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This Rechargeable Neck Fan Is Your Lifesaver During Heat Waves—And It’s Less Than PhP500

Keep cool on camping trips, beach days, and outdoor gigs with this portable neck fan!

By: Elizabeth Garde | April 26, 2023
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portable neck fan, summer essentials, neck fan

Neck fans are convenient and easy to use this hot season!

Image: Aolon Philippines

It’s undeniably hot this summer season, and we can all agree that the heat is unstoppable—day or night. Make the summer heat bearable with this innovative tool—neck fans! Sure, electric fans and air condition units do well in helping you beat the summer heat at home. But with this innovative tool, you can conveniently carry a neck fan to stay effortlessly fresh and cool everywhere you go.

Portable neck fans became a trend in 2022, particularly in the Philippines, because of the blazing heat enough for you to fry a sunny-side-up egg on your head. A high-quality, durable, and rechargeable hanging neck fan is the solution for you to keep up with your day and be productively hustling, making you unstoppable despite the heat.

Other than keeping you cool this summer, here are other reasons why you should get a portable neck fan and its features that you should be looking for when buying one:

Comfortable and convenient, you can carry it anywhere you go.

Portable Neck Fan – Summer Essentials – Neck Fan – Yoorekka PH, portable neck fan, summer essentials, neck fan

Neck fans can be used for travel, workout, and even while working.

Image: Aolon Philippines

Neck fans are recommended as part of your summer essentials. Cooling neck fans are like mini electric fans but with a more innovative and ergonomic design. Neck fans sit comfortably between your neck and shoulders, blowing wind straight to your face. Hanging neck fans are lightweight, which you can wear comfortably or add to your overall outfit as an accessory. Neck fans also cool your nape while continuously cooling your body, especially parts prone to heat and sweating. You won’t need those handheld fans anymore because portable neck fans are back on trend, coming to the rescue.

Rechargeable; you can use it for eight hours.

Portable Neck Fan – Summer Essentials – Neck Fan – Yoorekka PH, summer essentials

Use it for work for cooling comfort without the distracting feeling.

Image: Aolon Philippines

Neck fans are rechargeable, adding up to their convenient features. You can turn up rechargeable neck fans depending on the speed that varies with each brand of neck fan. But you can guarantee that most portable neck fans release cool wind at a 360-degree angle and can fascinatingly cool you down for 8 hours. That means you will stay fresh when commuting and going to work and avoid haggardness when going home.

Stylish and purposeful, wear neck fans in style anywhere you go!

Portable Neck Fan – Summer Essentials – Neck Fan – Yoorekka PH, neck fan

You can use neck fans as an accessory, too!

Image: Aolon Philippines

When neck fans buzzed in the online market in 2022, it was first seen worn by prominent celebrities Angel Locsin and Kathryn Bernardo as they were spotted attending campaign rallies and events. These celebrities were seen attending such events in the heat and hot afternoons, and their portable neck fans kept them fresh and going all day.

Neck fans are perfect accessories to wear, too! Besides the fact that this summer essential will keep you from migraines because of the heat, neck fans also come in different styles and vibrant colors that you can pair with any outfit. No matter what color and style you choose, neck fans efficiently serve their purpose, to keep you fresh from day to night with just a button press. Plus, portable neck fans keep you cool, hassle-free, and hands-free!

Are you persuaded to get a portable neck fan while aiming to look fresh all day? You can get yours and other summer essentials when you subscribe and check out products from Yoorekka Magazine!

Items are available as of writing; prices and discounts may change without prior notice. Also, please note that we may earn a commission if you buy something through our links.

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