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5 Super Solutions for Small Bedroom Storage Problems

Here are five clever tips and tricks to creating storage in small bedrooms.

By: Karen Cayamanda | January 26, 2016
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After finally being able to move in into your new condo or townhouse, you probably know by now some of the wonderful benefits that small space living offers. In general, less square footage translates to cheaper house/apartment price or rent, ease of cleaning, and lower electricity and maintenance costs.

However, you also very well know by this time that small houses most often have small bedrooms as well, which is where “big” storage problems come in. How you will be able to store all of your clothes and other things which seem to accumulate on its own by the day?

But this limited space should not get in the way of you being able to have a cozy and organized bedroom, albeit short on space. Here are some storage tips, tricks, and space saving ideas for a small bedroom:

1. Decide what you need.

space saving ideas for small bedrooms decide what you need

Get rid of clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, and other items that you no longer use or need so you can free up some space. You can either sell, recycle, give to relatives who might like them, or donate them to charity.

2. Take advantage of free space.

Make every square foot count by maximizing all available space. For instance, keep items under your bed. This is one of the easy ways to store things as space under the bed offers a large area for storage. Instead of just letting dust accumulate under your bed, put the space to good use by placing nice storage containers.

space saving ideas for small bedrooms free space

You can have separate containers for clothes that are not being used very often, scrapbooking items, photo albums, travel mementos, etc. If you intend to buy a new bed, consider getting one with built-in drawers under it, or better yet, have your bed customized so you can get the storage space that you need and truly maximize the area under the bed.

Another large free space is the closet door. Instead of having a standing mirror (which can take some space), install one on your closet door. This trick will save you space and, at the same time, the mirror can help make the small bedroom look larger. Also, add hooks at the back of the closet door so you’ll have space for hanging necklaces, ties, and other accessories. This arrangement can make your little items more accessible and organized, too!

Don’t forget the back of your bedroom door. Add a clothing rod to hang your bath towel. You can also add some hooks to the clothing rod so you can have an area to hang your umbrellas, jackets, caps, and bags.

3. Use dual-purpose furniture.

In choosing furniture for a small bedroom, pick items that can do more than one function. Instead of a table, opt for a nightstand that has one or two drawers for storage. You can further add small storage dividers or boxes in the drawers to organize your accessories, paper clips, and all sorts of items that may look like clutter when these are not stored properly. The top of the nightstand can be a display space for other items.

space saving ideas for small bedrooms dual purpose furniture

If you are planning to buy a new bed, opt for one that has a headboard with cabinets. This offers instant space for your books, glasses, clock, and other items that you want to display. This likewise eliminates the need for a nightstand, which then gives you more floor space beside the bed.

4. Add shelves.

You can add an open shelf on top of the nightstand to store books, magazines, etc. Wall-mounted storage cubes are also helpful in keeping the floor clutter-free and making the room look more spacious. You can likewise put baskets or storage containers on shelves to provide more storage space and keep the shelves look clutter-free.

space saving ideas for small bedrooms add shelves

5. Keep your closet organized.

Sometimes, lack of storage space can be easily resolved by keeping your closet organized. Create a simple system for your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Sort everything depending on how often you use them. For instance, make clothes used on daily or weekly basis within reach by putting them at the front of the closet.

space saving ideas for small bedrooms closet organized

For clothing items that you did not wear in the least two or three years, it may be better to remove them from your closet as these take up space. You can either hold a garage sale for all of your pre-loved clothes and other items, or give them to charity. Not only will this free up some space, you will also be able to help others in need.

Once you’ve sorted your clothes, make sure that everything is stored neatly. You can add storage containers for smaller items such as socks, shoes, handkerchiefs, scarves, face towels, underwear, etc. Add clothing rods for more space to hang ironed clothes. Another smart storage tip is to put curtain hooks on clothing rods so you can hang your handbags inside the closet. Even if you have a small closet and you can no longer fit storage containers, simply organizing your clothes in a neat pile will help create more space.

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