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Add to Yoorekka Cart! These Awesome Brands Offer Shipping Discounts

Discounts?! Ohhh, we’re super ready for these!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | September 15, 2021
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Here’s some good news for you savvy shoppers: Yoorekka’s Online Selling Suite is now offering shipping discounts in all its channels! Yoorekka’s WebMall Outlets and its participating brands are now offering shipping discounts with only a minimum purchase for as low as PhP300 to PhP1,000 from September 15 to October 15. Check out the list below and start adding to your cart now—and, oh, don’t forget to tick that “Shipping Discount” box at checkout!

1. Krooberg

Image: Krooberg

Why they’re awesome: If it’s high-quality and durable footwear you are looking for, look no further: Krooberg has all the pairs you need. They offer various sneakers and sandals that suit active folks who love exploring the outdoors in comfortable and stylish footwear.

In-store Products: men’s and women’s footwear

Get the Krooberg EXO ladies footwear for PhP850 (originally PhP1,200), available in sizes 36 – 40 and two colors.

2. Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve
Image: Adam & Eve

Why they’re awesome: Adam & Eve hopes to provide confidence-boosting shapewear and underwear for every Filipina who wants to contour their body for different outfits and occasions. Their products include waist trainers, bodysuits, workout bras and pants, lingerie, and underwear.

In-store Products: women’s lingerie, workout outfit, shapewear, and underwear

Get the Adam & Eve workout crop bra and yoga leggings set for PhP895, available in sizes small to large and grey and black color combination.

3. Beautederm

Image: Beautederm

Why they’re awesome: No skin is perfect, but you still need to take care of your skin to avoid damage. Beautederm’s skincare sets help target different skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, dryness, and pigmentation. Solo products like the fan-favorite delicate whip soap and cristaux gold serum are also available. Sets come in regular sizes and travel sizes.

In-store Products: skincare sets and products

Get the Beautederm’s underarm whitening set for PhP950

4. Human Nature

Human Nature
Image: Human Nature

Why they’re awesome: There are reasons why Human Nature is a favorite among skincare enthusiasts: it’s locally made, has all-natural ingredients, and environment-friendly products are different from most skincare products in the market. Their products include cleansers, toners, masks, and moisturizers made with gentle and quality ingredients.

In-store Products: natural skincare products

Get the Human Nature’s balancing face toner for PhP94 (originally PhP189.75), available in 100ml and 200ml.

5. Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle
Image: Yankee Candle

Why they’re awesome: There’s nothing like setting the mood in your home with the use of scented candles! Yankee Candle’s various scented candles are made with high-quality wax and natural fiber wicks. When not in use, the candles’ aesthetically pleasing jars would make great home decors too.

In-store Products: scented candles

Get the Yankee Candle’s classic jar large for PhP2,198.40 (originally PhP2,748)

6. Marikit La Moda

Marikit La Moda
Image: Marikit La Moda

Why they’re awesome: This brand believes that you shouldn’t have to spend thousands of pesos to look expensive! Their chic hair accessories below PhP100 can undoubtedly add an extra flair to your look. Some of the accessories you can buy include satin scrunchies, two-toned satin scrunchies, and mask straps.

In-store Products: hair accessories and mask straps

Get the Marikit La Moda’s mask strap holder for PhP99 (originally PhP119), 25 inches long

7. Heraposh

Image: Heraposh

Why they’re awesome: There’s a reason why you can’t spell Heraposh without “posh”—everything from this Korean-inspired fashion brand is elegant and posh! Their fashionable clothes range from basic shirts and shorts to chic skirts perfect for both work and leisure.

In-store Products: women’s bottoms, tops, and sets

Get the Heraposh’s Olivia set for PhP2,636.80 (originally PhP3,296), available in sizes small and medium and grey color.

8. Studio K

Studio K
Image: Studio K

Why they’re awesome: Admit it: when you’re watching K-drama, you also check the fashion. And if you’re someone who is inspired by Korean style, check out Studio K for affordable K-inspired pieces! Their pieces are just below PhP1,000, and you can choose from stylish dresses and tops.

In-store Products: women’s tops and dresses

Get the Studio K’s Korean style dress for PhP699 (originally PhP1,699), available in sizes small to large and two colors.

9. Luster Beauty

Luster Beauty
Image: Luster Beauty

Why they’re awesome: Since not everyone can go outside for pampering, why not do it by yourself at home? Luster Beauty made it possible through their range of beauty gadgets like the intense pulsed light (IPL) handset and beauty wand! They also offer eyebrow and eyelashes treatment vouchers for those seeking professional services for more affordable prices.

In-store Products: beauty gadgets and vouchers

Get the Luster Beauty’s flawless bundle for PhP5,700 (originally PhP6,000)

10. Above Aesthetics

Above Aesthetics
Image: Above Aesthetics

Why they’re awesome: Sometimes, beautifying yourself is not just about skincare: it also comes with wellness and occasionally cosmetic surgery if you want to. Above Aesthetics provides the ultimate makeover by offering skin care products and aesthetic enhancements to make you look and feel beautiful.

