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Flights Cancelled or Delayed? Here's What to Do

What to do if the flight is cancelled? Check out these handy tips!

By: Yoorekka Team | January 10, 2023
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what to do if the flight is cancelled, delayed flights, flight cancellations in the Philippines

Due to cancelled and delayed flights last January 1, 2023, many passengers were stranded at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Image: Philippine News Agency Facebook page

Everyone dreams of a well-deserved vacation, whether inside or outside the country. But those dreams may become nightmares once you receive notifications about cancelled or delayed flights.

Like what happened on New Year’s Day of 2023, almost 300 flights were cancelled and put on hold at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. A power supply problem caused the airport’s traffic management system to go offline for hours; although there was a backup power supply, it wasn't enough to restore the system. Airlines also announced that passengers might expect more delayed flights as part of the recovery operations.

Aside from the issue mentioned above, there are other reasons for flight delays and flight cancellations in the Philippines, such as natural calamities, unfavorable weather conditions, government regulations, and security and safety concerns. So, what to do if the flight is cancelled?

Know your rights as an airline passenger

What to Do if the Flight is Cancelled – Delayed Flights – Yoorekka, what to do if the flight is cancelled

When something goes wrong with your flight, you must learn your rights as an airline passenger.

Image: Ninoy Aquino International Airport MIAA Facebook page

In these unfortunate events, it is essential to know your rights as a passenger, and we listed things on what to do if the flight is cancelled or delayed.

According to the Air Passenger Bill of Rights, passengers have the right to compensation and amenities in case of flight cancellations, delays, and other exceptions. For delayed and cancelled flights attributable to the air carrier, these are your rights:

Cancellation at least 24 hours before the Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)
● Be notified of the cancellation fact
● Rebook or reimburse the passenger, at the passenger’s option

Cancellation under 24 hours before the ETD
● Be advised beforehand of the cancellation fact
● To amenities, including food, drink, hotel accommodations, etc.
● Be reimbursed for the value of the fare, taxes, surcharges, and other optional fees.
● Be endorsed on another air carrier without paying any fare difference
● Rebook the ticket without additional charge

For cancellations due to other causes such as force majeure, safety, and/or security reasons
● Be reimbursed for the total value of the fare.

Terminal delay of three hours after ETD, whether or not such is due to the carrier
● Avail refreshments or meals
● Free phone calls, texts or e-mails, and first aid, if necessary
● Rebook or refund the ticket
● Endorsed to another carrier

Terminal delay of at least six hours after ETD for causes attributable to the carrier
● To consider the flight cancelled to avail the rights and amenities provided for if actual cancellation
● Extra compensation equal to at least the amount of the sector delayed
● To board the flight if it takes more than six hours after the ETD considering that the passenger has chosen not to rebook and/or refund

Tarmac delay of at least two hours after the ETD
● Sufficient food and beverage

Check the airline’s policies and guidelines.

What to Do if the Flight is Cancelled – Delayed Flights – Yoorekka, delayed flights

Protect yourself while traveling here and abroad by knowing your airline’s rules and regulations.

Image: Ninoy Aquino International Airport MIAA Facebook page

Aside from knowing your rights as a passenger, you might also want to check on your chosen airline’s policies and guidelines for flight cancellations in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific passengers have the following options:
● Rebook cancelled flights within 30 days with waived changes and fare differences;
● Convert their tickets into a Travel Fund with a validity of six months; or
● Get a refund according to their form of payment.

Philippine Airlines passengers have these options:
● Convert their tickets to Travel Credits equivalent to the unused base fare of the ticket with a validity of one year from the date of issuance;
● Rebook or reroute their ticket to another flight with available space within 60 days from the original flight in the same booking class or higher within the same cabin class; or
● Refund the ticket without penalties, excluding Ticketing Service Charge.

For cancelled AirAsia flights, passengers may opt to:
● Get a full refund of the ticket;
● Convert the ticket into a credit account to be used or redeemed within 90 days from its date of issuance; or
● Change to a new departure date or ride on the next available flight without additional fees.

Checking your flight status before going to the airport and considering insuring travel insurance are other things you have to know in case of a cancelled or delayed flight.

Delayed or cancelled flights are no fun; they can ruin your schedule or other plans. However, you can adequately deal with such situations if you stay calm and be prepared with these tips.

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