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These Tours in Cebu Will Give You the Best Island Hopping Experience

Travel to the beautiful beaches of Cebu in these island tours!

By: Peter Parcon | July 08, 2020
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island hopping tours Cebu City

Discover the gems all over Cebu through these tours!

Cebu is outlined by exquisite white sand beaches that can rival the best in the world. Finding something laidback to do in these beaches is easy; you can take a dip in the cool clear waters or simply lounge around with a cold brew in hand while waiting for the sun to set. But if your response to these suggestions is “been there, done that,” then you may want to try one activity popular among residents and visitors alike: island hopping.

And to make your trip as smooth and stress free as possible, why not join island-hopping tours in Cebu City instead of going the DIY route? To help you out, here are five tour companies that can make your travel to the province more interesting!

1. Cebu Island Tours

Prices: Starts at PhP1,700 for a 13-person island hopping tour to three islands; PhP6,000 for a one-person island hopping to four islands

island hopping tours Cebu City

Aside from island-hopping tours, Cebu Island Tours also offers canyoneering adventures, whale shark watching tours, and a visit to Kawasan Falls

Image: Cebu Island Tours

Cebu Island Tours offers two set of tours: a three-island tour and a four-island tour. The three-island tour takes visitors to Nalusuan Island, Hilotongan Island, and Caohagan Island while the four-island tour includes the first three islands plus Pandanon Island.

While they offer options for individual tours, you may want to go with your family or friends to get a lower price per person. The package includes entrance fees to some of the islands, life jackets, snorkels, a car or van pickup from the hotel, and boat service. It does not include meals so you would have to bring your own lunch.

2. Cebu Bohol Travel and Tours

Prices: Starts at PhP1,550 per person for a 13-person island hopping tour; PhP5,250 for a one-person tour

island hopping tours Cebu City

Visitors can have an adventure of their lifetime when they visit Cebu and even Bohol and Leyte!

Image: Cebu Bohol Travel and Tours

Cebu Bohol Travel and Tours started off as EA Rent a Car, a car rental company, until they eventually offered island hopping services. Now, they offer a three-island tour where tourists get the chance to visit some of the best islands off the coast of Mactan Island. This consists of a tour to Nalusuan Island, Hilotongan Island, and Caohagan Island.

The package includes entrance fees, life jackets, car or van pickup from the hotel, boat service, and lunch. In addition to this island hopping tour, Cebu Bohol Travel Tours also has overnight packages to Oslob, Malapascua Island, Kalanggaman Island, and Bohol.

3. Cebu Tours

Prices: Starts at PhP1,850 per person for a 12-person tour; PhP5,500 for a one-person island hopping tour

island hopping tours Cebu City

You can relax at the beach after the end of the tour while watching the sun set.

Image: Cebu Tours

Cebu Tours started offering island-hopping tours in November 2014. Since traveling is the passion of its owners, the company knows what its clients want, so it offers tours at a reasonable cost. They offer a three-island tour that includes Hilotongan Island, Nalusuan Island, and Caohagan Island. While the Caohagan Island visit is limited to snorkeling around the island, guests have the option to visit the island itself with an additional PhP200 per person entrance fee.

The island hopping tour includes the use of a life vest and snorkel, entrance fee to Hilotongan Island, marine sanctuary entrance fee to Caohagan Island, car or van pickup from the hotel, and barbecue lunch with fruits and drinks at Nalusuan Island. It does not include the entrance fee to Caohagan Island itself.

4. Island Trek Tours

Prices: Starts at PhP1,150 for a Pescador Island tour; PhP3,350 for scuba diving with the whale sharks in Oslob

island hopping tours Cebu City

If the beach is not your thing, you can opt to swim with the whale sharks in Oslob.

Image: Island Trek Tours

Island Trek Tours was established in 2013 and specialized in tours to the southern town of Oslob. They offer whale watching day tours to Oslob as well as a scuba diving experience with the whale sharks. In addition, the travel company also offers a Pescador Island tour and a day tour to Sumilon Island.

Adrenaline junkies may also be interested in the canyoneering package of Island Trek Tours. In addition, they also offer overnight tours around Bohol and Cebu. For aquaphiles, they also have a 5-in-1 Water Sports package that includes parasailing, Jet Ski ride, banana boat, snorkeling in the reefs of Hilotongan and Sulpa Island, and an island picnic at Nalusuan Island.

5. South Shore Cebu Travel and Tours

Prices: Starts at PhP1,450 for a Pescador Island tour; PhP4,600 Malapascua Island and Kalanggaman Island tour

island hopping tours Cebu City

Some island-hopping tours include lunch on the boat while anchored off one of the islands.

Image: South Shore Cebu Travel and Tours

Similar to Cebu Tours, the owner of South Shore Cebu Travel and Tours loves to travel and discover the best places around the world. The company offers island hopping tours to Olango Island, Nalusuan Island, and Caohagan Island. If you want to witness the world famous Sardine Run in Moalboal, the company also offers a Moalboal island hopping tour.

The Mactan Island Hopping tour includes free distilled bottled water, goggles, private boat, hotel pickup and drop-off, and a local tour guide. On the other hand, the Moalboal island hopping tour includes resort entrance fee, breakfast and lunch, hotel pickup and drop-off, and a private island hopping to Pescador Island, Turtle Bay, and the Sardine Run.

If simply lounging at the beach in Cebu does not catch your fancy, you may want to try island hopping and get to see that Cebu has a lot more to offer to local and foreign tourists.

Which of these island hopping tours in Cebu City are you going to try out? Let us know in the comments section below!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on June 21, 2018.
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