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Market Watch in Manila (October 18, 2018)

Get the prices of basic goods in Puregold Araneta Cubao here.

By: Patricia Marie Prado | October 18, 2018
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Yoorekka visited Puregold in Araneta Center, Cubao to check the availability and prices of its basic goods. The following is an updated list of commodities and items such as rice, seasoning, meat, produce, and canned goods.

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The price of rice at Puregold, Araneta ranges from PhP139 to PhP162 per two kilograms (kg) depending on the variety: Long Grain sells for PhP139/2kg; Sinandomeng for PhP145/2kg; Special Dinorado for PhP162/2kg; and Thai Jasmine for PhP205/2kg.

NFA rice is not sold at Puregold, Araneta.

Sugar, Salt, Pepper

Brown sugar starts at PhP58/kg while refined sugar starts at PhP66.50/kg. Washed sugar, on the other hand, starts at PhP61/kg.

The price of iodized salt starts at PhP16/500 grams (g), while whole and ground black pepper start at PhP136/50g and PhP42/30g, respectively.

Meat and Poultry

Pork in cubes/adobo cut sells for PhP107.5/half kg while beef in caldereta cut is priced at PhP140/half kg. Meanwhile, chicken sells for PhP155/kg and the price of eggs starts at PhP50 per dozen.


The prices of various vegetables in Puregold, Araneta are as follows: red onion, PhP147/kg; garlic, PhP100/kg; tomatoes, PhP118/kg; siling labuyo, PhP706/kg; potatoes, PhP145/kg; carrots, PhP258/kg; pechay, PhP140/bundle; and cabbages, PhP188/head.


Ripe banana at Puregold, Araneta starts at PhP50/kg while orange is sold for PhP220/kg. The prices of apples also vary depending on the size and type and can go from PhP200 to PhP288 per kilo.

Canned goods

The prices of various canned goods are as follows: canned tuna starts at PhP27.50 per 155g can; corned beef, PhP15.50 per 100g can; sardines, PhP13.65 per 155g can; and meatloaf, PhP15.75 per 150g. Prices may vary depending on the brand.

In terms of product availability, all items are well stocked as of writing except for NFA rice.

* Prices are updated as of October 17, 2018 and might change without prior notice.
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