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The Best Things to Buy This Shopping-Friendly November

Hurry and kick-start your Christmas shopping before the holiday rush!

By: Karen Cayamanda | November 01, 2016
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November is the time for many of us to remember our departed loved ones. But this month also signals that Christmas is fast approaching, and a lot of people start their shopping early to avoid the large crowds and heavy traffic in December. Numerous parties and reunions with family and friends also keep us busy as we get closer to the big day, so it is ideal to tick shopping off your long list of to-do’s in November.

There are so many things that you can buy this month. From cookware and food storage to clothes and cosmetics, November has a lot to offer to kick-start your Christmas shopping.

Food storage

best things to buy November 2016

Food containers come in handy during parties and reunions.

Christmas is a perfect time to get together with your family and friends. And, of course, no reunion or party is complete without a scrumptious feast. This may also mean you’ll have a lot of leftover food. You can help minimize food wastage by buying containers for food storage. You can stock up on mason jars, bottles, and airtight containers to keep any leftovers. You can even give these to your guests after the party to make sure that no food goes to waste.

Baking necessities

best things to buy November 2016

You can buy baking supplies for your Christmas goodies as early as November.

Baked goodies are very popular during the Christmas season, whether as part of your feast or as giveaways and presents. This November, you can get amazing deals on numerous baking supplies. If you plan to make baked goodies as giveaways, this is the ideal time to fill your pantry with cookie dough, cake mixes, sugar, spices, pastry tools, and silicone bakeware molds. You can also buy baking essentials and give them as gifts to friends who love to bake.

Cookware and kitchen accessories

best things to buy November 2016

November is the best time to buy cookware and other kitchen essentials.

It’s better to prepare your kitchen weeks before the slew of feasts and parties begins. Chefs and home cooks alike can take advantage of an assortment of kitchen items available in November. You can cook up a storm with a wide range of cookware and kitchen accessories available in shopping malls and online retail shops. These include dinnerware sets, utensils, serving trays, cast iron pans, skillets, and wine glasses. Whether for your own home or as gifts, cookware and other kitchen essentials are great things to buy in November.

Major appliances

best things to buy November 2016

November offers exciting deals on major appliances .

If you like hosting Christmas dinners, you may want to buy major appliances in November to keep everything settled before getting your hands full during the holiday season. Create a list of appliances that you need and check several stores to find which has the best offer. Washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioning units, and vacuum cleaners are some of the major appliances that you can buy.


best things to buy November 2016

Toys are popular gifts during Christmas.

Many shopping establishments start their holiday sale in November, so this is the best time to buy toys as gifts. Prepare your shopping list and score some great finds in many retail stores that offer a wide range of toy products. Educational toys, dolls, robots, play sets, and board games from different brands are up for grabs this November.

Formal Wear

best things to buy November 2016

Dress to impress: Take your pick from the large selection of formal wear still available this month.

Planning to attend a wedding or formal event next year? You may want to buy your outfit now before the holiday rush. You can find amazing selections of formal wear at great prices this time of the year as retail stores clean up their inventory for the new season. Shopping malls and online retail stores offer a wide array of items for formal occasions that you can choose from.


best things to buy November 2016

Good scents complete your look for the holiday season.

Get ready for all the parties and reunions you’ll be attending in December. As early as November, you can buy perfume or your favorite scent to make sure that you smell good and fresh despite your busy schedule as the year comes to a close. Fragrance sets are also ideal gift items for your loved ones. A wide range of perfumes and colognes that your family and friends will surely love can be bought from retail stores.


best things to buy November 2016

Wear your best smile for Christmas with deals on make-ups this November.

Wear your best smile and a photo-finish look this Christmas. Cosmetics and other makeup essentials enhance your appearance, helping you become more confident when partying with family and friends. You can avoid huge crowds of shoppers by getting some good quality cosmetics this November. Many brands also offer makeup gift sets that you can give to your loved ones.

Instead of getting stuck in heavy traffic and wading through large crowds of shoppers during the Christmas rush, do your holiday shopping as early as November. Retail stores and shopping malls have a lot to offer this month. Take advantage of the pre-holiday deals so you can spend less time at the malls and more time with your family and friends this Christmas.

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