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If You Love Getting Free or Discount Deliveries, Here Are 7 Online Shopping Apps For You

PhP50 delivery? Absolutely NOT applicable to these online shopping apps!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | October 10, 2022
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E-commerce websites and apps in the Philippines have become a hobby, a trend, and a way of life for some Filipino consumers.

Image: Pixabay

Online shopping apps in the Philippines have not just been a trend; it has also become a way of life for most individuals, especially now in the modern era of technology. Online shopping sites and apps for coupons and discounts are now convenient and accessible to all, and consumers can just download their desired app, scroll and search for items they need or want, and place their orders to be delivered within days. Consumers want to have the best and most affordable option available, from discounted items to free and discounted shipping fees.

Online sites and discount vouchers in apps are often common in most popular sites and online stores; here are just some of them:

1. Amazon

Free/Discounted Shipping: Free shipping to PH for a minimum order of USD49; Year-long free shipping for Amazon Prime members
Shop For: Clothing apparel, gadgets, appliances, etc.

Discount Voucher App – App for Coupons and Discounts –, discount voucher app   :title: Amazon shopping app

Amazon sets high standards for giving consumers a diverse online shopping experience.

Images: Amazon Facebook page

Amazon initially launched as an online bookstore but has become one of the most convenient and diverse shopping apps globally. Amazon is regarded as providing a satisfactory shopping experience offering various items from household, clothing, and electronic items, making it one of the best online shopping apps. Consumers can cop their items at the best prices, plus perks from loyal shoppers by offering membership options like Amazon Prime with a yearly fee. Amazon Prime enables online shoppers to avail of fast and free shipping for the whole year. Gift cards are also given to frequent users of the app.

2. Shopee

Free/Discounted Shipping: Free shipping at zero minimum spend
Shop For: Fashion, appliances, electronics, houseware, etc.

Discount Voucher App – App for Coupons and Discounts –, app for coupons and discounts

Shopee is one of the leading online shopping apps in the Philippines, and consumers always watch out for monthly promos and significant shipping discounts.

Images: Shopee Facebook page (L); Pixabay (R)

Filipinos enjoy the most convenient and hassle-free shopping experience with Shopee. This online app is widely used by most consumers because of the affordable items sold and consistent monthly promos. This October, another mega sale promotion is anticipated. The 10.10 Brands Festival took effect on the first day of the month and will last until October 12. Free shipping vouchers will also be given nationwide.

3. Lazada

Free/Discounted Shipping: Free shipping at zero caps and zero minimum spend
Shop For: Consumer electronics, household items, kid’s items, fashion, sports equipment, and groceries

Discount Voucher App – App for Coupons and Discounts –, app for discounts Philippines

Lazada offers the fastest free shipping nationwide and hassle-free cash on delivery payments!

Images: Lazada Facebook page (L); Pixabay (R)

Lazada boasts reliable, effortless, and secure shopping with its app. A leading shopping destination in the Philippines, Lazada competes in the whole Southeast Asia region in innovating the best shopping experience wherever consumers are. This month, a 10.10 Budol Festival from October 10 to 14 offers free shipping nationwide, stack vouchers, significant discounts, and below PhP99 deals.


Free/Discounted Shipping: Free delivery for orders over PhP249
Shop For: Clothing, accessories, bags, makeup

Discount Voucher App – App for Coupons and Discounts –, app for coupons and discounts

SHEIN is a favorite shopping app among women because of its coupons and discount vouchers.

Image: SHEIN Facebook page (L); Unsplash (R)

The SHEIN mobile app sells a versatile array of trending fashion apparel, affordable accessories, shoes, bags, swimwear, and clothes for men, letting users explore everything that they need about fashion. The mobile app is also famous for its coupons and discounts are given to its users. The SHEIN app is a fun and affordable way of boutique shopping by just tapping on consumers’ mobile phones. The app also gives daily discount coupons to its users and lets them shop for high-quality clothing at any time of the month. SHEIN is also famous as an app for discounts here in the Philippines because of its free shipping offers nationwide. The minimum purchase to automatically avail of the free shipping through the app is only PhP250, thus, attracting users, especially women, to buy more.

5. ShopSM

Free/Discounted Shipping: Free shipping capped at PhP150
Shop For: SM Department Store items, groceries, home essentials, hardware, and more

Discount Voucher App – App for Coupons and Discounts –, app for discounts Philippines

SM Supermalls has now established its own online shopping app to cater to more users nationwide.

Images: Shop SM Facebook page (L); Unsplash (R)

SM Mall shoppers shall have a convenient virtual shopping experience through the ShopSM app. The app lets consumers purchase any items that are primarily available in physical malls and stores of SM. ShopSM continues to thrive and remains competitive as one of the best online shopping apps. This October, free delivery is offered for all users, with a minimum purchase of PhP1,500 on grocery items purchased through the site or app. ShopSM also has a month-long free delivery promotion when consumers buy items from SM Markets and SM Stores. Free shipping is also offered in other ShopSM outlets, capped at PhP150. Terms and conditions are applied in the said free shipping and delivery discount promotions.

6. Beauty MNL

Free/Discounted Shipping: Free shipping for orders PHP 1,500 and above
Shop For: Makeup, skincare, and beauty products

Discount Voucher App – App for Coupons and Discounts –, discount voucher app

Shopping for skincare and makeup products is hassle-free with Beauty MNL.

Images: Beauty MNL Facebook page

Online shopping apps are not just limited to clothing and grocery needs since this convenient shopping app for makeup and skincare also exists. Beauty MNL is an app that offers a wide variety of skincare and makeup products from international and local brands. Besides the quality and branded products offered, Beauty MNL provides free shipping nationwide for orders worth PhP1,500. The shopping app has recently added fashion and lifestyle items from high-class brands like Kipling and Artwork. Supplements and fitness items are also available. Loyal Beauty MNL users can also use Beauty MNL Credits and Glow Points to avail of discounts on select items and shipping fees. Discount vouchers through the app are also perks given to loyal users.

7. TikTok Shop

Free/Discounted Shipping: PhP130 off shipping on orders PhP80 up
Shop For: Clothing, household items, accessories, essentials, and more

Discount Voucher App – App for Coupons and Discounts –, app for discounts Philippines

Who would have known that the famous video streaming app would also trend as the newest online shop in the Philippines?

Images: TikTok Shop Philippines Facebook page (L); Pixabay (R)

TikTok’s shopping feature is an app for coupons and discounts for budget-savvy users. Motivated by the favorite video app’s content and streaming prominence, TikTok Shop launched just this April as a community-friendly, online shopping app enabling users to have a relevant and fun platform. It lets locals and consumers purchase conveniently and creates a venue for sellers to market their businesses. TikTok’s newest and innovative online shopping feature has been trending among users because of its low-cost prices compared to other apps and discounted shipping fees. Vouchers and coupons are given to TikTok shop users, which is a budget-friendly match to the shop’s affordable finds on various products through videos and live selling streams—all in one place.

Online shopping is an addicting hobby and often serves as a coping mechanism. Undeniably, retail shopping has taken a paradigm shift since the pandemic, turning physical shopaholics into online shopping enthusiasts and loyalists.

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