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Chan’s Boracay Is an Under-the-radar Food Spot That Deserves More Hype; See Why

Take the ‘chans’ to taste durian toast and torched duck meat at Chan’s Boracay!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | February 22, 2023
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Chan’s Boracay, Must try food in Boracay, where to eat in Boracay

Chan’s rice bowls are so satisfying that they make waves in Boracay.

Images: Chan’s Boracay Facebook page

Hearing the words beautiful sunsets, pearly-white sand beaches, and great food will most often be associated with the prestigious Boracay island. Everyone’s favorite white-sand beach island has boasted the perfect slice of a tropical paradise for decades. People still seek refuge on this island for vacations, holiday getaways, and work-cations. Boracay indeed has many offers on one island, which is why people enjoy a lot of things to do in Boracay, like shopping, water activities, bar hopping, beach relaxation, and of course, everyone’s favorite thing to do—eating!

There are many unique food choices in Boracay, and this food stall will surely catch your attention—Chan’s Boracay. Know why you should take the ‘Chans’ to try out their out-of-this-world cuisine!

Chan’s Boracay – Must-try Food in Boracay – Where to Eat in Boracay, Chan’s Boracay

Aside from Chan’s selection of Kaya toasts, their Shumai 烧卖 is also a must-try!

Images: Chan’s Boracay Facebook page

Searching for where to eat in Boracay is quite a challenge because of the hundreds of tasty options. Looking for something unique would be another challenge, and it’s good that this must-try food in Boracay is getting its well-deserved recognition! Chan’s Boracay is a hawker-style food spot that incorporates Singaporean and Chinese specialties. True to being a hawker-style food stall, Chan’s is located inside a food court in Hue Hotels at Boracay Station X. You can choose from rice meals, snacks, and food bowls that are sure to satisfy your hungry tummies after enjoying so many water activities! What makes this food stall in Boracay unique is the signature Singaporean food served that captured the taste buds of many Boracay foodies.

Chan’s Boracay – Must-try Food in Boracay – Where to Eat in Boracay, Must try food in Boracay

Try this warm and hearty Fish Ball Soup for PhP200, a famous Singaporean soup.

Images: Chan’s Boracay Facebook page

Chan’s Boracay satisfies every customer with Singaporean meals that add thrill to your Boracay getaway. This place where to eat in Boracay offers exotic food along with an insatiable knack for tasting something new to customers’ taste buds. This must-try food in Boracay can be found at Chan’s, such as the Durian Kaya Toast, Torched Duck Meat, and Scallion Chicken.

One of Chan’s bestsellers is the toast made with traditional coconut jam spread or what they call ‘kaya’, combining them with other types of jams such as yema, pandan, and durian—famous Filipino delicacies. The most intriguing dish at Chan’s Boracay is the Durian Kaya Toast since the durian fruit in the Philippines is known to have an unpleasant smell that often intimidates anyone who can sniff the fruit. Still, it has the tastiest flavor that Filipinos and even foreigners love! According to Chan’s, the Durian Kaya Toast at PhP150 is challenging to sell. Still, they encourage their customers to try it since this dish has just the right amount of durian flavor without the unpleasant smell.

Chan’s Boracay’s Kaya Toast is served with two soft-boiled eggs for only PhP150, and you can choose among Plain Kaya Toast, Pandan Toast, Durian Toast, and Salted Yema Toast. If you want to try them all, Chan’s also offers the Sampler Toast, including all flavors of this mouth-watering take on toasted bread.

Chan’s Boracay – Must-try Food in Boracay – Where to Eat in Boracay, where to eat in Boracay

The juiciness of Chan’s Scallion Chicken is one thing that you shouldn’t miss in Boracay!

Images: Chan’s Boracay Facebook page

Salted Yema Kaya Toast is also among the must-try food in Boracay that you can find at Chan’s. But if you are more into a hearty meal or craving a hot soup, then Chan’s Boracay’s Scallion Chicken at PhP320 is something for you. They also have a vegan option available for this dish. The BBQ Pork Belly Platter at PhP1,250 is also a crowd favorite, fit for sharing with friends! This dish is also perfect for hanging out on the island’s sunny shores.

Another must-eat food you should note is the Torched Duck Meat at PhP350. Let your taste buds ‘quack’ with the savory flavor of duck meat, steaming hot rice, and green vegetables for a complete and healthy meal that will leave you returning for more.

Chan’s Boracay – Must-try Food in Boracay – Where to Eat in Boracay, Chan’s Boracay

Focusing mainly on Singapore food, Chan’s is one of the best go-to food stops on the island for tasty international dishes.

Images: Chan’s Boracay Facebook page

Chan’s Boracay wants to share to bring you the taste of Singaporean food in Boracay; that is why this food stall is very passionate when it comes to preparing the tastiest dishes for you. They bring signature Singaporean dishes and flavors like laksa, spicy crab, and Hainanese Chicken Rice. Now that Chan’s Boracay is here, you won’t need to travel to Singapore to taste them! Such food makes Singapore appealing to tourists, especially those who love to eat and travel.

Address: Hue Hotels and Resorts, Station 2, Main Road, Boracay, Boracay, Philippines
Contact Number: 0917 1131628
Price Range: PhP120 to PhP1,250
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chans.boracay

Traveling and enjoying a getaway in Boracay is never complete without munching on the tasty gastronomic delights you can have among the vast food options, like Chan’s Boracay. Whether you are for classic Filipino dishes or for international flavors, Boracay is very much enjoyed in any way!

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Stay safe as you travel and dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

Prices may change without prior notice.

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