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These 7 Best Ziplines in the Philippines Are Your Kind of Fearless-Fun-Ride Adventure

Long, high, and best ziplines in the Philippines you can never imagine!

By: Elizabeth Garde | May 19, 2023
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This is the sign of being fearless—go on a zipline!

Fuel your thrill-seeking spirits in the beautiful, chosen islands of the Pearl of the Orient! Zip lining is a thrilling adventure activity, and many Philippine destinations offer amenities for you to try this extreme sport. Some, or even many, look for the famous, highest, or longest zipline in the Philippines; indeed, there is always something in our naturally gifted country for any thrill-seeker! There are a lot of extreme adventures in the Philippines that you can explore—but so far, here are some of the seven best ziplines in the Philippines!

1. Lake Sebu Zipline

Where: South Cotabato, Mindanao

Best Zipline in the Philippines – Extreme Adventure in Philippines, best zipline in Philippines

This eco-tourist destination in the Philippines is famous for its long and high zipline!

Image: South Cotabato Government website

Lake Sebu is the most famous zipline spot in the country, located in the untouched forests of South Cotabato. The place also called the Land of the Dreamweavers, is described as naturally magnificent and rich in natural resources. Lake Sebu is more than just a lake like new travelers mostly thought. It’s a small town with many tourist spots you can enjoy, like lakeside restaurants, waterfalls, naturally made forests, and of course, the most sought-after zipline activity you can do! Lake Sebu is always on top of any list of the best ziplines in the Philippines, and it’s up to you to know why!

2. Sablayan Zipline

Where: Parola Park, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

Best Zipline in the Philippines – Extreme Adventure in Philippines, extreme adventure in Philippines

Don’t miss out on going on a zipline at this spot in Occidental Mindoro!

Image: Mindoro AdvenTours Facebook Page

Adventures beyond your expectations await at Sablayan’s Zipline, hailed as the world’s longest island-to-island zipline. What’s more fascinating is that it is located in the Philippines! Luckily, you are not too far from experiencing the lush beaches and tropical life in Occidental Mindoro. Sablayan is one of the best ziplines in the Philippines, situated in the western part of the province. This adrenaline of experiencing this zip line excites visitors, and sharing the zipline in Sablayan will surely be one for the books!

Add this extreme adventure in the Philippines to your bucket list and experience the Sablayan zip line for only PhP500 per head.

3. Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Where: Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol

Best Zipline in the Philippines – Extreme Adventure in Philippines, zipline destination in Philippines

Chocolate Hills and a zipline adventure in Bohol? A big yes!

Image: AKIJI Travel and Tours

Push the limits of your adventurous spirit at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park and experience their adrenaline-pumping activities. Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) lets you feel the rush as they offer two kinds of ziplines: The Rush bike zipline and The Wave Runner or the surf zipline. Both are priced at PhP750 per head and whatever the amount will be worth the pay once you experience such thrills and extreme adventures in the Philippines in your Bohol adventure. This zipline destination in Bohol is a worthy addition to this list of best ziplines in the Philippines.

4. Danao Adventure Park Zipline

Where: Magtangtang, Danao, Bohol, Philippines

Best Zipline in the Philippines – Extreme Adventure in Philippines, best zipline in Philippines

Experience affordable adventure in Bohol with your family!

Image: Danao Adventure Park - E.A.T Danao Facebook Page

Face your fears and conquer the heights at Danao Adventure Park in Bohol! This famous zipline in the Philippines is yours to experience at an affordable price as low as PhP350. Danao Adventure Park offers their unique zipline called the Suislide, where you can go solo or in pairs! Bring your friends, family, or the whole barkada to a fantastic adventure at this zipline destination in the Philippines.

5. Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipline

Where: Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Best Zipline in the Philippines – Extreme Adventure in Philippines, extreme adventure in Philippines

Take advantage of every chance to adventure at this nature park in Bukidnon.

Image: Dahilayan Adventure Park

Enter Mindanao’s favorite extreme playground for only PhP50 and explore the many attractions and extreme adventures inside. Another topping this list of the best ziplines in the Philippines is Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. Adventure seekers will love experiencing the exhilarating zip line of this adventure park while taking a thrill ride above the magnificent view of the trees and hilltops. Do not hesitate to try the zip line at this zipline destination in the Philippines. Be among the bravest to take on the challenge of riding Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline and be like Superman for a short period as you launch at 4,700 feet above sea level.

This adventure place in the Philippines boasts two 840m ziplines with a drop of 100 meters. One is the 820m zipline, and the more thrilling one is called the Python Rollerzip, also tagged as Asia’s first zipline roller coaster. You will drop, swing, and bounce over 500 meters above the ground, and just hearing it will make your heart pound excitingly!

6. Puerto Galera Zipline

Where: Ponderosa, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Best Zipline in the Philippines – Extreme Adventure in Philippines, zipline destination in Philippines

Get the best views of the mountains with the Puerto Galera zipline!

Image: Puerto Galera Zipline Facebook page

Located on the hills of Mt. Malasimbo, this paradise for adventure seekers welcomes anyone who wants to experience adventure activities in the Philippines. One of the best ziplines in the Philippines, this zipline at Puerto Galera stretches to 650 meters, offering a heart-pumping ride while getting the best angle of the magnificent views of the beautiful rainforests of Mt. Malasimbo. Guests who have experienced the Puerto Galera zipline claim the lift will not cost them any regrets. The beguiling attractions of Oriental Mindoro will add up to your memorable and adventurous experience at one of the most famous zipline destinations in the Philippines.

7. Caliraya Resort Club Zipline

Where: Brgy. Lewin Lumban, Laguna

Best Zipline in the Philippines – Extreme Adventure in Philippines, best zipline in Philippines

Fun and adventure never end at this nature resort and adventure park in Laguna.

Images: Caliraya Resort Club (Official) Facebook page

The 7.6 hectares of lush green landscapes on top of the mountains of Laguna is a nature and adventure paradise. Unwind at Caliraya Resort Club, or better yet, take on the adventure of experiencing their Superman zipline. ‘Get high’ with one of the best ziplines in the Philippines while also taking a break and unwinding at this charming nature resort.

The Philippines might be a small country, but it is full of extreme adventure spots and, most interestingly, the home of the best zipline destinations! Many adventurous things to do in the Philippines await you; you just have to take that brave leap of faith and jump your way to new adventures!

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