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Oodles of Noodles: 5 New Noodle Restaurants in Cebu to Keep You Warm

A roundup of new places to find warm, comforting goodness in a bowl

By: Arrah Camillia Quistadio-Manticajon | July 11, 2017
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Digging into a bowl of steaming hot soup can be really satisfying, especially when the temperatures drop. Want something to warm you up? Check out these new noodle restaurants in Cebu when you want something hot for the rainy days.

1. Fat Dois

new noodle restaurants in Cebu City

Fat Dois spicy noodles with Spam and cheese

Image: Miguel Gee Abas Jr.

For fans of Korean food, one place to check out is Fat Dois. Opened last June 14, the restaurant has a straightforward menu. One of their specialty dishes is spicy noodles with Spam and cheese. Their cheesy chixs, which come in spicy, BBQ, and garlic soy flavors, is their take on the Korean food trend buldak or fire-spiced chicken. Each table is equipped with table-top gas stoves so customers can cook the dishes themselves and watch as the cheese melts.

2. Nokinocs Savory House

new noodle restaurants in Cebu City

Chao long from Nokinocs Savory House

Image: Parkmall

Local brand Nokinocs is taking the culinary heritage of Palawan to Cebu. One of these is the Vietnamese dish chao long which is made of beef, rice noodles, beans sprouts, and basil. Customers can choose from two variants: beef stew or thin beef strips or buto-buto (beef ribs). They also have French bread to go with the soup. These dishes were brought by Vietnamese immigrants who fled to Palawan when communist rulers took over their country in the 1970s.

3. Jeepney Food Stop

new noodle restaurants in Cebu City

Nonoy’s La Paz Batchoy with egg from Jeepney Food Stop

Image: Jeepney Food Stop

For food that’s right on the budget, one place you can go to is Jeepney Food Stop. Opened last February, the jeepney-inspired interiors are one-of-a-kind, while the prices won’t make a dent on your wallet. For PhP80, one can have Nonoy’s La Paz batchoy with egg. Another rainy-day option would be their tom yum soup, sold at PhP120. One can also find Cebuano street food like chorizo (pork sausage), larang (sour and spicy fish soup), and ginabot (deep-fried pork intestines).

4. Watda Pho

new noodle restaurants in Cebu City

A bowl of pho dac biet from Watda Pho

Image: aleninwanderland

Watda Pho, the business venture of couple Febre Lee Gonzaga and Marvin Martinez, brings the popular Vietnamese street food to the Queen City of the South. Opened last May, Watda Pho specializes in pho dac biet, or special pho. Pho is best eaten hot, and sipping is recommended to savor all the flavors. To go with their pho, diners can have banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) on the side. Watda Pho also serves Vietnamese coffee, rice meals, and rice noodle meals.

5. Ikkousha Ramen

new noodle restaurants in Cebu City

Tonkutsu shio ramen from Ikkousha Ramen

Image: Ikkousha Ramen

Cebu has plenty of Japanese restaurants serving ramen, but one place seeks to offer a different kind of ramen eating experience. At Ikkousha Ramen, one can adjust the noodle texture and saltiness as well as add extra noodles or toppings by checking tick boxes from an order sheet. They have tonkotshu shio, tonkotsu black, and god fire ramen which come in special, ajitama (soft-boiled egg), or original flavor. This means that they offer nine types of ramen in the restaurant.

* Prices may change without prior notice.
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