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Check Out These Bohol Pasalubong on Your Next Visit!

Get yourself ready for some serious (but fun!) Bohol souvenir shopping

By: Aliana May Juson | March 09, 2016
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Before you let the whole world know you are going to Bohol, imagine this: your mom asks for an I heart Bohol t-shirt in medium size, your titas demand you buy them keychains and refrigerator magnets with ‘Bohol, Philippines’ printed on them, your friends ask for any edible homecoming gift, and your coworkers comment, “Uy, pasalubong!” as soon as you post in Facebook your ‘at the moment’ status with a picture of you with Chocolate Hills as the backdrop.

Que horror! But only when you don’t know where to buy these Bohol pasalubong or have the budget for them all!

However, wouldn’t it be nice to give some people dear to you some special souvenir that would remind them of your golden time in Bohol? In general, pasalubong shopping isn’t so bad if you have a game plan. The real question now is: what are the best things to give to the people who matter to you? Read on as we round up where you can homecoming gifts and pasalubong from Bohol perfect for your recipients.

1. Peanut Kisses

We all have that one friend whose primary joy in life is food. Show some generosity by giving him or her one of Bohol’s pride, Peanut Kisses, a bite-sized, flour-less cookie made of roasted and locally-sourced peanuts, sugar, and egg white.

special souvenir from bohol peanut kisses

Peanut Kisses by Bucarez Food Processing Corporation

Image: Peanut Kisses Facebook Page

Peanut Kisses, with price ranging from Php20 to Php200, is available in almost every grocery shopping or travel-oriented establishment in Bohol, such as Loboc Tourism Complex and Bohol Quality (BQ) Mall in Tagbilaran, and, particularly, at Tagbilaran Sea Port and Tagbilaran Airport, if you prefer last-minute pasalubong shopping.

2. Bohol T-shirts

Do you have that family member you couldn’t say no to when he or she asks for a souvenir shirt from your travels? Bohol-inspired t-shirts aren’t hard to find.

In Tagbilaran alone, you can find souvenir shirts, usually with I heart Bohol and tarsier prints on it, in the malls such as in Island City Mall and Bohol Quality Mall. Up north, in Loboc, home of the famous Loboc River Cruise, you will find at least five souvenir shops at Loboc Tourism Complex selling t-shirts in various colors. Price starts at Php100 for kids and Php200 for adults.

special souvenir from bohol t-shirts

T-shirts at Loboc Tourism Complex

… and more t-shirts!

If you prefer fresher or more hip and striking designs on t-shirts, you might want to go for t-shirts by Islands Souvenirs. They have a store at Loboc Tourism Complex, too. Price for t-shirts start at Php199 and may cost as much as Php399, depending on the size and design.

special souvenir from bohol t-shirts

Some of the souvenir shirts for sale at Islands Souvenirs

Islands Souvenirs, which has several stores in Cebu, also sells bags, bag tags, and keychains, among others. Price starts at Php50. Take your picks for your friends and office mates!

special souvenir from bohol t-shirts

Tourist looks at souvenir items at Islands Souvenirs shop

For the cheapest souvenirs, however, you can go to the stores at the entrance of Chocolate Hills in Carmen.

The pasalubong association in Carmen has a fixed rate of Php99 for ordinary Bohol t-shirts from small to extra-large sizes. They also have t-shirts in embossed and in glow-in-the-dark printing which start at Php199.

Other native pasalubong items such as hats, ukulele, and woven bags can also be found in Carmen.

special souvenir from bohol t-shirts

Some of the pasalubong stalls in Carmen

3. Bohol Key chains

“With great t-shirt finds come great key chain designs for sale.”

Well, that modified Spiderman reference probably didn’t make sense, but it’s the key to finding key chains (pun intended) in Bohol. If you spot a stall selling t-shirts, there are 99 out of 100 chances that it’s selling key chains too.

special souvenir from bohol key chains

Keychains in one of the stalls selling t-shirts at Loboc Tourism Complex

Prices of key chain can be as low as Php20, depending on where you buy it from. In some shops, like in Carmen, key chains can be bought at Php100 for 5 to 6 pieces.

4. Tasier-inspired Items

Bohol islands, about two hours away from Cebu is the home of Philippine Tarsiers, a species of Tarsier endemic to the Philippines. Here is a simple but important reminder, though: although the sensitive, moving little guys are cute, give Mother Nature a favor and spare them from being your coming-home gifts! Tarsier conservationists strictly prohibit even touching or scaring tarsiers. Below are the closest you can get to bringing home a tarsier: Five to six refrigerator magnets can be bought at Php100 while the price for coin purse starts at Php30, depending on the size and design.

special souvenir from bohol coin purse

Coin purse at Loboc Tourism Complex

special souvenir from bohol refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator magnets for sale at Carmen

5. Weird Find

Probably the weirdest coming-home gift from Bohol you can ever give somebody is the deep-friend and crunchy snack made of, err, worms called chichaworms. Most people who have tried it say that the edible worms are best paired with beer. Among the outlets that sell this exotic snack is the Python Sanctuary in Baclayon, Bohol.

special souvenir from bohol chichaworms

Python Sanctuary sells chichaworm by the counter

When all those homecoming gifts are bought and your bags are ready, it might be helpful to ask yourself this: What is my pasalubong for me? Ultimately, the best pasalubong most travelers have for themselves is the memory they make in the place they visit so take pictures and seize every single day of your stay, including your shopping moments in Bohol.

What Bohol souvenir do you have in mind for the people who matter to you and to yourself?

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About Aliana May Juson
Aliana May Juson is a 20-something ex-reporter in a Manila-based TV station. She tries avoiding single-use plastic straws as her contribution to saving Mother Earth. In her spare time, she volunteers to communities with happy and loving kids.
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