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5 Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves to Cook

Your home cooks will love these Christmas gifts!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | December 12, 2020
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Best Gift Ideas

These gifts can help foodies and budding chefs make tasty creations.

During the lockdown, many turned their attention into home cooking. The extra free time allowed most people to learn cooking or to improve their skills in the kitchen. Got a loved one who falls under this category? Show your support for their passion by giving useful Christmas gifts that can help improve their skills or make their time in the kitchen more fun! Check out five of the best gift ideas for the cooks in your life below!

1. Air Fryer

Where to buy: Kyowa
Price: PhP3,500

Gift Ideas, lockdown

Kyowa’s air fryer uses little to no oil to cook food.

Image: Kyowa Website

Air fryers have become more popular this year. But what does it do to food? Unlike pan frying, air frying cooks food faster, crispier, and browner. For cooks who want to add texture to their dishes, an air fryer would be one of the best gift ideas. If you’re planning to give an affordable yet high-quality air fryer, you will like Kyowa’s air fryers. Kyowa’s Air Fryer 3.2L is capable of baking, toasting, roasting, and frying. Its non-stick, coated food basket is also easy to clean. Plus, it has a residue collector that can prevent messy cooking.

2. Custom Apron

Where to buy: Scrap A Things on Shopee and Facebook
Price: PhP55 to PhP269 (minimum of two purchases)

home cooking

A personalized apron is a thoughtful gift for an aspiring cook.

Image: Scrap Things Facebook Page

Aside from utensils and cooking wares, an apron is a must-have for anyone who loves to cook. Take it a step further and give a personalized or customized apron, which could be a touching gift. Scrap A Things’ aprons can be customized; you can choose from different colors for the cloth and have your custom design printed. You can also choose from single color print, multiple color print, multiple print with additional text, and single print with additional text; the design will be digitally printed using rubberized vinyl.

3. Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking: Everything You Need To Know To Make Fabulous Food

Where to buy: Fully Booked
Price: PhP1,399

Christmas gifts

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook features multicultural dishes that can be cooked at home.

Image: Fully Booked Website

your giftee is an aspiring chef, then a cookbook will be handy if he or she wants to learn more dishes. Whether your giftee is a novice or a professional cook, he or she will find inspiring, simple, and accessible recipes in famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook, Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking: Everything You Need To Know To Make Fabulous Food. The recipes in the book draw culinary inspiration from Ramsay’s travels to different countries like India, Europe, and Los Angeles. The book also features cooking tips and techniques that can help in managing money and time, prepping ingredients, and pan frying.

4. Hyundai Electric Oven

Where to buy: Hyundai Home Appliance on Lazada
Price: PhP4,390


This oven from Hyundai appliances is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Image: Hyundai Lazada Store

What makes this electric oven from Hyundai a great addition to any kitchen is its versatility and space-saving size. The 28-liter oven is capable of rotisserie and heat convection, letting you roast various meats and bake pastries, too. Because of its size of 20x14x13 inches, the oven doesn’t take up too much space. In addition to all these, the oven comes in a peach color that makes it a great accent to any kitchen.

5. Wooden Plates

Where to buy: Dapitan Arcade online
PhP170 each for round plates
PhP190 each for thin rectangle plates
PhP160 to PhP180 each for soft edge triangle wooden plates
PhP130 each for small wooden rectangle plates
PhP280 each for round board tray with edge (pizza tray)

Kitchen utensils

The wooden plates come in different shapes and sizes.

Images: Dapitan Arcade Facebook Page

If your loved one has all the kitchen utensils and tools he or she needs, then give a set of plates where his or her dishes can be served! Dapitan Arcade is known to sell dainty plates at affordable prices. Some of the unique plates that you can see in their online shop are wooden plates that come in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

Need more Christmas gift ideas? Visit Yoorekka!

It goes without saying that for aspiring cooks, the best Christmas presents you can give are things they’d need in the kitchen. So take your pick from this list and start shopping!
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