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8 Hidden Philippine Beaches For Your Next Less Crowded Beach Spot

Your mission this summer is to boldly go where the lesser tourist has gone before!

By: Patricia Marie Prado | May 14, 2022
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It’s a universal knowledge that going to the beach is always a great summer activity!

Images: Pixabay

As much as we want to spend alone time with our loved ones, other people will also be heading to the same shores we love. But you don’t have to spend your summer months jostling for space amidst other beach-goers because plenty of unexplored beaches in the Philippines are waiting to be visited! If you’re craving a great beach adventure away from tourists and their selfie sticks, check out the list below and see which of these hidden beaches in the Philippines could be your next destination!

1. Surigao City has been overshadowed by its nearby sister island Siargao, but this tiny province also has a lot of secrets for us to unveil. Bitaog Beach, is one of the beaches in the Philippines secret worth seeking, located in Basilisa, Dinagat Islands.

8 Unexplored Beaches in the Philippines to Discover this Summer, unexplored beaches in the Philippines

Check Bitaog Beach first before heading to Siargao.

Image: @_bandino

You can reach Bitaog Beach by boat from Surigao City and spend a day here. It has powdery white sand and sky blue waters that will give some of the beaches in the country a run for their money. The beach is also home to mesmerizing rock formations and vast foliage, making a perfect backdrop for the picturesque beach.

2. Cebu is home to some of the country’s finest and most popular beaches, but one hidden beach in the Philippines worth exploring here is Bakhaw Beach in Camotes Island, Cebu. This secluded beach is still considered undeveloped as you won’t find luxury hotels or massive restaurants here.

8 Unexplored Beaches in the Philippines to Discover this Summer, hidden beaches        in the Philippines

Despite Cebu’s popularity, there’s still a hidden beach waiting to be explored.

Image: @sabelroma

To get there from Cebu City, you can hop a bus to Danao Seaport and ride a boat to Camotes Island. Once on Camotes Island, ride a motorcycle and ask the driver to take you to Bakhaw Beach. When you see the long stretch of white sand, you’ll know you’re right.

3. Dubbed the “Boracay of Caraga,” Cagwait Beach is often compared to the famous beach because of its powdery sand and cerulean waters. It is located in Cagwait, Surigao del Sur.

8 Unexplored Beaches in the Philippines to Discover this Summer, beaches in the Philippines

This U-shaped gem in Surigao del Sur is just waiting for u.

Image: @bamino33

Although Cagwait is already a well-known beach, its beauty is still worth exploring, especially first-timers. The U-shaped beach is home to various resorts, so it's not difficult to find a place.

The best way to reach Cagwait Beach is by flying to Tandag Airport in Surigao del Sur. From Tandag Airport, you can ride a jeepney to Cagwait, hail a motorcycle, and bring you to Cagwait White Beach. You can also reach the beach from Davao and Surigao City.

4. Floral Island in Taytay, Palawan, might be needed if you’re willing to splurge to have a fantastic summer. For a hefty price of around PhP23,143, you can rent the entire island on Airbnb and enjoy it without the distraction from other tourists.

8 Unexplored Beaches in the Philippines to Discover this Summer, hidden beaches        in the Philippines

Rent this Palawan Island for a couple of days and break in peace!

Image: Floral Island Resort

Aside from privacy, you’ll also enjoy the stunning beauty of Palawan, its clear waters, and vibrant marine life. The price already includes accommodation, full board meals, and transfer to and from the island.

Floral Island can be reached via Puerto Princesa or El Nido. You need to ride a van going to Taytay Port, and from there, you’ll be taken by a private boat to the island.

5. Dicotcotan Beach, located in Palanan Isabela, is known for its three-kilometer stretch of white sand and surrounding clear water that provides access to the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and its diverse marine life.

8 Unexplored Beaches in the Philippines to Discover this Summer, beaches in the Philippines

Greens and blues abound on Dicotcotan beach.

Image: @nhorly25

Tucked behind the majesty of the Sierra Madre mountain range, Dicotcotan is embraced by rich foliage, which will welcome you once you reach the beach.

The best way access to Palanan is via bus from Manila to Dingalan, Aurora. You can ride a ferry boat that will take you to the place. It’s a 12-hour journey, but Dicotcotan Beach will make the hassle worthy.

6. Located in the sleepy town of Siquijor, Kagusuan Beach is rarely visited by tourists because of its hard-to-reach location. You can swim or snorkel at this hidden beach in the Philippines, as the beautiful blue water is home to a thriving marine life.

8 Unexplored Beaches in the Philippines to Discover this Summer, unexplored beaches in the Philippines

Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor’s best-kept secret.

Image: @lestnas

The best way to reach Kagusuan is to hire a tricycle once in Siquijor. From the main road of Siquijor, take a turn to Barangay Minalulan to get to the town of Maria. You need to get to the beach on foot by traversing a concrete staircase. You'll enjoy some much-needed solitude when you get to the beach as tourists and locals do not abound.

7. Caluya Island in Caluya, Antique resembles the beauty of Boracay minus the crowd and noise with its dust-like white sand and crystal clear cerulean waters.

8 Unexplored Beaches in the Philippines to Discover this Summer, hidden beaches        in the Philippines

Antique also has its own beautiful beaches!

Image: @iamwhatiam0687

It is so secluded that there’s only one option for accommodation called Island Divers Caluya, and they only accept six guests at a time, so you’re sure to have a quiet escape. Coconut crabs and starfish lurk around the beach, so be careful where you step—and have your camera ready.

Be prepared as reaching Caluya Island requires a long journey. From Iloilo, travel by land to San Jose de Buenavista, Antique’s capital. You need to ride a bus to Libertad Port to ride a boat that will take you to Caluya Island. Total travel time is nine to 10 hours.

8. Limasawa Island is one hidden beach in Limasawa, Southern Leyte. The island is famously known as the first-ever mass in Asia that was officiated by Father Pedro Valderrama and attended by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

8 Unexplored Beaches in the Philippines to Discover this Summer, unexplored beaches in the Philippines

Visit Limasawa Island, and you might chance upon some whale sharks.

Image: @watabwtpia

Today, aside from blowing your mind with its beauty, the island will also surprise you with whale sharks since it is a good site for whale-spotting.

To reach the island of Limasawa from Tacloban, you can ride a van going to Maasin. You can catch a bus to the port at Padre Burgos and ride a boat to Limasawa.

These hidden beaches might be hard to reach, but their undeniable beauty, serene atmosphere, and luscious surroundings are worthwhile.

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on April 20, 2018.

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