Top Five Supermarkets in Cebu Where You Can Shop and Earn Points

Find what you need at these supermarkets in the Queen City of the South.

By: Aldwin Joseph Tabasa | August 31, 2017
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In the early ‘90s, grocery stores in Cebu had modest spaces yet were packed with the essentials. The renowned names then were Rosita’s, Rustan’s Supermarket, and Gaisano Supermarkets. In the 1990s and early 2000s, grocery stores started to grow and innovate their services.

Today, they have evolved into one-stop shops where shoppers can find everything, from food to clothes, appliances, home care products, and even car accessories. Check out our list below of the top supermarkets in Cebu.

1. S&R Membership Shopping

best supermarkets Cebu

The huge parking lot at S&R (Photo courtesy of SR Membership Official)

S&R Membership Shopping brought warehouse shopping from the US to Cebu in 2010. S&R sells a diverse selection of local and imported products. They occasionally mark down prices, offering bargains like buy-one take-one promotions.

This makes prices at S&R still affordable but high quality. For example, meats at the meat preparation area are refrigerated at 4 °C to avoid contamination. Meat, fruit, and vegetables are delivered daily to assure freshness while beef is chilled, not frozen, to lock in its goodness.

S&R also serves food like pizza, burgers, and rice meals.

Gold membership at S&R costs PhP700 (around USD $15).

2. Rustan’s Fresh

best supermarkets Cebu

The neat and tidy aisles at Rustan’s Fresh (Photo courtesy of Rustan’s Fresh)

Rustan’s Fresh is known for providing a high-quality shopping experience in its distinctive department and grocery store chains. Rustan’s sells local and imported items but, unlike S&R, grocery shopping at Rustan’s Fresh does not require membership. One can find plenty of food, hair and skin care products, personal hygiene products, kitchenware and home cleaning products.

Shoppers can get either a Rustan’s Fresh card or a Sapphire card. Both cards can be used to earn points or rewards from purchases made at the store. For every PhP7,500 worth of items, Rustan’s Fresh cardholders earn PhP50 while Sapphire cardholders earn PhP100.

3. Shopwise

best supermarkets Cebu

Shopwise targets middle class Filipino consumers. (Photo courtesy of ShopWise Supercenters)

Shopwise is the thriftier version of Rustan’s Fresh. It only has one store in Cebu but Shopwise is popular for its times 10-point system every first Wednesday of the month for Wise Card cardholders. This is valid for transactions up to PhP10,000 per card. On regular days, they observe the usual point system for Rustan’s Fresh cardholders. Membership is not required so shoppers can find numerous low-priced food items, beauty products, hardware, school supplies, and appliances.

Shopwise occupies a huge two-storey building and houses food chains and local restaurants such as Da Vinci’s Pizza, Mang Inasal, and Mooon Café.

4. SM Supermarket: Hypermarket and Savemore

best supermarkets Cebu

Façade of the SM Hypermarket Subangdaku (Photo by Writer)

SM is known for the vast spaces of its stores and this distinguishing feature is used to develop the concept of a hyper-supermarket, or hypermarket for short. SM Supermarkets are almost complete in their own right since one can find an abundant supply of fresh fruits, frozen food, snack items, beverage, beauty products, detergents, school supplies, clothes and foot wear. SM Hypermarket in Subangdaku, Mandaue even has a hardware.

Moreover, SM Supermarkets always have food stalls within the vicinity to satisfy hungry shoppers on a budget.

5. Robinsons Supermarket and Robinsons Selections

best supermarkets Cebu

Grand launching of Robinsons Selections last December 2015 (Photo courtesy of Robinsons Selections)

Robinsons Supermarket has established six branches in Cebu by far and in December 2015, it opened its first Robinsons Selections supermarket at Robinsons Galleria Cebu. Robinsons Selections has become famous for its upscale look and neat ambiance. Robinsons Selections sells local and imported food items, health and beauty products, home improvement and laundry products. When grocery shopping at Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Rewards cardholders earn PhP1 for every PhP400 worth of grocery items.

Robinsons Supermarkets have food halls near the entry points so shoppers can have their refreshments. Robinsons Selections has its own gourmet shop where food is prepared fresh.

Have you shopped in these top supermarkets in Cebu? Tell us your experience in the comments section below!

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Prices may change without prior notice.
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