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3 Near-the-Island Alternatives to Boracay You Can Explore with Your Beau

Looking for an alternative to Boracay? Check out these white sand beaches as beautiful as Boracay!

By: Jun N. Aguirre | February 13, 2024
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alternative to Boracay

Looking for white sands, azure waters, and golden sunsets as perfect as Boracay? Check this out!

Image: Hinugtan Beach (L); Henann Prime Beach Resort, Boracay (R) Facebook pages

Unknown to many, Boracay has beach neighbors that are white beaches and just awaiting global promotions. These beaches are equally impressive options with white sand, crystal clear waters, and scenic tropical views that can be your alternative to Boracay.

So, suppose you and your beau are looking for new adventures, exploring new unfamous destinations, or visiting a white beach paradise that is still not crowded. In that case, these alternative beach destinations await you.

1. Buruanga Beaches

Distance from Boracay: 45 minutes via West Aklan road

alternative to Boracay Buruanga beaches

Buruanga beaches resemble Boracay for their mesmerizing white sands.

Image: Hinugtan Beach Facebook page

Buruanga, adjacent to Malay town, where Boracay Island belongs, has several white beaches similar to Boracay. The town of Buruanga is only 21.2 kilometers from the city of Malay and is only 45 minutes away from Boracay via the West Aklan road.

The most locally famous white sand beach in Buruanga is Hinugtan Beach, with various hotels. Many locals say Hinugtan Beach is a twin and an alternative to Boracay. However, it is not an island getaway.

Other white-sand beaches in Buruanga are Nasog Beach, Langka Beach, and Tuburan Baybay. They are all adjacent to each other.

The local government strongly prohibits smoking in the public areas of these beaches, so you must be careful when smoking in public. The dry or summer season is the best time to visit Buruanga beaches. You can check the weekly or monthly forecasts of PAGASA on their website to ensure that you will have a good time going to these beaches.

2. Jawili Beach of Tangalan, Aklan

Distance from Boracay: 1 hr and 45 mins

alternative to Boracay Jawili Beach of Tangalan, Aklan

This beach is as adorable as the famous white-sand beach of Boracay for its vibe and sea activities you can enjoy.

Image: Jawili Marianing Facebook page

The beach of Tangalan is another white sand beach and your alternative beach destination option. The town has been famous for its seven-basin Jawili Falls for years. The beach is 50.2 kilometers from Boracay, or around one hour and forty minutes. For travelers coming through the Kalibo International Airport, Jawili Beach is in the middle of the travel to Boracay.

Fortunately, the local government of Tangalan has done an excellent job keeping its seas as a marine sanctuary reserve. So, when in Jawili, expect to find cheap but fresh fish. The town is increasingly known in the province as the fish capital of Aklan.

As a marine sanctuary, the local government is strict on littering at the beach. Aside from swimming, couples can enjoy walking through the Jawili Falls and doing a hike for adventurers.

Like Buruanga beaches, Tangalan also suits travelers who want privacy and a relaxing stay.

3. Carabao Island, Romblon

Distance from Boracay: 40 mins

alternative to Boracay Carabao Island, Romblon

It looks like Boracay, but it's not crowded. This was taken at Carabao Island, which is less crowded than Boracay.

Image: Writer

Carabao Island was named for its resemblance to a water buffalo. It is near Romblon province, which may seem out of the way. But it is only 40 minutes away by boat from Caticlan and Boracay. Carabao Island is known to many as Hambil Island or San Jose, Romblon.

For safety during sea travel, the best time to go to Carabao Island from Boracay during summer is from November to May of the succeeding year. During habagat, one can experience strong waves due to changing weather and rain.

However, this white sand beach in the Philippines is an island that is just bigger than Boracay. It is the same, though, that it boasts of its pristine white sand beaches. It also has several resorts for overnight stays. It also boasts of its Palm Tree Beach, once a tourist attraction in Boracay.

The local government is lobbying to have an airport soon to cater to tourists in all weathers, as the only way to go to the island right now is by boat.

Among the things you can enjoy while on Carabao island besides swimming and frolicking in the white sand include watching the sunset, visiting the Cathedral, and the Koding Koding Cliff Jump. You can also attend the Kaniyaw Festival every September.

Some tourists have considered Carabao Island an untouched paradise beside Boracay, and the beach is ‘scattered with incredible shells!”

For at least five decades or around 50 years, Boracay Island has been famous globally for its pristine white beaches. Not only does Boracay have this main feature, but you can also find one in its nearby towns that you and your beau can enjoy!

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