In-store Products: skincare products and vouchers

Get the Above Aesthetics’ Radiderm beauty blends for PhP500 (originally PhP625)

11. U Got Scents

U Got Scents
Image: U Got Scents

Why they’re awesome: With so many scents to choose from, you’re bound to grow your perfume collection at U Got Scents! Their long-lasting scents come in different fragrances like a fruity smell, floral, woodsy, gourmand, and the like. Here’s an Easter egg for you: their scents are also named after classic K-dramas!

In-store Products: men’s and women’s scent

Get the U Got Scents for men for PhP358, available in 14 scents

12. Glamour Shop by Erika

Glamour Shop by Erika
Image: Glamour Shop by Erika

Why they’re awesome: It’s no secret that designer perfumes are expensive. But through the Glamour Shop by Erika, you can smell like the fragrances inspired by famous designer perfumes from Gucci, Lacoste, Elizabeth Arden, Victoria’s Secret, and Dior. The good news is that each scent is just below PhP200!

In-store Products: designer-inspired perfumes

Get the Glamour Shop by Erika’s pink blossom scent for PhP180.

13. Cathy Kathy Home

Cathy Kathy Home
Image: Cathy Kathy

Why they’re awesome: Along with their quality nail polishes, Cathy Kathy also offers crystal aromatherapy diffuser that can be used with their various essential oils. Available oils include Ocean, Oud Wood, Bloom, and English Pears and Freesia.

In-store Products: crystal aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils

Get the Cathy Kathy Home’s green fluorite crystal stone diffuser with bloom scent essential oil for PhP2,450

14. Mando’s Wingshack

Mando’s Wingshack
Image: Mando’s Wingshack

Why they’re awesome: At Mando’s Wingshack, you will have one of the best chicken wings of your life! Their finger-licking variety of wings will have you craving for more! Get their famous hot sauce now available at Yoorekka’s WebMall Outlets.

In-store Products: chicken wings sauce and vouchers

Get the Mando’s Wingshack’s ghost pepper for PhP285 (originally PhP300)

15. Villardes Coffee

Villardes Coffee
Image: Villarde’s Coffee

Why they’re awesome: Starting your day with a cup of delicious coffee can improve your mood! This coffee kit from Villarde’s Coffee includes all the essentials you need for your caffeine fix! Set contains one freshly ground coffee, one special syrup, and one creamer.

In-store Products: coffee kit

Get the Villarde’s coffee kit for PhP180, available in three flavors

16. R Kitchen

Image: R Kitchen

Why they’re awesome: R Kitchen produces tasty gourmet-style of traditional Filipino dishes like tuyo (dried fish) and buro (fermented shrimp). Their delectable goodies can add extra taste to your everyday meals.

In-store Products: artisanal Filipino food

Get the R Kitchen’s sweet and spicy tuyo for PhP320

17. Kimchibamm

Image: Kimchibamm

Why they’re awesome: For your samgyupsal sessions at home, having kimchi for a side dish can add extra flavor! Kimchibamm’s 500-gram kimchi is perfect for your DIY samgyupsal or any meal for any occasion.

In-store Products: home-made kimchi and chili garlic oil

Get the Kimchibamm’s home-made kimchi for PhP150

18. Loca Brew PH

Loca Brew PH
Image: Loca Brew

Why they’re awesome: Show your support for Cordillera farmers when you purchase from Loca Brew! This store sources coffee beans from Cordillera, and they are available as sampler sets (5 pcs) and bundle set with a grinder and french press.

In-store Products: coffee beans and grounds

Get the Loca Brew’s grind and brew gift set for PhP881 (originally PhP899), available in three flavors

19. Barley’s

Image: Barley’s

Why they’re awesome: Coffee by itself is already yummy, but what if it’s infused with other healthy ingredients too? Barley’s range of products fuses your favorite caffeinated drink with barley and alkaline, which improves your body’s pH level to absorb more nutrients. They also offer grape juice with Garcinia Cambogia, which helps in burning fat.

In-store Products: coffee and organic juices

Get the Barley’s amazing cafe mocha with barley and alkaline for PhP750

20. Max Protect

Max Protect
Image: Max Protect

Why they’re awesome: In the current times, ethyl and isopropyl alcohols are important to keep you and your loved ones safe. At Max Protect, you can get liters of 70% quality alcohol that is not only effective as a disinfectant and fused with moisturizer to keep your hands soft at every use.

In-store Products: isopropyl and ethyl alcohol

Get the Max Protect’s ethyl alcohol for PhP427 to PhP475 (originally PhP499), available in 3.2 liters and 3.7 liters

The shipping discounts will save you money when you buy from your go-to Yoorekka WebMall Outlets merchants! Get your essentials for less starting this September 15 until October 15, 2021!

Prices may change without prior notice. Items are available as of writing.

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