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These Monarc's Cool Home Appliances Are Every Busy Parent’s Must-Have

Have more time for the family with the help of Monarc’s Philippines’ nifty gadgets!

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | May 28, 2022
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Appliances that can be left on their own are every parent’s top housekeeping weapon!

Maintaining a clean house can be laborious, especially when you’re a working parent who’s always on the go. Doing household chores after a long and tiring day at work might take you away from the rest and family time that you deserve. And since the world is in the middle of a pandemic, it is twice as necessary to keep things at home clean and sanitized, but not all parents have enough time to clean the house perfectly.

Thankfully, there are modern home appliances that can make every busy parent’s life easier and more enjoyable. These life-changing products are practical, space-saving, innovative, and even colorful! If you’re wondering where you can snatch affordable and easy-to-use household gadgets like these, look no further than Monarc.

Monarc aims to simplify the life of on-the-go parents by providing modern home appliances that can cut down the cleaning workload. From UV sterilizing products to lightweight vacuums, Monarc Philippines has all the essentials that you’re looking for to make home cleaning easy and breezy. Read on and find out every cleaning tool it has in store for you!

Monarc UVC Cabinet 16L

Monarc - Monarc Appliances - Home Appliances - Yoorekka, Monarc

Ensure your family’s health and safety by keeping your everyday items squeaky clean and sanitized

You can never be so sure of how clean your belongings are. No matter how much you disinfect with soap, water, and alcohol, bacteria may still be present. Thanks to Monarc’s UVC Cabinet, you can finally sanitize your items without worrying about the presence of bacteria. Using a Philips UV lamp, the UV cabinet eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria on baby items, including bottles, pacifiers, toys, and personal things like cellphones, makeup brushes, and toothbrushes.

Another great thing about the UV cabinet is its compact design that doesn’t take up much space on your countertop. It is also effortless to use. All you have to do is turn on the power and choose if you’ll dry, disinfect, or safely keep your items. In just 50 minutes, you’ll have dried and sterilized belongings.

Monarc Botbot

Monarc - Monarc Appliances - Home Appliances - Yoorekka, Monarc Philippines

Botbot can be your floor-cleaning buddy!

Who says keeping your floor clean has to be tiring? Monarc’s robot vacuum cleaner Botbot can help make your floor spotless without effort. With a slim body design and a smart sensor, the robot vacuum functions as a 2-in-1 cleaner vacuuming and mopping various floor surfaces. It can last for 100 minutes before it automatically docks and recharges.

With this excellent modern home appliance, you can have fresh and sanitized floorings in no time! Plus, think about everything you can do in your spare time as the robot vacuum cuts down your cleaning workload: you can savor breakfast with your family, play with your kids, or spend more time with your spouse.

Tabletop Dishwasher

Monarc - Monarc Appliances - Home Appliances - Yoorekka, home appliances

No time for washing the dishes? No problem!

Washing the dishes can be tiring and a lot of work. It consumes so much time, but it also consumes a considerable amount of water and dish soap. Luckily, Monarc Philippines has the perfect product to help you save time and energy to relax with your family every mealtime.

Monarc’s Tabletop Dishwasher is the newest addition to its home appliances line. Its user-friendly and compact design allows it to sit on any countertop without occupying too much space. The space inside the dishwasher is also large enough to fit four place settings. It has five wash cycle options that you can choose from depending on your needs: Eco, Normal, Intensive, Rapid, and Glass.

Cordless Stick Vacuum

Monarc - Monarc Appliances - Home Appliances - Yoorekka, Monarc

Get vacuuming done in a breeze with this cordless stick vacuum!

Daily vacuuming uses up time and energy better spent on more important things. If you’re on the hunt for a product that can help you keep your home tidy every day, check out Monarc’s Cordless Stick Vacuum!

The lightweight vacuum cleaner of Monarc weighs less than 1.5 kilograms, preventing your wrists from feeling strained while vacuuming. It features a translucent bin that you can quickly empty with a button. The stick also includes an interchangeable brush head that can clean all types of mess, and its rotatable joint design allows it to fold 160 degrees down to help you reach under tables and furniture in a whip.

CleanAir Air Purifier

Monarc - Monarc Appliances - Home Appliances - Yoorekka,  Monarc Philippines

This compact air purifier might take your breath away.

While keeping your home and your objects clean and sanitized is essential, it is vital to keep the air you breathe purified. With the amount of air pollution outdoors, having an air purifier that filters the atmosphere at home can be handy.

Monarc’s CleanAir Air Purifier does precisely that. It is equipped with a SmartSensor that removes airborne pollutants in your home. It uses a 3-step air filtration system that makes you worry less about germs and bacteria: a washable pre-filter that captures large particles from polluted air, a HEPA filter that catches 99% of airborne pollutants, and an activated carbon filter that captures lousy odor. The air purifier benefits families with members who suffer from dust, pet dander, and other allergies.

All these home appliances from Monarc Philippines allow any busy parent to work, do chores, and spend more time with their families with all the comfort they require. Being an on-the-go mom and dad has never been this easy!

Monarc’s products are available at the following prices: Monarc UV Cabinet 16L (PhP7,990), Monarc Botbot (PhP9,990), Tabletop DIshwasher (PhP17,990), Cordless Stick Vacuum (PhP4,990), and CleanAir Air Purifier (PhP6,990). To purchase, visit Monarc’s website at https://www.monarc.ph/.

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All photos courtesy of Monarc

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on March 27, 2021.

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