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7 No-Fail Gift Ideas for Seniors That They Will Find Useful

They'll definitely appreciate these gift ideas for senior citizens in the Philippines!

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | August 29, 2020
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With Christmas fast approaching, looking for gifts for your loved ones, especially seniors like your grandparents, can become more and more challenging. They usually already have their needs and wants taken care of, so looking for the best gift for seniors can be really frustrating. What are you supposed to get someone who already has everything?

Lucky for you, this list is about to make your life a bit easier, as it contains only the most unique gift ideas for seniors that they’ll definitely find useful. From comfortable mattresses to high-tech gadgets, you will indeed find something for older people in your life!

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1. Uratex Senso Memory Original Mattress

Where to buy: Uratex retailers
Price: PhP15,799.75

Gift Ideas for seniors

Give the elders the warmth they deserve with this cozy mattress!

Image: Uratex Website

No matter the age, comfort is necessary, so help your elders sleep comfortably with Uratex’s Senso Memory Original Mattress. Made of Senso memory foam, the mattress conforms to the shape of the body and evenly distributes weight. One particular feature about this mattress is that it is treated with Sanitized®, which helps protect against the growth of bacteria, foul odor, mildew, and dust, making it clean and hypoallergenic. It is without a doubt, an excellent gift idea for seniors.

2. JBL Horizon Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio

Where to buy: JBL authorized dealers
Price: PhP5,995

Best Gift for seniors

Here’s a fun and practical gift to give the elderly!

Image: JBL Website

Over the years, digital clocks have become more popular as they are easy to use and can also come with various extra features. Speaking of extra features, this Bluetooth alarm clock radio from JBL is the perfect example of a hi-tech digital clock. It is undeniably the best gift for seniors. The clock radio features two customizable alarm clocks, three original alarm ringtones, and five programmable FM radio presets.

This multi-sensory alarm clock is a good gift idea for seniors. It also comes with an ambient LED light that can serve as a nightlight and a built-in sensor that can automatically adjust its brightness depending on the environment. Plus, your elder wouldn’t have to worry about the power going out because it has a built-in battery backup system. If you’re looking for a gift idea for senior citizens in the Philippines that are useful and versatile and will ensure that the elders will wake up every morning to witness the lovely sunrise, this is it.

3. Invigorate Scarf Neck Massager from Watsons

Where to buy: Watsons branches
Price: PhP499

Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens Philippines

Physical and mental relaxation is a must!

Images: Watsons Website

Another gift idea for seniors is known to have a lot of health benefits: it can help calm the nervous system, improve blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and prevent and relieve muscle pain and cramps. This Christmas, give the pleasure of a massage to your elders with Watsons’ Invigorate Scarf Neck Massager! The massager can be wrapped around any part of the body and controlled with two massage settings: low and high. This best gift for seniors is designed with a vibrating action that releases tension in muscles. It can help your loved one relax and relieve them from osteoarthritis pain, arthritis agitation, and even depression. It is unquestionably a fantastic gift idea for seniors.

4. Reed Diffusers from ATIN

Where to buy: Online at and at Kultura Filipino branches
Price: PhP999.75

Gift Ideas for seniors

Treat your elders holistically with these wonderful diffusers!

Image: @atin.philippines

Aromatherapy doesn’t only bring a lovely aroma to a room; it also has multiple health benefits. If you plan to provide a holistic treatment for the elders, get them Atin’s Reed Diffusers! The diffusers feature different scents and sizes, allowing users to disperse essential oils naturally into the air. You can choose from various fragrances, such as tropical, fruity, and floral. It is definitely a great gift idea for seniors.

5. Basilur Tea 6-Assortment Closed Wooden Presenter

Where to buy: Online at and at Basilur Tea retailers
Price: PhP2,995

Best Gift for seniors

Got tea enthusiasts in your life? This is the perfect gift for them!

Images: Basilur Tea Website

If your loved one isn’t into hot cups of coffee, perhaps they’re into hot tea spots. Basilur’s 6-Assortment Closed Wooden Presenter with Tea is a thoughtful and best gift for seniors who enjoy all kinds of tea, hot or cold, at any time of the day. This gift idea for senior citizens in the Philippines features different tea flavors such as Earl Grey, Ceylon Orange Pekoe, English Afternoon, English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Sencha, and Grey. This gift idea for seniors, like drinking tea, isn’t only relaxing and very healthy. Tea has loads of antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. It also contains inflammatory effects that can help prevent coronary artery disease and lower harmful cholesterol levels. Tea is also good for the bones and teeth!

6. Crocs Reviva Sliders

Where to buy: Crocs branches
Price: PhP2,745

Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens Philippines

How nice would it be to be able to walk around with your loved one anywhere, anytime?

Image: Crocs Website

These Crocs Reviva Slider Slippers from Crocs are a sure gift idea for seniors to provide your loved one comfortable with their inducing bubbles that can massage the feet through every step. Walking long distances wouldn’t be an issue because the slippers offer all-day comfort and support. The pair is light and easy to wear and can be used for all kinds of activities and places. Whether at home or the beach, these slippers are helpful and the best gift for seniors who struggle to walk.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Where to buy: Samsung authorized retailers
Price: Price starts at Php97,990

Gift Ideas for seniors

Tech pieces like tablets can help seniors stay socially connected!

Image: Abenson Website

Help your loved ones stay connected with you and the world with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab! This gift idea for seniors is a practical companion that can keep your elders preoccupied. From sending messages to playing games, your grandparents will indeed find this item helpful and entertaining. This slim tab features a large screen with dual speakers fitted in on the bottom for better sound. It also comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, enough to contain all those lovely family pictures they can always look back on any time they wish!

Make this Christmas a holiday to remember with these unique and practical gifts that are sure to show the elders that you care for them!

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This article was originally published in Yoorekka on December 16, 2019.
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