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7 Fashion Trends For Ladies That Will Be Popular This Year

For anyone who loves to get ahead of the trends!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | January 04, 2022
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A new year means a new look! The year 2022 marks new beginnings for many—including stylish fashionistas! And despite the entire world still under the pandemic and collectively wearing loungewear at home, it doesn’t hurt to know which fashion trends and styles will make you stand out when you step outside. Not to mention, maybe you’ll need a wardrobe refresh too! Yoorekka got you covered: here are experts-predicted fashion trends that will take over the fashion scene this 2022!

1. Colorful bags

Fashion Forecast: 7 Hot Trends to Look Out For This Year, fashion

Outfits will be less boring with a colorful bag.

By colorful, we mean bright colors! Neons will be making a fierce and stylish comeback in the fashion scene through accessories—particularly bags. With Y2K trends still going strong, baguette-style shoulder bags in bright neon colors will be a staple and in-style for both young and young-at-heart fashionistas. The best part is, it will add a pop of color to many outfits!

2. Chandelier earrings

Fashion Forecast: 7 Hot Trends to Look Out For This Year, trends

Fashion wouldn’t be complete without accessories!

The past years showed many people’s interest in piercings, and stud earrings were popular. This 2022, the longer, the better when it comes to accessories—which means chandelier earrings will be back! Bold sparkly and long earrings add more dramatic flair to many stylish outfits. Don’t hold back, fashionistas: this is the year to wear the most extravagant and stylish accessories you have!

3. Shiny pieces

Fashion Forecast: 7 Hot Trends to Look Out For This Year, outfits

Metallic and sparkly fashion is in!

After almost two years of prioritizing comfort over style, many fashionistas will be embracing more eye-catching pieces and accessories this coming year. Aside from bright colors, fabric materials will trend this 2022–which means shiny fashion things will be popular. Yes, blings are in again! So get the most lustrous accessories and outfits!

Clothes in shiny fabrics or metallic finish will also make great additions to fashionistas who want to stand out at parties or even just errand runs. Keep an eye out for fashion pieces embellished with glitters, rhinestones, and sequins!

4. Purple clothes and accessories

Fashion Forecast: 7 Hot Trends to Look Out For This Year, stylish

Violet shades will be stylish this year.

Just like the previous Pantone’s Color of the Year picks and trends, Very Peri can be expected everywhere this 2022! And it’s not just the laid-back and cool purple shades; any shades of purple are expected to take the trends and fashion world by storm. This year is the best time to get those purple boots you’d been eyeing finally! Aside from clothes and accessories, you can also dye your hair purple to add stylish oomph to your outfits. Who knows? It might be your next fashion signature color!

5. Elevated comfort

Fashion Forecast: 7 Hot Trends to Look Out For This Year, shopping

Comfy clothes are still fashion trends this 2022!

Comfort will remain a priority for many, which is why loungewear will remain stylish, but it will be getting an elevated look, according to fashion experts. Oversized pants will be in-style that you can even wear outside your home. Soft-styled pants will triumph over pieces of denim, so get those leggings, culottes, and joggers from the back of your closet! Of course, these comfy pieces will also have more flattering shapes and stylish designs.

6. Platform shoes

Fashion Forecast: 7 Hot Trends to Look Out For This Year, yoorekka com

Stylish footwear will add extra height.

In 2020, Crocs stylish made a major fashion comeback! Experts predict that the chunky platform footwear trends will continue in 2022, fitting for the stylish Y2K trends Millennials and Gen Zs fashionistas love. Boots, clogs, loafers, and heels will be getting extra inches that will amp up your outfits and height as well; when it comes to shoes this year, the chunkier, the better!

7. 2000s resurgence

Fashion Forecast: 7 Hot Trends to Look Out For This Year, yoorekka philippines

2000s trends and fashion will come back with modern twists.

Aside from the already Y2K stylish trends on this list, many fashion and style experts predict that this year will see more resurgence in other clothes and accessories from the 2000s, making comebacks. If you’re the ‘90s or ‘00s baby, this is the year to channel your inner Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake. This year’s trends will be about nostalgia, from velour tracksuits to silk slip-on dresses. Fashionistas, it might be time to dig up your older sister or mother’s closet for stylish outfits!

Get ahead of the trends and start to prepare your wardrobe for 2022! Visit Yoorekka Magazine for more fashion tips and guides for you!

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