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5 Private Resorts near Metro Manila for YOLOists, Soul-searchers, Couples, Etc. —See Where You Fit In

Time to see if you’re a selective traveler with these choices of private resorts near Metro Manila!

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | June 23, 2023
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Spark your wanderlust and list these lovely resorts near Manila for your next trip!

Images: @meimeiraz (L); Aquascape Facebook page (R)

Are you living in Manila? One way to spend your weekend is to reserve a room at one of the top private resorts near Metro Manila, but if you're interested in discovering a new location, take your time and select from a wide range of top-notch resorts near Metro Manila that welcome various kinds of visitors for your a quick getaway near Manila. Some travel to see and appreciate what the world has to offer, and others consider it a form of self-discovery; many visit different places to create memories with their loved ones, while others do it to expand their knowledge of culture, food, and the like. With this private resort near Metro Manila, no matter the purpose of your stay, one thing is for sure: traveling is one of the most effective forms of relaxation, like having a quick and fun getaway at this best resort near Metro Manila.

Whether you’re a sentimental traveler or a backpacker on a budget, this list of the best private resorts near Metro Manila for different travelers will show that there’s a place meant for you. See what your traveler type is and the vacation spots near Manila, and have a quick getaway near Metro Manila!

1. For the YOLOists

“YOLO” means “you only live once,” and that’s what YOLOists hold on to. These people love living in the moment and are known to be thrill-seekers. For them, anywhere and anything can be an adventure.

Private Resort near Metro Manila - Resorts near Metro Manila, private resort near Metro Manila

At this best resort near Metro Manila, The pool has two fun water slides for kids and adults!

Images: La Virginia Hotel & Resort Facebook page

Travel Time (from Cubao): 2 hrs

This one of the best resorts near Manila is a haven for those who love exploring. It is surrounded by different attractions within walking distance. This resort near Metro Manila has attractions, including the well-known Buddha View Deck, Castillo de La Virginia, Hanging Bridge, and Ifugao Village. La Virginia also features various outdoor activities, such as a 500-meter zipline, archery range, and wall climbing, making it the ideal place for adventure enthusiasts. Can't you pick an action at this best resort near Metro Manila? Try them all, and have a fun getaway near Metro Manila! After all, you only live once, right?

How to get to La Virginia Hotel & Resort: From the Buendia or Cubao bus terminal, ride a bus to Batangas and alight at Tambo Exit. From there, cross the road and ride a jeep to Mataas na Kahoy. Get off on 7/11 and ride a tricycle to La Virginia Hotel & Resort.

2. For the Budget Backpackers

Budget backpackers are the ones who prefer traveling with limited expenses. They are savvy and practical, and they’d instead go to vacation spots near Manila, where they’ll spend less while having loads of fun!

Private Resort near Metro Manila - Resorts near Metro Manila, resorts near Metro Manila

This unique resort near Manila, Has seven huge pools.

Image: Costa Abril Facebook page

Recommended Resort: Costa Abril in Rizal
Travel Time (from Cubao): 1 hr

Costa Abril boasts seven spacious swimming pools, a wave pool, and a giant slide four floors above the ground with two 360-degree loops. Staying in this private resort near Metro Manila with seven pools may sound expensive, but this place begs to differ. For as low as PhP1,500, you can already have a quick getaway near Metro Manila, an air-conditioned room fit for four people! Also, one of the best resorts near Metro Manila sitting in the heart of Rodriguez, Rizal. This family-friendly destination in Rizal is as simple as it is affordable and is only at least two hours away from Metro Manila. It is one of the best private resorts near Metro Manila for budget backpackers; believe us!

How to get to Costa Abril: From the Cubao Bus Terminal, ride a UV with a Farmer’s Market, Cubao-Montalban via the LITEX route, and get off at San Jose Crossing. Depart onto Payatas Road, and walk until you reach this private resort near Manila.

3. For the Cute Couple

They love to discover the world together; usually, they look for a vacation that is romantic and exciting at the same time.

