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This Week in Metro Manila (January 16 to 22, 2017)

A tour of Navotas City for their 111th Founding Anniversary

By: Patricia Marie Prado | January 16, 2017
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Navotas festival

Pangisdaan Festival, Street Dancing 2017 (Image: Navoteño Ako Facebook page)

This week in Metro Manila, Navotas City will be celebrating their 111th Founding Anniversary on January 16, 2017. Aside from their founding anniversary, Navoteños will also celebrate Pangisdaan Festival as thanksgiving for abundant fishes. Navotas is a coastal town in the northwest part of Metro Manila known as the “Fishing Capital of the Philippines.” The residents’ main source of living is fishing .

After a week-long celebration, Navoteños will culminate their celebration on the 16th with a grand parade which will showcase various floats from the 14 barangays of Navotas City.

January 16 declared as special non-working day in Navotas

Navotas festival

Navoteños will enjoy a special non-working day on the 16th. (Image: Navoteño Ako Facebook page)

By Proclamation No. 120, January 16 is officially declared a Special Non-Working Day by President Rodrigo Duterte. Aside from the local offices in Navotas, all schools will also be in a holiday break to celebrate the city’s 111th Founding Anniversary. This gives locals from all walks of life the chance to join or see the Grand Parade that will also be happening on January 16.

The Grand Parade

Navotas festival

Barangays, schools, Mutya winners, and the locality’s employees and officers will boast their floats on January 16. (Image: Navoteño Ako Facebook page)

After one week of celebration and various contests for the Navoteños, the local government of Navotas will culminate their Founding Anniversary on the 16th with a Grand Parade. The Grand Parade will be participated by the 14 barangays and other groups and organizations in Navotas , each bearing their own creations of grandeur floats. The said event will cross through the major roads of the city and a lot of locals are expected to watch the Grand Parade on the streets. The parade will start at 12:00 noon at C-3 road and will end at San Jose Parish Church.

All major roads closed for the Grand Parade

Navotas festival

Grand Parade route on January 16 (Image: Navoteño Ako Facebook page)

To give way to the Grand Parade, all major roads in Navotas will be closed on January 16th. The parade route will include C-3, North Bay Blvd., Isda St., part of R-10 bridge, C-4, M. Naval St., and will end at San Jose Paris Church. Students and employees in Navotas won’t have to worry about the traffic for January 16 is declared a Special Non-working Day. Meanwhile, for Navoteños who work outside Navotas, it is best advised to leave early to avoid traffic build up.

The taste of Navotas this week

Navotas festival

Navotas festival

Pangisdaan Festival dining style at Pia’s (Images: Pia’s Facebook page)

To keep the merriment going, locals and tourist alike can enjoy a taste of Navotas at Pia’s restaurant. Pia’s is known for their affordable boodle fights where diners can enjoy great Filipino food whether it is grilled meat or fresh seafood. Pia’s will bring you back to true Pinoy style dining where you can forego utensils and use your hands while eating in their open-space dining area surrounded by bamboo walls and wooden chairs and tables.

Navotas festival

Norma’s pansit luglug (Image: Norma’s Pansit Luglog and Restaurant Facebook page)

Another favorite in Navotas that is a must-try is Norma’s Pansit Luglog and Restaurant. People flock for their pansit luglog (thick rice noodles) or more commonly known as pansit malabon. Locals enjoy the crispy chicharon bits and salty tinapa and egg that go along with the pansit that you can order either by plate or by bilao (round basket).

A tour of Navotas

Navotas festival

A visit to Navotas is not complete without dropping by Agora Market (Image: David Montasco)

After enjoying the festivities, a visit to Navotas wouldn’t be complete if you are not able to take home some of their freshest seafood. Since Navotas is known as the Fishing Capital of the Philippines, rest assured you’ll get the best variety of prawns, crabs, and fish in the city. Locals and tourists can visit one of the largest seafood fish ports in Metro Manila which is the Navotas Fish Port. But if you want a more accessible market, one can opt to visit Agora Market which is one of the most well-known markets in the city.

Food products from Navotas to bring home

Navotas festival

Tentay Patis, one of the pioneer patis makers in the City (Image: Tentay Sauces)

Aside from the freshest catch of seafood, another must-buy in Navotas are patis (fish sauce), bagoong (shrimp paste), and other processed seafood products. Houses upon houses in Navotas create and sell their own variety of patis, boasting that these nameless brands are better than the ones in the supermarket because they use only the best ingredients. Bagoong is also a favorite in the city that is best partnered with green mangoes perfect for snacks.

Rainy Monday morning

Navotas festival

Better bring an umbrella on the parade for the rain

The beginning of the week has a high probability of rain partnered with a couple of thunderstorms. Locals and tourists who will watch the Grand Parade of Navotas are best advised to bring an umbrella or a raincoat to get the most out of the festival. The middle of the week will be bright and shiny, but rain clouds are expected to form again by the end of the week.

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