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5 Laid-Back Beach Resorts In and Near Iloilo’s Gigantes Islands

Thanks to these beach resorts, we can enjoy the quiet, laid-back life at Gigantes Island!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | September 08, 2023
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Gigantes Island Resort, Gigantes Island, Gigantes Island Iloilo

Explore the underrated beaches of Gigantes and Sicogon Island in Iloilo!

Images: Experience Sicogon (L); Gigantes Island North Coast Island Resort (R) Facebook pages

There are many urbanized cities and provinces in the Visayas, with economies stabilizing and improving by way of many businesses and establishments rising. Iloilo is among these cities, but as versatile as travelers can be, you can balance well the beauty of the city life in the province with the laid-back nature found in its beaches and travel destination spots. You can find these hidden gems in the Northern part of Iloilo—Gigantes Island!

If you are planning a trip around the Western Visayas and want to visit a peaceful, tropical paradise, these top beach resorts in and near Gigantes Island Iloilo are for you!

1. The Beach House - Gigantes Island

Location: Isla de Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo
Rates: Start at PhP1,950

Gigantes Island Resort – Gigantes Island – Gigantes Island Iloilo, Gigantes Island Resort

A literal ‘beach house’ paradise in Isla Gigantes!

Images: The Beach House - Gigantes Island Facebook page

The Beach House in Gigantes Island, Carles, Iloilo, gives you a laid-back, scenic vacation on the coast of Iloilo. Enjoy the beautiful seascapes, sunset views, beaches, and the laid-back island lifestyle that Isla de Gigantes island offers at this beach resort. This Gigantes Island resort and beach paradise in Northern Iloilo has a countable number of beach resorts to maintain the laid-back setup of the island.

The Beach House is among this list of beach accommodations that offer you longer days and more nights to stay and enjoy the island. The Beach House provides unlimited beachfront views, comfortable bunk beds and air-conditioned rooms, cozy spots to chill, savory and freshly caught seafood dishes, and spacious private bathrooms with the accommodation. The Beach House is also workcation-friendly, so you won’t have to compromise your workload and enjoy a vacation even on your work shift!

This Gigantes Island resort offers accommodation packages for as low as PhP1,950 per person, including a roundtrip boat from Carles Port to Gigantes, a boat for island hopping, travel insurance for guests, a tour guide, three meals which include lunch with unlimited scallops, dinner, and breakfast, overnight accommodation at the beach house, environmental fees, island entrance fees, dragon fruit farm (optional), and hill hiking.

Contact them at 0917 1471365 or check their Facebook page,, for more information.

2. Gigantes Island North Coast Island Resort

Location: Piagao I, Gigantes Island North, Carles, Iloilo
Rates: Tour packages and accommodation start at PhP5,000

Gigantes Island Resort – Gigantes Island – Gigantes Island Iloilo, Gigantes Island

Time goes slowly, and the beauty of nature abounds at this resort.

Images: Gigantes Island North Coast Island Resort Facebook page

Gigantes Island North Cost Island Resort is a hidden gem in Gigantes Island Norte, Iloilo, and offers glamping accommodations in front of the beach. The resort’s tour packages are what the guests are looking for, starting with the resort’s overnight tour package, the 3Days 2Nights Tour Package, the Overnight Tour Package PLUS, the 3Days 2Nights Tour Package PLUS, Accommodation Only, and Accommodation with Meals.

The 3 Days 2 Nights Tour Package is the most famous package of this Gigantes Island resort, which comes with the following rates: Solo at PhP7,800, PhP9,800 for two persons, PhP11,700 for three persons, PhP13,600 for four persons, PhP17,500 for five persons, PhP20,400 for six persons, PhP25,900 for seven persons, PhP27,200 for eight persons, PhP30,600 for nine, and PhP34,000 for 10. This package includes accommodation by Glamping in an air-conditioned room, six meals, a private boat for island hopping with a tour guide, island entrance fees, and a two-way transport service from Langub Port to North Coast by trike or motorcycle.

Contact them at 0998 5762689 or check their Facebook page,, for more information.

