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These ‘Katsa’ Fashion Pieces Are a Clever Way to Transform Your Flour Sacks into a Fancy Clothing

This ‘katsa’ fashion top is next to nothing.

By: Mira Maestrecampo | May 18, 2023
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katsa fashion, katsa clothing, upcycling flour sacks

‘Katsa’ cropped tops are easy and comfy summer outfits.

Images: Thrift or treat Facebook page

Sustainable fashion has become a significant trend not just internationally but also here in the Philippines, as more people have become more aware of the negative impacts that fast fashion has on the environment. We are now further introduced to upcycling, a sustainable fashion that repurposes materials to create new and unique pieces. One material perfect for upcycling is the katsa or sackcloth, used to pack cornstarch or flour. Also called flour sack, this latest fashion discovery entails creativity and advocacy in one!

Rock that Katsa fashion outfit and read on to learn more about upcycled katsa!

Sleeveless Side Tie Katsa Crop Top

Katsa Fashion – Katsa Clothing – Upcycling Flour Sacks – Yoorekka PH, katsa fashion

Available designs: Wooden Spoon, Golden Yellow, Golden Maple, Cinderella, Blue Wooden Spoon; size: 19 in (w) x 17.5 in (l)

Images: Thrift or treat Facebook page

Sustainability in fashion is one of the many ways to combat the adverse effects of overconsumption that may harm the environment. Being a fashionista and an advocate for environmental care will not be that hard, and you can be a walking fashion advocate yourself when you wear one of these gorgeous katsa fashion pieces.

You can never resist the charming designs, prints, and styles of these katsa fashion cropped tops. Aside from being stylish, these Katsa crop tops also benefit the environment! Prints of these katsa clothing pieces look like sacks of flour, as seen in the cute photos. You can wear Wooden Spoon or Golden Yellow in flour sack sleeveless with a side tie style and show off some skin while feeling fashionably cool this summer.

Price: 149

Katsa Crop Top Polo

Katsa Fashion – Katsa Clothing – Upcycling Flour Sacks – Yoorekka PH, katsa clothing

Available colors: Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Apple Green, Queen, Yellow; size: 18 in (w) x 17 in (l)

Images: Thrift or treat Facebook page

Celebrities have hopped into the trend, like Kapamilya star Kathryn Bernardo. She was spotted wearing a blue katsa polo crop top and rocking the katsa fashion while visiting Isla Amara, her co-owned resort in Palawan.

These katsa clothing pieces come in many styles and are available for sale in many online stores, Instagram, Facebook, and other shopping platforms. Katsa polo tops are comfy and fit perfectly with your favorite mom jeans. Upcycling flour sacks gives them a better upgrade, turning them into something that never goes out of style.

Price: PhP199

Katsa Terno Puff Sleeves

Katsa Fashion – Katsa Clothing – Upcycling Flour Sacks – Yoorekka PH, upcycling flour sacks

Available designs: Puff Top Tulip, Puff Top Blue WS, Garter Shorts Blue, Puff Top Cinderella, Shorts Cinderella; size: top – 17 in (w) x 13 in (h); shorts can fit 28 in waistline

Images: Thrift or treat Facebook Page

Suppose you are lucky in sourcing social media stores and online shops selling upcycled katsa outfits. You might stumble upon coordinate outfits and puff-sleeved style tops in that case. This tulip-designed flour sack has turned into a trendy coordinate outfit. Indeed, hopping into this upcycling flour sack supremacy trend is good for you and the environment!

Price: PhP199

Recycling vs. Upcycling

For those confused about the difference between recycling and upcycling, here’s a quick take on the two: recycling consists in breaking down an unused product or item into its raw materials and using those to create something new. On the other hand, upcycling transforms an old or discarded thing or product into something of better quality and higher value.

Upcycling flour sacks and turning them into trendy fashion requires creativity and skill. It also has a more significant environmental impact by reducing waste, which can benefit environmentally and economically.

Fashion evolves and improves to cater to what you need, like these upcycled katsa clothing as perfect summer outfits for both men and women! Score these katsa fashion pieces while advocating sustainability for the betterment of our environment.

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Items are available as of writing; prices and discounts may change without prior notice. Also, please note that we may earn a commission if you buy something through our links.

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