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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas Any New Mom Will Appreciate

Brighten up Mother’s Day with these lovely gifts!

By: Eunice Sheene Fulgencio | May 01, 2021
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gifts for new mommy

Don’t know what to give a new mom? Here are some good ideas!

Images: L, Suelas Facebook Page; R, Uashmama Philippines Facebook Page

There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love. There’s no other person in the world who cares for you more than your mom (carrying you in her womb for nine months is enough testament for that!). It doesn’t even matter where you are in life; whether you’re still a student striving for a degree or an adult trying to navigate the “real” world, your first and true home will always be your mom. And Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to appreciate these loving warriors more than usual.

While we have Mother’s Day celebrations every year, there’s something memorable about a new mom celebrating this holiday for the first time. She has become a different person now that she has entered the world of motherhood, after all. So if you know a newly-turned mother, how do you help her ease into her new life? What do you give as a gift on her first Mother’s Day? Read on and see which gifts for a new mommy can help her feel appreciated in her first Mother’s Day!

1. A pair of comfy flats

Recommended product: Obra Shoes by Suelas
Price: PhP1,350 a pair
Available online at their website and at their main showroom at Dona Consolacion Building, 122 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City

gifts for new mommy

All pairs come with their own shoe bag.

Image: Suelas

She may still be able to go on a night out in heels, but she will surely be running around more when taking care of her newborn. That is why reliable and comfy shoes are a godsend for a new mother. This is where SuelasObra Shoes collection comes in. All their pairs are made of man-made leather, have 100% rubber soles, and provide extra comfort because of the improved cushion. The shoes are also foldable and come in six colors: nude pink, black, tan, kale, gray, and navy, because stepping into motherhood doesn’t mean sacrificing style.

2. A handy baby’s health tracker

Recommended product: Pausitivity: Take a Moment to Nurture Yourself
Price: PPhP600
Available online at


Motherhood isn’t easy, and it could be especially overwhelming for a new mom. Help remind her to take care of herself and take time to rest and reflect with a book of affirmations. Pausitivity Take a Moment to Nurture Yourself is a book which aims to inspire a new mom to find joy in the rush of daily life through quotations and subtle painted illustrations.

3. A convenient body care set

Recommended product: Starskin VIP The Gold Mask VIP Gift Set
Price: PhP1,910
Available online at

gift ideas

She’ll definitely feel like a very important person with this gift!


Being a new mom is a blessing in its own, but inevitably, she’ll be stressed from time to time and will have few chances to take care of herself. That is why simple self-care items can do wonders not only to the mother’s appearance but to her overall well-being. Starskin VIP The Gold Mask VIP Gift Set contains masks for the hands, feet, and face for a luxurious full-body treatment. With this gift, they get to maintain their bright complexion, and work through motherhood while staying attractive as ever!

4. An everyday go-to bag

Recommended product: Uashmama’s Giulia Luxe
Price: PhP5,800
Available online at Uashmama’s website,


The bag’s dimensions are 33cm x 23cm x 30cm.

Image: Uashmama

Since her schedule would be nothing less than hectic, the last thing she needs is for her stuff to be disorganized. One great Mother’s Day gift idea is an all-purpose bag like Uashmama’s Giulia Luxe bag. It can be brought anywhere and everywhere from the gym to the grocery store because of its large size and lightweight material. It is also composed of 100% cellulose fiber making it washable and good for the environment. The bag comes in five colors: Nuvola Gray, Silver, Platino, Rose, and Gold.

5. A set of relaxing scented candles

Recommended product: The Candleroom’s Natural Coconut Wax Votive Candle with Essential Oil Synergy Blend in a Frosted Glass Holder
Price: PhP275 - PhP455
Available online at The Candleroom’s website

gifts for new mommy

The candle claims to be the country’s only natural coconut wax candle.

Image: The Candleroom Facebook Page and Website

A mother’s job is never finished and she’ll barely have her own private time for self-care. Luckily, there are studies proving that aromatherapy candles are a good way to de-stress. The Candleroom’s Natural Coconut Wax Votive Candle with Essential Oils is 100% plant-based, soot-free, and has at least 40 hours of burning time. They have four scents to choose from: Amihan, Deep Forest, Flower Basket, and Lullaby. Now, she can get her well-deserved relaxation in between her hectic schedule.

Gifts become more heartfelt and personal if they are well thought out and are given with the best of intentions. And mothers, of all people, are the most deserving of amazing gifts because of their undying dedication. Really, it’s the least we can do to thank them for the work they do!

Visit Yoorekka for more Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Prices may change without notice.

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on May 08, 2018.
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