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Creepiest Places in Cebu for Your Ghost Haunting Adventures

Go where strange, scary things happen in the Queen City of the South

By: Peter Parcon | October 20, 2016
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Halloween is just around the corner and stories of ghostly haunting are expected to stir up the imagination of anyone looking for a good story to read. Aside from being the home of the oldest street and oldest fort in the country, Cebu City also has its own share of tales that can make one anxious about being left alone in the dark.

The following list shows some of the creepiest places in the Queen City of the South. Take a look and see where you can head out for your do-it-yourself ghost tour for the Halloween season or when you are just plain curious to see some paranormal spooky stuff.

Home of restless souls

Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes was established in 1951 by Renato Dychangco, Sr. It has served thousands of families through compassionate care in beautiful settings. It offers world-class care and comfort to its customers who only want the best for their deceased loved ones.

haunted places in Cebu

Home to thousands of restless souls

For many people, a place being a funeral parlor in itself is already reason to be creepy. Why? Any typical funeral parlor has a cadaver holding room where corpses are stored while waiting to be identified and claimed by relatives. Isn’t that creepy? But at one point in 2008, around 300 bodies of the victims of the MV Princess of the Stars tragedy were brought to Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes. And this has become part of its history and reputation. The place had become the home, so to speak, of numerous restless souls. And that history evokes an eerie feeling even in the middle of the day, let alone midnight.

The main branch of Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes is located along Junquera St., Cebu City.

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The house on the hill

The Villalon Mansion is a huge house located on a hill just behind the Cebu Provincial Capitol . Residents in the area also refer to the house as the “house on the hill.” It was once the home of a prominent family in Cebu and used to have a bevy of visitors entering its halls. But for a long time now, the mansion has been off-limits to outsiders. It is common knowledge that descendants of the family have all relocated abroad. Because of this, the house is typically uninhabited for a good part of the year.

haunted places in Cebu

Villalon Mansion, also called “The House on the Hill”

Residents in the area have a number of stories to tell about the place. They say the air around the mansion is filled with the melodies from a song sung by a “white lady,” referring to a ghost, each time there is a full moon. There are also other unusual noises and sightings in the place at night, the residents claim. While these stories have remained unconfirmed, many residents in the neighborhood attest that strange things indeed happen in the mansion when light turns to dark. The Villalon Mansion is located along Villalon Drive, Capitol Site, Cebu City.

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Ghostly appearance of a spinster sister

Casa Gorordo was built in the 1850s by Alejandro Reynes y Rosales. Juan Isidro Gorordo later acquired the property in 1863. The house served as the home of four generations of the Gorordo family, including the first Cebuano bishop, Bishop Juan Gorordo. Still later, the place was acquired by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) and opened to the public as a museum in December 1983. The National Historical Institute (NHI) conferred the “National Historical Landmark” title to the museum in 1991 in recognition of its social and historical significance.

haunted places in Cebu

Outside Casa Gorordo

But Casa Gorordo is not only known for its historical appeal. Ghost stories about the old property draw curious travelers to it. One such story is about the late Bishop Gorordo’s spinster sister, who is said to haunt the museum, especially in the month of November. According to the museum staff, the ghost of the spinster is usually seen in the courtship area of the Casa Gorordo Museum at around 3:00 to 4:00 PM.

The museum is located along Lopez Jaena St., Cebu City.

Tales along a haunted street

N. Escario Street was named after former Cebu City mayor Dr. Nicolas G. Escario, who took office after the end of World War 2. He was said to have spent personal funds to pay off the salaries of the local government’s employees to ensure the delivery of all government services to the residents of the city.

haunted places in Cebu

N. Escario Street

There was once a house along N. Escario St. where ghostly sightings were reported. Stories indicate that one worker would die each month while the house was being built.The house has since been converted into a hotel.

Still along N. Escarion St., a pension house is said to be haunted. Employees and guests claim to have seen ghosts in the property. They also say footsteps could be heard in the building in the middle of the night.

Unexplained occurrences in a premier university in the city

While the University of the Philippines Cebu was established in 1918, the main administration building was built in 1929. The neoclassical architectural design of the building that can still be seen today brings to mind the cultural and historical significance of the place. But behind all this is a dark past. During World War 2, the building was used as a stockade by the Japanese, in which many Filipino patriots died.

haunted places in Cebu

UP Cebu’s old buildings keep a dark history

Stories circulate in the campus about students hearing chains being dragged in the basement of the main building, and toilets flushing even when the restrooms are empty. Some students would also say they had seen a large dark-skinned figure in one of the rooms in the Undergraduate Building of the university. Meanwhile, a number of students living in the dormitory of the university have their own accounts of unexplained events. For one, some dorm residents would hear a girl crying outside their window in the middle of the night. And there are many other tales that talk of the creepy experiences students have had in the campus.

While Cebu is known for its white sand beaches and historically significant tourist spots, there are also that side of the city that people may not want to talk about when the dark starts to envelop the city.

Have you ever experienced anything unusual in one of your visits to Cebu or another province? Tell us about it on the comments section below.

All photos are credited to the writer.
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