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For the Ladies: 5 Must-Have Korean Makeup Essentials in Your Purse

Find these recently released K-Beauty cosmetics in Metro Manila, and lead the trend today!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | September 19, 2018
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korean cosmetics

Besides their popular skin care products, South Korea is also known for their impressive cosmetic products. While western countries have their own famous cosmetics lineup, Korean beauty brands have started to excite Filipinos with unique products.

The rise of K-Beauty started when K-pop (Korean-pop) music and Korean dramas became popular as part of Hallyu or the Korean Wave. Women and even men want to recreate the fresh looks of the Korean celebrities that they watch.

For those who are big fans of K-Beauty, here’s an update on the freshly-released cosmetic products that you surely will love! Read on and see the latest Korean cosmetic products, and where to buy them in your next makeup haul!

1. TPSY Two Drink Minimum Dual Tip Eyeshadow

Where to buy: TPSY
Price: $26 or aboutPhP1,390.70

korean cosmetics

You can effortlessly achieve an amazing eye look with this dual eyeshadow stick.

Image: TPSY

The TPSY Two Drink Minimum Dual Tip Eyeshadow is perfect for women who are always on-the-go. With its convenient packaging, you can take it anywhere. It can even fit inside your purse! Despite its humble packaging, the product contains an impressively rich and long-lasting formula. Touch-ups are unnecessary since it’s highly pigmented and smudge-proof. The color combinations range from warm tones perfect for day makeup, to darker hues perfect for a girls’ night out.

There are a total of five available shades combos: Sidewalk and Street (light black and metallic silver grey), Fairy Dust and Happy Ending (pink and burgundy), City Tan and Beach Tan (light reddish brown and dark reddish brown), Unbothered and Bothered (light smokey and dark smokey grey), and Beer and Coffee (mocha and brown).

2. Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer Eraser

Where to buy: Sephora and Urban Outfitters
Price: $14 or about PhP748.73

korean cosmetics

Say goodbye to your visible pores with this primer.

Image: Urban Outfitters

If you’re a big fan of Benefit’s Porefessional Primer but on a budget, why not try this No Poreblem Primer Eraser from Touch in Sol? Just like Porefessional, the No Poreblem Primer promises to fix one of the issues that women have when applying makeup: visible pores and wrinkles. Applying a pore-erasing primer can help you achieve a much flawless foundation coverage. Primers also help in prolonging the your base makeup, meaning there would be less touch-ups needed! Look for this primer at Sephora and Urban Outfitters before supplies run out!

Just like the TPSY Dual Tip Eyeshadow, the packaging of No Poreblem is in stick format—making it easier to carry anytime, anywhere. While this stick primer might have just been released this year, it already has a bottled version.


Innisfree Birthstone Setting Powder

Where to buy: Innisfree
Price: $8.00 or about PhP427.84

korean cosmetics

Attention all zodiac addicts, you might like this Innisfree setting powder.

Image: Innisfree

Innisfree stepped up their game by releasing not just one, but twelve version of setting powders! This limited edition Birthstone Setting Powder will wow big fans of personalized makeup. You can choose among the available birthstones that correspond to the months of the year.

Beyond the cute packaging, the setting powder can help those with excessively oily skin, because it contains an oil-control translucent loose powder. The powder will mattify any makeup that will last all day. The all-natural formula was made from Jeju minerals and mint, each container comes with powder puffs for touch-ups.

4. Perfect Magic Dual Eyeshadow

Where to buy: April Skin
Price: $19 or about PhP1,016.13

korean cosmetics

You’ll never stress about applying eyeshadow again with this easy to use eyeshadow duo from April Skin.

Image: April Skin

Applying eyeshadow is already hard as it is. It takes skill to get the blending right. And if you’re not confident enough with your makeup skills, it can get overwhelming with all the colors you can use. But worry not! There are products such as April Skin’s Perfect Magic Dual Eyeshadow which eases the struggle of layering eyeshadows on you lids.

While its packaging is similar to Benefit’s Eyeshadow duo, this product have a three-color pay-off per swipe that you can mix and match . The tri-color combos range from pigmented light to dark shades, which can create a gradient effect on your lids. Application is also easy because the included applicator can cover your entire eyelids in just one swipe. The formula also promises that it to be easily blendable and crease-free.

5. Panda's Dream Rose Hyaluronic Face Cream

Where to buy: Tony Moly
Price: $18.5 or about PhP989.39

korean cosmetics

Not only is this Panda Dream face cream cute, but it also helps to keep your face hydrated.

Image: Shopify

While everyone can appreciate a good makeup, taking good care of your skin is still the best beauty secret. Before applying your makeup, finish your skin care routine with Panda's Dream Rose Hyaluronic Face Cream available at Tony Moly. Having a smooth face is a great canvas for applying foundation, and you can achieve this by using hydrating moisturizers. Moisturizers also helps your makeup to stay a little bit longer since moisturizers are substitute for primers.

The key ingredients of this Rose Hyaluronic face cream is rose water, which has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and soothe your skin. Rose hip extract is also included, which can help in brightening. Antioxidants such as gooseberry, raspberry, hibiscus, and bilberry extracts are also included in the formula.

Which of these new Korean cosmetic products are you most excited to try? Share it with us at the comment section below!

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