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Experience Island Paradise in Azure Urban Resort Residences

Live the resort lifestyle every day in this condo in Parañaque!

By: Eunice Sheene Fulgencio | September 10, 2018
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Azure Urban Resort Residences

Azure prides itself as being a “private paradise in the heart of the city.”

Image: Century Properties

Vacations are glorified for a reason. With the overpopulation, traffic, and pollution that come with everyday living in Metro Manila, it is important to get away, have some fun, and forget about your worries even for a few days. So on the rare times you do, you run with it, relish in the opportunity as much as you can, and vow to yourself that you will make every second count. After all, you’re not certain when the next time will be.

But what if a beach retreat was feasible without the hours of travel, curation of itineraries, and vacation leaves from work? It seems like this concept may only exist in a Utopian society, but it is possible in the real world with Azure Urban Residences Resort.


Azure Urban Resort Residences, a property of Century Properties, is situated along SLEX West Service Road in Bicutan, Parañaque City. The developer designed Azure to be an “urban paradise” that offers luxury, style, and relaxation all over the property, which has a total of nine towers. But being a resort located in the metro isn’t Azure’s only special feature: it also has condominium units for rent and for sale, giving guests the option of either a permanent or temporary stay in the area.


The most popular and most special feature the resort offers is undoubtedly Azure Beach. It is a 100% man-made beach that offers white sand, waves, and even waterfalls. It is a work of art made conceivable by sheer talent, advanced architecture, and impressive creativity.

The Paris Beach Club right by the beach is also a feat on its own. Hollywood socialite and real estate heiress Paris Hilton helped curate this amenity and made sure that it embodies the urban and exotic vibes reminiscent of some of the world’s best beaches. Some of the beach club’s features include a beach bar that houses a DJ deck, al fresco dining, spas for both males and females, a movie room, as well as a game room.


While the Paris Beach Club already has astounding facilities, the resort itself also has amenities and activities worth mentioning. One of which is the 25-meter lap pool that also turns into an infinity pool and comes with floating sunbathing beds. Another is the property’s roof deck which features wooden seats and lavish gardens. Azure also offers both a beach volleyball and basketball court which makes remaining active and breaking a sweat possible while having some fun in the sun.

The good life is a concept often shied away from because of its supposed impossibility and unlikelihood. But even in this world full of difficulties, problems, and stress, some good can still be found within the bad. And Azure Urban Residences Resort is undeniably one of them.
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