antique Resort, Calawag

Nature has its own way of offering unique enjoyment and relaxation at this mountain resort in Antique.

Images: Calawag Mountain Resort Facebook page

The Visayas is a province rich in natural resources and enchanting natural wonders that often get overlooked. Almost all of the towns and areas in the Visayas region boast beaches, mountains, resorts, and hotels. One of which is the province of Antique. With Antique’s enthralling natural views, you will surely be in awe when you discover this healing and wellness resort by the mountains in Antique near Iloilo—the Calawag Mountain Resort! White-sand beaches, springs, waterfall attractions, resorts in Antique, and other natural wonders make up most of the province, making it a unique spot for a vacation.

Lush green forests, an amazingly grown garden, and unique services!

Calawag Mountain Resort

The hashtag #CookedAlive is wittingly embodied at Calawag Mountain Resort found in Antique, located just steps away from the famous Tibiao River!

Images: Calawag Mo

Calawag is situated in the secluded, stunning, and mountainous highlands of Tibiao. The mountain resort’s amenities and accommodations will ensure comfort and rejuvenation after long hours of traveling and hiking the mountains. The traditional and natural ambiance at the mountain resort makes your stay relaxing without compromising the enjoyment you crave. This Antique resort also showcases lush green forests, an amazingly grown garden, and its signature feature amenity, the Kawa Hot Bath.

The Calawag Mountain Resort also has a fish spa with locally grown “thera-fish” to rejuvenate your feet. The fish will nibble your toes and soles, and the peculiar feeling will slack or tickle you.

With manmade wooden tables and chairs, you will enjoy the gushing and flowing river water at your feet while feasting on delicious and local food from Antique. With these unique experiences at this resort in Antique, you will be more surprised and ecstatic to discover more of what this resort offers. One of these is how Calawag Mountain Resort lets you eat lunch and have a buffet in the middle of Tibiao River. The talented and accommodating staff of the resort shall also get you in the mood as they play musical instruments and serenade you.

Antique Resort

Want to experience something unique? Have a boodle fight in the middle of the river with your friends!

Images: Calawag Mountain Resort Facebook page

If you are in for roaming around and taking photos at this Antique resort, picturesque spots, other than the majestic river, mountain, and river background, can also be seen. You and your beau can take a few shots at the love nest found at the resort.

As for being ‘cooked alive,’ the Kawa Hot Baths at Caluwag Mountain Resort serve as the main feature, and guests never miss a chance to experience it. You can immerse yourself in heated water inside large “kawas,” or woks dashed with flowers, herbs, and fragrant leaves, which serve as the garnish making the experience more refreshing. All large works are placed fronting the clear and fresh waters of the Tibiao River so that while you immerse in the warm waters, you can also amaze yourself with the natural views surrounding Calawag.


Activities like extreme water tubing will spice up your adventure at Calawag Mountain Resort.

Image: Calawag Mountain Resort Facebook page

Calawag Mountain Resort offers a ‘hilot’ massage in the rapid and relaxing sound of the waters of the Tibiao River. You will be relaxed with a high-end massage using Antikenyo-made virgin coconut oil as you breathe in the nature vibes at 107 meters above sea level. You can also be in the Antique resort’s captivating zone while relaxing with a full body massage, not inside the spas but by the river itself!

Other adventurous experiences and activities at Calawag Mountain Resort are trekking, exploring the waterfalls, water tubing or extreme water tubing, and swinging by the river - and trust us, and day stay at this resort in Antique is not enough!

A vacation in authentic nature that’s fit for the budget!

Calawag Mountain Resort

Book your reservations in advance at Calawag Mountain Resort for a smooth tour when you get there.

Images: Calawag Mountain Resort Facebook page

These accommodations and services come at worthy rates that you won’t regret. Upon entering the mountain resort, the entrance fee is only PhP50 per head, and the rent for the Picnic Table is only PhP399 per table.

The most exciting feature of Calawag Mountain Resort is the Kawa Hot Bath is classified into different variations, with rates depending on the bath of your choice. The Kawa Salt Bath costs PhP299 per person, the Kawa Milk/Coffee/Beer Bath is PhP399 per person, and the last would be the Kawa Wine Bath at PhP599 per person.

For the Water Tubing activities in this Antique Resort, 1 km is PhP299 per head, and 2 km Extreme Water Tubing is PhP499 per head.

If you opt for less physical activity in Calawag Mountain Resort, a rejuvenating massage in the river is the best option. A full-body massage is at PhP499 per hour, a half-body massage is also available at PhP249 for 30 minutes, a foot massage for only PhP249 for 30 minutes, and the excellent Coffee Body Scrub massage in Calawag is at PhP399 per person only.

To maximize this enjoyment and activities at one of the best mountain resorts in Antique, accommodation is also offered at affordable rates. Calawag Mountain Resort room rates for the Bahay Kubo with bathroom accommodation are only PhP999 per room and per night. Family Rooms with a shared bathroom are another accommodation option that costs PhP399 per head.

Antique Resort

You can ensure your safety at this resort since they still comply with the minimum health protocols.

Images: Calawag Mountain Resort Facebook page

Address: Brgy. Tuno 5707 Tibiao, Antique, Philippines
Contact Number: 0915 2272056 / 0998 3557609
Distance: from Iloilo International Airport to Antique – 191 km – 4 hours and 22 minutes
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CalawagMountainResort
Website: http://katahum.com/

A break from nature’s ambiance is sometimes all you need, a place where you can meditate and temporarily forget your stress and worries. In its ideally located natural habitat, this Antique Resort offers more than enjoyment; having a break at this resort will also revive you from the inside, a reminder that you deserve that break closest to nature

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

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