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5 ‘Tipid’ Tips for Noche Buena Shopping Amidst High Inflation, Price Increases

Here’s how you can shop within your means with Noche Buena goods’ price hikes ahead of the holidays!

By: Kriszel T. Rago | December 21, 2022
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Noche Buena, Christmas Eve food, tipid tips Noche Buena

Creating a list, and early grocery shopping are some tips you need to know for stress-free holiday preparation.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease across the country, more shoppers may flock to malls and grocery stores for their last-minute holiday shopping. While you are excited about Christmas shopping and celebrations everywhere, you may feel quite upset with the rising prices of necessities, prime commodities, including Noche Buena items, and other expenses this season.

With last November’s inflation rate at 8.0 percent, the country’s average inflation rate from January to November 2022 stood at 5.6% and is expected to go higher this month of December. This year’s Christmas season is more costly than previous years.

Last November 23, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released an updated price guide for Christmas Eve foods, and here’s what you need to know:

Christmas Ham
Before (December 2021): PhP158 to PhP204 for 500g and PhP345 to PhP1,120 for 1kg
Now (As of November 23, 2022): PhP163 to PhP224 for 500g and PhP314 to PhP650 for 1kg

Quezo de Bola
Before: PhP285 to PhP410
Now: PhP200 to PhP513 for 300g to 750g

Spaghetti Pasta
Before: PhP33.75 to PhP52.50 for 400g, PhP54.50 to PhP72 for 500g, and PhP59 to PhP80 for 900g
Now: PhP39.25 to PhP61.50 for 400g, PhP69 to PhP90 for 500g, PhP69 to PhP111 for 850g to 1kg

Spaghetti Sauce
Before: PhP59.85 to PhP74 for 900g, PhP68.25 to PhP76.25 for 1kg
Now: PhP35.50 to PhP33.75 for 200g to 250g, PhP42 to PhP66.50 for 500g, PhP71.50 to PhP95.50 for 850g to 1kg

To lessen your stress with the expenses this season, here are some tipid (thrifty) tips for your Noche Buena shopping:

1. Set your budget, plan your menu, and create a shopping list

Noche Buena – Christmas Eve Food – Tipid Tips Noche Buena – Yoorekka, Noche Buena

A woman makes a shopping list.

To avoid overspending this season, you should set a certain amount you are willing to spend for all your Noche Buena or even Media Noche food. For a tipid tip for Noche Buena, note of how many guests you’ll have and how many people will share the expenses with you.

With your budget, plan your Christmas Eve food menu that works best considering the number of people eating and how many dishes will be served.

Based on your budget and menu, create a list of everything you need to buy and their prices. You may also take note of all the things you received or might receive from your Christmas party, packages from the local government, etc., to avoid repurchasing them.

Most importantly, use DTI’s E-Presyo system ( to check the suggested retail price of the items you need to buy and stick to your budget.

2. Switch to cheaper alternatives

Noche Buena – Christmas Eve Food – Tipid Tips Noche Buena – Yoorekka, Christmas Eve food

More often than not, public market offers low-priced goods than supermarkets, making it a better option for affordable shopping.

Aside from the products listed in the DTI’s price guide, you might want to check out repackaged Noche Buena items at your local public vendors for their lower prices. Opt to buy locally-produced Christmas hams at your local public market rather than those branded ones at the supermarkets or groceries. Instead of using ground pork or beef in your spaghetti, you may replace it with hotdogs or other processed meat.

3. Take advantage of holiday sales and bundles.

Noche Buena – Christmas Eve Food – Tipid Tips Noche Buena – Yoorekka, tipid tips Noche Buena

Christmas promos are offered by The SM Markets.

Image: SM Markets Facebook page

Christmas sales, promos, and bazaars have been everywhere since ber months started. You might score great deals on items from your Noche Buena and grocery items to your Christmas gifts. These sales, promos, and bazaars allow you to buy things and present in bulk for low prices compared to when bought as single items—letting you get the most out of your budget. Buying Christmas Eve food items in bundles is also time-efficient; you can get your groceries in one basket or box without spending more time roaming around the store.

4. Avoid last-minute shopping

Noche Buena – Christmas Eve Food – Tipid Tips Noche Buena – Yoorekka, Noche Buena

Christmas shoppers flocking to SM Markets for groceries.

Image: SM Markets Facebook page

Prices of Noche Buena items, necessities, and prime commodities tend to go higher as Christmas approaches. It’s better to buy the things you need as soon as possible while the prices haven't increased much. You can also save yourself from crowded areas, long lines, and heavy traffic at your local public market, supermarkets, or grocery stores.

5. Learn to cut back

Noche Buena – Christmas Eve Food – Tipid Tips Noche Buena – Yoorekka, Christmas Eve food

You can opt to give cheap but thoughtful gifts—remember, it’s the thought that counts.

One of the spirits of Christmas is gift-giving, and if you’re fond of giving away extravagant gifts for your loved ones, you might want to reconsider. With the current economic situation, cutting your budget for gift shopping is one of the best ways to save money this season. Be more practical in choosing less expensive gifts that are useful for the receiver of the present.

Bear in mind these tips, and you’ll surely save money, time, and stress. Most importantly, make it a family effort to prepare and celebrate this season. After all, Christmas is not all about giving and receiving gifts; it is also about spending time with your loved ones.

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