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We Found the Exact Scent of Bea Alonzo’s Favorite Perfume for Below PhP300

Get the exact scent of Bea Alonzo's perfume dupe without breaking the bank!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | February 15, 2024
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Bea Alonzo perfume

Santal 33 by Le Labo is on Bea’s fave perfume list; here’s a dupe you can cop.


Perfumes have been essential to human lifestyles for thousands of years, captivating the senses and helping leave a lasting impression. Celebrities often have their favorite fragrances, and Filipino actress Bea Alonzo has publicly expressed her love for the Le Labo Santal 33 Perfume in one of her vlogs. To experience this captivating fragrance, read about its unique characteristics and why it has become Bea Alonzo's signature scent.

Bea Alonzo perfume

Available in 100 ml


Bea Alonzo’s favorite perfume is a unisex fragrance launched in 2011 by the niche perfume house Le Labo. It is known for its woody, aromatic, and spicy notes, creating a warm and captivating scent that is inviting and sophisticated. The fragrance is built around sandalwood, a sacred ingredient used in perfumery for centuries. What sets Santal 33 apart from other scents on the market is its luxurious and unique appeal, with an original marine fragrance for both men and women, making this Bea Alonzo’s perfume.

Why Bea Alonzo loves this scent?

Bea Alonzo’s favorite perfume possesses adventurous scents, including woods, citrus, and spices, capturing the defining image of the spirit of the American West and personal freedom. This fragrance and the best Santal 33 Class A dupe can be worn by both men and women, making it a unifying scent that transcends gender boundaries. Whether Bea Alonzo is attending a glamorous red carpet event or simply going about her daily routine, Bea Alonzo’s perfume enhances her aura and leaves a lasting impression. The versatility of this fragrance ensures that it complements any occasion and leaves an unforgettable scent trail wherever she goes.

This scent is also inspired by the freshness of the ocean, the aromatic essence of masculine and sexy vitality, power, and seduction, combining a mix of cardamom with notes of iris and violet, which crackle in the formula of this fragrance.

Experience the sexy feeling with this mysterious fragrance of Bea Alonzo’s perfume. This scent unleashes your natural power of seduction, embodying the actress’s sexy elegance.

One spritz of this of Bea Alonzo’s favorite perfume can last for hours, which is particularly important for someone like Bea, who often has long days filled with various commitments. The long-lasting nature of Santal 33 ensures that she remains enveloped in its intoxicating aroma from morning to night, boosting her confidence and enhancing her overall presence.

The blend of sandalwood, cardamom, iris, and other carefully selected notes gives Santal 33, and even this best Santal 33 dupe. This distinct character cannot be easily replicated, making it the perfect fragrance for someone seeking uniqueness and sophistication.

Positive Reviews:

“Yay! So happy with my purchase. Item was packed securely and arrived in excellent condition. It's so pretty! Thank you so much seller!” – by X***

“Bea Alonzo made me buy this perfume but I can say that this scent is not for everyone though mabango nman.. amoy mayaman.. amoy imported” – by e***

Make Bea Alonzo’s perfume your signature scent, and get yours for only PhP293.61!

Le Labo Santal 33 Perfume has captured the heart of Bea Alonzo and has become her favorite fragrance. As Alonzo continues to captivate the hearts of her fans with her acting skills and stunning beauty, it is no surprise that she has chosen a fragrance that perfectly complements her effortless charm and leaves a lasting impression. Le Labo Santal 33 has become more than just a perfume for Bea Alonzo; it is now a significant part of her identity, enhancing her presence and making her unforgettable.

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