Private Resort near Metro Manila - Resorts near Metro Manila, getaway near Metro Manila

Stay disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the metro at Aquascape’s floating cottage.

Images: Aquascape Facebook page

Travel Time (from Cubao): less than 3 hrs

Aquascape Lake Caliraya is another best private resort near Manila where you can spend a quiet and intimate time with your bae. It offers an array of accommodations. This unique resort near Manila has six lakefront cottages and two fully-equipped motorized floating houses. You and your partner can have a getaway near Metro Manila and enjoy different land activities, such as the electric bike and ATV, and water activities, including Jet Ski riding and fish spa, while you’re here. This vacation spot near Manila is more interesting because it’s pet-friendly, so there's no need to leave your fur baby behind; the best resort near Metro Manila for fur parents, too!

How to get to Aquascape Lake Caliraya: From the Buendia bus terminal or Cubao bus terminal, ride a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Afterward, ride a jeep to Lumot, Caliraya, and get off when you see Mt. Carmel sign. Aquascape Lake Caliraya is just a 10-minute walk from there.

4. For the Eco-Warriors

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t be eco-friendly—that’s what eco-warrior travelers believe. They are the ones who would love to see the beauty of Mother Nature while leaving as few carbon footprints as they can.

Private Resort near Metro Manila - Resorts near Metro Manila, private resort near Metro Manila

The resort has no Wi-Fi, encouraging guests to keep their phones and savor nature's beauty.

Images: @preetsyhaan

Travel Time (from Cubao): 2 hrs and 10 mins

Next on our list of best private resorts near Metro Manila is located less than a three-hour drive, an Instagram-worthy and eco-friendly vacation spot near Manila for eco-warriors: Riverfront Garden Resorts. This unique private resort near Metro Manila allows you to have a relaxing getaway; you can book lounges and cabins, which are seated in the middle of gardens, so you can have some quiet time while taking in the intrinsic beauty of Mother Nature. You can also get an unobstructed view of the Maragondon River while dipping in the pool in this one of the best resorts near Metro Manila. It is only in Cavite, but staying here can make you feel like you’re in a different world.

How to get to Riverfront Garden Resorts: From Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange, ride on a bus with a Maragondon/Ternate route. Get off at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines—Maragondon, then take a tricycle to Riverfront Garden Resorts.

5. For the Soul-Searchers

Travelers who fall under this category crave some time away from the fast-paced life in the urban jungle. They’d rather travel alone to find themselves and focus on the deeper aspects of life.

Private Resort near Metro Manila - Resorts near Metro Manila, resorts near Metro Manila

Fall in love at this private resort near Manila with the greenery at Mount Purro Nature Reserve.

Images: Mount Purro Nature Reserve Facebook page

Travel Time (from Cubao): 1 hour and 9 mins

Last but not least, the best resort near Manila, nestled at the foot of Sierra Madre, is Mount Purro Nature Reserve, a peaceful place perfect for soul-searchers. If you’re a soul-searcher type of traveler and want a getaway at the best private resort near Metro Manila, you can enjoy this breathtaking landscape by hiking in the forest as early as 5:30 AM. This vacation spot near Manila also offers a community bonfire every 8:30 PM, where you can get to know new people who are probably soul-searching like you. At this unique resort near Metro Manila, you can spend the night in a tent for this getaway while camping under the stars or sleep in a bahay kubo (nipa hut)-inspired cottage surrounded by a canopy of trees for a more relaxing getaway near Metro Manila.

How to get to Mount Purro Nature Reserve: From Aurora Boulevard or Marcos Highway, ride a jeepney to Cogeo. From Cogeo, ride another jeepney bound for Paenaan. Ask the driver to drop you off at Kanto Veterans. Finally, ride two more tricycles from Kanto Veterans that will take you to Mount Purro Nature Reserve.

Have you guessed your traveler type? No matter what it is, remember that the key to having the best vacation is to enjoy it. Happy traveling!

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on July 21, 2020.

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