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Top 5 Cool Gifts for Guys to Give on Christmas

Out of gift ideas for the men in your life? Check out our readers’ top picks!

By: Patricia Marie Prado | August 30, 2020
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cool gifts for guys

Filipinos are known to take Christmas and all its traditions seriously. Many complete the nine-day Misa de Gallo (dawn mass) while other prepare days in advance for Noche Buena or Christmas Eve dinner. One tradition that many are also excited to participate in is gift giving.

As much fun as it is to give and receive Christmas gifts , selecting presents is not an easy task, especially for men. Last week, we asked our readers about their idea of the perfect gifts for men, and the result is in! Read on and see which of these cool gifts for guys would be perfect for the men in your life.

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5. Shoes

cool gifts for guys

Surprise them with these boat shoes from The Nobleman.

Image: The Nobleman Instagram

The first gift idea on our list is shoes. If you’re willing to splurge a little for the man in your life, a pair of shoes proves to be a well-loved item of clothing. In fact, a study made in Britain has shown that men spend more on shoes than women do as they look at it as an investment [1]. Meanwhile, some men love shoes—sneakers in particular—as it reminds them of their childhood [2].

For gift ideas, you can check The Nobleman’s collection. The Nobleman is a local brand that creates locally-made boat shoes for an affordable price, one of which is the Del Pilar boat shoes which retail for PhP1,850.

4. Bags

cool gifts for guys

Ask your dad to ditch his briefcase and give him these sleek leather bags instead.

Image: Bags by Rubbertree Instagram

The item that claimed the fourth spot on our list is bags. Whatever you call it— murse (man-purse), motes (men’s tote bag), or satchel—manbags are now a growing trend. It won’t be a surprise if the men in your life would love to have one on Christmas, too. Luckily, fashion brands are now also creating fancy bags for men to cater to this growing trend.

If you want to give a fashionable but conservative gift, a leather bag is a safe choice. Local brand Bags by Rubbertree creates beautiful handmade leather bags that you can even customize. You can check their website and Instagram for styles and prices.

3. Watch

cool gifts for guys

Spoil your husband this Christmas and give him this fancy watch from Makina Watches.

Image: Makina Watches Instagram

The trusty watch also made it to our list! It can be expensive, but a good watch is always worth the splurge especially if you’re giving it to someone special. They’ll certainly appreciate it, as men see watches not only as a great accessory but also as an extension of their personality [3].

For a watch that tells a story, one from Makina Watches would be a great gift. It’s a local brand that creates watches in small batches to ensure quality construction. Their line of watches also carry a unique design that make their timepieces a real head-turner.

2. Socks

cool gifts for guys

These socks from Comfy Socks are practical, fashionable, and yes, comfortable!

Image: Comfy Socks Instagram

The item that made it on the second spot is socks. If you’re going for practicality and affordability, giving a pair of socks to the men your life is the way to go. But not all socks are created equal. They have varying lengths and designs, and can be made with different materials, too.

If you’re looking for quality, Comfy Socks is known for being boots-friendly and will protect your man’s foot from rough hikes. They also have colorful, classic designs that can easily be paired with any outfit.

1. Shirts

cool gifts for guys

Your hipster boyfriend will surely love these shirts from The Ilustrado.

Image: Ilustrado Instagram

The item that topped the list is the good old shirt. It’s no surprise that men love to receive shirt as gifts. They are staples in every man’s wardrobe and they can show the personality of the wearer. May it be a simple plain white t-shirt or a graphic tee in your gift box, the men in your life will surely love and appreciate it.

If you’re looking for something out of the box, shop at The Ilustrado. It is a local brand that creates shirts for the modern Filipino using locally-sourced materials. They have classic colors as well as bold and floral prints.

Whether it’s your boyfriend, father, or brother, giving a gift for them this coming Christmas shouldn’t be that hard. Let us know in the comments section which of these cool gifts for guys they’d love to receive this Christmas.

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