3. Solina Beach & Nature Resort Iloilo

Location: Along Balasan Carles Provincial Road, Brgy. Guiticgan Carles, Iloilo (25.2 km from Gigantes Island)
Rates: Start at PhP5,000

Gigantes Island Resort – Gigantes Island – Gigantes Island Iloilo, Gigantes Island Iloilo

It’s always summer at Solina Beach and Nature Resort!

Images: Solina Beach & Nature Resort Iloilo Facebook page

Solina Beach and Nature Resort is where summer is not just for a season but for a year-long round of fun under the sun. This beach resort in Gigantes Island is located in mainland Carles, Iloilo, the nearest jump-off point to the Gigantes Islands. Solina Beach and Nature Resort offers four accommodations: Balay, Higdaan, Kamalig, and Balay Palangga. These accommodations offer premium amenities, ensuring that this beach resort in Carles, Iloilo, completes every guest’s beach getaway in comfort and enjoyment.

This Gigantes Island resort is just one and a half hours away from Roxas City and three hours from the Iloilo City proper. You can find this beachfront resort along Balasan-Carles Provincial Road, which serves as a jump-off point to Islas de Gigantes. Amenities at Solina Beach and Nature Resort include swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a beachfront, the in-house Angga Restaurant, a tower bar, kayaks, paddleboarding activities, a bonfire spot, a gym and fitness center, a recreation area, an aviary, a fish pond, and a KTV room.

Check their Facebook page,, or website,, for more information.

4. Balay Kogon

Location: Buaya Beach, Sicogon Island, Iloilo (16.9 km from Gigantes Island)
Rates: Tour packages start at PhP6,500

Gigantes Island Resort – Gigantes Island – Gigantes Island Iloilo, Gigantes Island Resort

Balay Kogon is among the top resorts on Sicogon Island, near Gigantes.

Images: Experience Sicogon Facebook page

A hidden gem gleaming off the coast of Northern Iloilo near Gigantes Island, Balay Kogon rewards anyone who has a lust for new and exciting experiences beyond the borders of the vibrant city of Iloilo. At Balay Kogon, you can ‘shape your escape’, explore Sicogon Island and see an overlooking view of Gigantes Island. You can book a calming solo travel and retreat or a relaxing family getaway at this rustic beach resort in Sicogon Island for as low as PhP6,500 to PhP6,850 per person. With this affordable package price for a beach getaway, you can avail of a three-day and two-night accommodation, Sicogon Airport transport services, daily breakfast meals, and the use of the resort’s amenities.

You may contact them at 0917 8270445 or check their Facebook pages,,’ for more information.

5. Huni Sicogon

Location: Brgy. San Fernando, Sicogon Island, Carles, Iloilo (17.9 km from Gigantes Island)
Rates: Start at PhP6,900

Gigantes Island Resort – Gigantes Island – Gigantes Island Iloilo, Gigantes Island, Gigantes Island Iloilo

This beachfront boutique resort lets you enjoy the laid-back vibe of Sicogon Island.

Images: Huni Sicogon Facebook page

Huni Sicogon is a two-story boutique resort boasting 52-room accommodations near Sicogon Island Tourism Estate. You won’t have to choose between the pool and the beach, because this beach resort has them both! Huni Sicogon and Balay Kogon are the top beaches on Sicogon Island, located near Gigantes Island and Concepcion town in the Northern Part of Iloilo. Experience a one-of-a-kind vacation unlike any other amidst the tranquil beauty of the beaches like you have never seen before.

Huni Sicogon is featured in many travel brochures and magazines, promoting Sicogon’s underrated paradise giving you more reasons to discover this island paradise yourself!

Contact them at 0917 8270445 or check their Facebook page,, for more information.

Iloilo is a tourist spot known for its food, culture, and quiet, laid-back life, and you can be enticed to visit the province more and its nearby beach islands! These Gigantes Island resorts offer a relaxing, quiet, new beach getaway you can’t find anywhere else. Feel free to immerse in the laid-back beauty of nature at Gigantes Island, Iloilo!

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Rates may change without prior notice.

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