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Your Much-Awaited Starbucks Traditions Collection Is Now Available; Here’s How to Get It

Collecting stars to get the best and much-awaited Starbucks merch got easier!

By: Yoorekka Team | November 10, 2023
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best Starbucks

Get your hands on this aesthetic planner, tumbler, cup, mug, and tote bag with your every purchase and sticker at Starbucks.

Image: 2024 Starbucks Traditions website

Heads up, Starbucks lovers! Your favorite coffee shop dropped its much-awaited planner and must-collected merchandise for next year, the 2024 Starbucks Traditions Collections.

The best Starbucks merchandise for 2024 includes a planner organizer with a pen, a stainless-steel tumbler, a pearl cold cup, a warm mug, and a tote bag.

Starbucks Pens

This 2024 Starbucks Traditions Collections Planner is available in rose gold and abalone gray and comes with a pen. This best Starbucks merch has a beautifully crafted leather cover with a ring that can hold over 250 pages, card holders, postcards, and a sticker pad. The set pays tribute to the Siren with the dotted details of the tail all over the leather cover.

Starbucks Tumbler

Keep your favorite Starbucks drink warm or cooler for longer with the 2024 Starbucks Traditions Collections Stainless Steel Tumbler in Ebony. This best Starbucks merch is leak-proof and has a sleek and minimalistic design adorned with a dotted Siren around its body.

Starbucks Pearl Gold Cup

best Starbucks cup with straw

Sip your drinks anywhere with this Starbucks merch.

Image: Starbucks Philippines Facebook page

Perfect for Starbucks lovers who are always on the go, the 2024 Starbucks Traditions Collections Pearl Cold Cup in 22oz boasts a star-adorned straw stopper that adds an extra charm to your coffee runs.

Starbucks Gray Mug and Polka Tote

This 2024 Starbucks Traditions Collections Warm Gray Mug and Polka Tote is a new set designed for stylish coffee runs. This best Starbucks merch includes a tote bag with a compartment to hold your items conveniently and a 12oz mug for when you feel like stylishly sipping your coffee warm.

How to Get The 2024 Starbucks Collection

In addition to the good news, getting the stickers for this best Starbucks merch is easier.

• If you’re already a member of Starbucks Rewards, download the Starbucks app, log in to your account, and opt into the Starbucks Traditions e-Promo Card at the homepage. An e-sticker is automatically awarded to your account on every purchase of an eligible drink.

• If you’re not a member, collect Starbucks stickers through the QR Promo Card. Ask your barista for a QR Promo Card for the first time and scan the QR code on the card at the register to earn online stickers on every purchase of an eligible drink.

Join the hype, start collecting Starbucks stickers, and connect with fellow Starbucks lovers with every purchase and redemption of the 2024 Starbucks Traditions Collections. The period runs until March 2, 2024, in all Starbucks stores nationwide.

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