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5 Iloilo Delicacies Perfect Homecoming Gifts From Your Iloilo Trip

Have a taste of Iloilo with its most-loved Iloilo pasalubong and delicacies!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | August 03, 2022
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Iloilo Delicacies, Iloilo Pasalubong, Pasalubong From Iloilo

Don’t forget to pick up this luscious and iconic pasalubong treats from Iloilo before you go home.

Images: Bombette Golez Marin Facebook Profile (L), The Original Cream Horn Iloilo Facebook Page (R)

Iloilo is one of the most delightful places to visit in the Visayas region and is often everyone’s favorite stopover whenever crossing between islands and having the best Iloilo pasalubong to bring home. Besides the province’s attractive sights, the best food trips and Iloilo delicacies are also an exploration to remember when visiting the City of Love.

Whether visiting Iloilo for a quick excursion or an extended vacation, these iconic pasalubong from Iloilo treats are the food you shouldn’t miss returning to your hometown.

1. Galletas

Iloilo Delicacies

Galletas is thin and crispy, flavorful biscuits, an Iloilo pasalubong that Ilonggos are proud of!

Images: Panaderia de Molo (L); JD Bakery Café (R) Facebook Pages

First in our list of Iloilo delicacies that you should bring home came from the Spanish word, ‘galletas’, literally translating to a biscuit. Galletas are round, thin, and crispy bite-sized biscuit, a popular Iloilo pasalubong and delicacy. Usually, galletas are tasteless and, at the same time, contain a burst of sweetness in every bite, compelling you to have more as you take on every piece of the biscuit. The paradox of its taste is what makes it unique among other Iloilo delicacies. These bite-sized Iloilo pasalubong are incredibly addictive, making them pasalubong from Iloilo treats worth bringing home or having as a convenient and pocket-sized treat while traveling back from Iloilo.

2. Butong Butong

Price Range: Starts at PhP62

Iloilo Pasalubong

Butong-butong is an iconic Ilonggo delicacy, and everyone’s favorite childhood treat.

Image: Bombette Golez Marin Facebook Profile

Butong-butong, also known as unat, is one of the traditional Ilonggo delicacies that resembles candy and is quite popular. This sweet Iloilo pasalubong is created by combining coconut milk, referred to as gata in the Ilonggo language, sesame seed, also known as lunga, and muscovado sugar. This Iloilo pasalubong usually comes in long, thin pieces individually wrapped or cut into nugget-sized pieces, making it intact before it melts. Butong-butong is an Iloilo delicacies that has a particular sweetness that, no matter how many times you eat it or lick it, you will never become accustomed to the flavor of pasalubong from Iloilo.

3. Cream Horn

Price: Starts at PhP15 per piece

Pasalubong From Iloilo

Cream horns from Iloilo have that dripping and mouth-watering filling worth every bite.

Images: The Original Cream Horn Iloilo Facebook Page

The sweets that are included in Iloilo delicacies and pasalubong are legendary, and it goes without saying that the sweets that are included in Iloilo delicacies can never fail to wow your sweet craving. This particular kind of Iloilo pasalubong is famous for its unique taste. Cream horns are sugary, creamy, and horn-shaped treats that most of your loved ones will request you to bring. Cream horns is a Iloilo delicacies that has an oozing, milky, and creamy filling that often tastes like yema. Eggs, milk, flour, and butter are the components that go into making this Iloilo pastry.

Margec's Deli, the most well-known store in Iloilo and noted for selling cream horns with the best flavor, is where you can get these mementos with a candy-like taste to take home with you. These kinds of Iloilo delicacies and pasalubong are available for purchase. They also serve this pasalubong from Iloilo in chocolate, buko (coconut), pandan, and strawberry flavors in addition to the typical cream horns filled with vanilla custard. This Iloilo delicacies and pasalubong is traditionally shaped like horns and is filled with custard.

4. JD Bakery Café’s Revel Bars

Iloilo Delicacies

Chewy or crunchy? Have them both by tasting these revel bars from JD Bakery Café that are proudly made in Iloilo.

Image: JD Bakery Café Facebook Page

If you ask anyone in Iloilo, they will tell you that the best Iloilo delicacies and the most sought-after pastry in Iloilo is the revel bars from JD Bakery Café. Revel bars are guilt-free sweet treats that satisfy your desire for sweet foods while also providing you with nutritional advantages. The typical ingredients for Iloilo delicacies like Revel bars are oats, almonds, chocolate, butter, and milk, and the bars have a texture that combines chewy and crispy elements. The Oatmeal Caramel Bar is the most popular flavor of revel bar that they offer to bring as Iloilo pasalubong. JD Bakery Café is exclusively available and uniquely pasalubong from Iloilo.

5. Special Siopao from Roberto’s Iloilo

Where to Buy: Roberto’s Store
Price Range: PhP50 to PhP123

Iloilo Pasalubong

This siopao is incredibly tasty! The filling is so full of taste that it just bursts!

The most exciting Iloilo delicacies and pasalubong treat and probably the most famous is the Special Siopao from Roberto’s Iloilo, a steamed bun stuffed with bacon strips, chicken pork adobo, eggs, and Chinese sausage. Roberto’s siopao stall is always busy with people waiting patiently to taste this one of the bestselling Iloilo delicacies, Special Siopao. The Queen Siopao is the most popular siopao variant and is always sold out before the store closes.

On the other hand, the King Siopao an Iloilo pasalubong is equally as good, filled with the same ingredients but stuffed with ham instead of bacon. Jumbo Siopao and Regular Siopao are also available, which are also tasty pasalubong from Iloilo snacks that you should be aware of bringing to your hometown.

Iloilo is everyone’s favorite place to unwind and enjoy the simplicity of the area. These kind of Iloilo pasalubong are an excellent add-on to your Iloilo excursion and also a thoughtful idea to give to your family and friends back home, wherever you are in the country.

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

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