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Top of Cebu Restaurant Can Be Your Next Dating Place, Where Couple Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson Spotted

This top Cebu restaurant is so gorg with its overlooking Cebu skyline—no wonder it’s a dating spot!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | January 27, 2023
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Top Cebu Restaurant, Filipino restaurant in Cebu, restaurants in Cebu with nice view

Celebrity couple Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson were spotted having a great time in Cebu.

Images: Top of Cebu Facebook page

Filipinos have an insatiable knack for food and are fond of looking for dining spots with a twist. Cebu City has a soft place in every traveler’s heart because of its progressive establishments, prime tourist destinations, underrated pearl-sand beaches, and delicious dining spots. Cebu is a must-visit tourist destination because of its wide array of gastronomic options and gorgeous city views.

This restaurant perfectly combines good food and majestic views at Top of Cebu Restaurant! Support locals with the Queen City of the South’s very own Filipino restaurant in Cebu, with the most admirable panoramic view of the city’s skyline that will surely delight your senses.

Top Cebu Restaurant – Filipino Restaurant in Cebu –, Top Cebu Restaurant

Relish the food and the fantastic view at Top of Cebu, like Julia and Gerald!

Image: Top of Cebu Facebook page

Who doesn’t love enjoying great food while feasting your eyes on the stunning panoramic view of Cebu? Have an unforgettable dining experience while enjoying the cool, romantic breeze at Top of Cebu Restaurant, serving classic Filipino dishes with a modern twist since 2021. The overlooking view of Cebu City’s skyline adds flair to your gastronomic experience that even celebrities Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson enjoyed during their visit.

Top of Cebu is nestled at the top of the mountain – yes, you’ve heard it right! Have the perfect bird’s eye view of Cebu’s cityscapes and see the breathtaking view of Cebu and a glimpse of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu. Located along the Busay highway, Top of Cebu Restaurant sits 2,000 feet above sea level! Whether you opt for an early brunch or a romantic dinner date, this restaurant in Cebu, with a nice view is sure to be on top of your must-visit destinations in the city.

Top Cebu Restaurant – Filipino Restaurant in Cebu –, Filipino restaurant in Cebu

Dine at night, see the cityscape lights or have a light snack above the mountains.

Images: Top of Cebu Facebook page

Top of Cebu Restaurant is ideal for foodies craving Filipino dishes while feeling like dining on top of the world. Nothing beats the taste of Pinoy at this Filipino restaurant in Cebu which will relish your knack for delicious meals in all kinds of variants.

You can try their Scallops St. Jacques, cooked with pan-seared, buttery scallops in a rich, creamy sauce. This dish is at PhP250; you might want more after tasting this seafood appetizer! They also boast their featured dessert, the Halo-Halo, at PhP145 per serving. Their pasta dishes are what you shouldn’t miss having. Truffled Mushroom Pasta is at PhP360, Seafood Marinara Pasta at PhP345, and Frutti di Mari at PhP235.

What is also unique at Top of Cebu Restaurant is their choices of rice where you can pick among six variants: Sisig Rice, Fiesta Rice, and Aligue Rice at PhP180, Bagoong Rice at PhP305, Plain Rice, and Garlic Rice. Honestly, this restaurant with a nice view will satisfy your hunger with endless food choices.

Top Cebu Restaurant – Filipino Restaurant in Cebu –, restaurants in Cebu with nice view

This amazing view and these tasty dishes? It’s worth it here at Top of Cebu.

Image: Top of Cebu Facebook Page

They also serve soups, salad and vegetable dishes, desserts, and delicious main course meals. A must-try among their main course options is the Busay Express, made with green chilies, onions, and vegetables, stewed in rich coconut milk, and topped with deep-fried pork belly for only PhP230. The Grilled Tuna Belly with Green Mango Salsa at PhP295 is also best recommended.

Filipino favorites like Pochero de Cebu, Seafood Tinola, Monggo Bean Soup, Pork Batchoy, and Sinigang sa Miso belong to Top of Cebu Restaurant’s soup options best paired with the cool breeze at the top of the mountains to complete the dining experience.

They also serve shakes, fresh fruit juices, and hot and cold drinks. Don’t miss trying out one of their Signature Drinks for only PhP85 to PhP90: Ginger Mint Tea, Citrus Kisses Tea, Honey Lemonade Grass Tea, Herbal Tea with Malunggay Extract, Tango Shake, or Spicy Thrill Juice.

Alongside Filipino classics, Top of Cebu Restaurant adds international-inspired flair to their dishes, like in their T-Bone Steak at PhP1,650 and Porterhouse Steak at PhP1,750. Indeed, Top of Cebu’s delectable menu will satisfy your hunger from appetizers down to desserts, plus their refreshing choices of beverages.

Top Cebu Restaurant – Filipino Restaurant in Cebu –, Top Cebu Restaurant

Top of Cebu's Sizzling Gambas, flavorful and worth coming back for at only PhP280, and Busay Express, their version of Bicol Express at PhP230, a staple in every celebration!

Images: Top of Cebu Facebook Page

Locals and tourists claim that Top of Cebu offers the best Cebuano dining experience along the mountains, balancing the top reasons that entice travelers to a destination—good food and magnificent views. Top of Cebu Restaurant is more than just your next food destination in Cebu. It is also the perfect venue for family gatherings, and romantic dates and a place where you can create fond memories.*

Address: Transcentral Highway Busay 6000 Busay, Philippines
Distance: from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Lapu-Lapu Airport Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, 6016 Cebu via ML Quezon Ave - 57 minutes (21.4 km)
Operating Hours: Daily, 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Price Range: PhP70 to PhP3,240
Contact Number: 0920 9866565

Be sure to bring your sweaters, cameras, and empty stomachs to fill when you visit Top of Cebu Restaurant! If you are looking for good food, genuine relaxation, and dining with a gorgeous view—you can find them all here at this Filipino restaurant in Cebu.

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Stay safe as you dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

Prices may change without prior notice.

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