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This Electric Shoe Dryer is a Must-Have this Rainy Season—And It’s on Sale Right Now!

This electric shoe dryer keeps your shoes dry all day!

By: Kriszel T. Rago | June 27, 2024
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electric shoe dryer

Worry no more about wet footwear with this electric shoe dryer during the rainy season.

Image: Deerma Philippines

The rainy season is here! Aside from wet umbrellas, wet shoes are also expected everywhere, especially for those who commute to work or must be on their feet all day. These situations may be uncomfortable and inconvenient, particularly when you need to use those shoes again. In addition, wet footwear can lead to blisters, fungal infections, and unpleasant odors.

Fortunately, Deerma has the perfect solution with its advanced and highly efficient electric shoe dryer. Introducing the Deerma HX20 Shoe Dryer!

electric shoe dryer

Size: 211 x 117 x 280 mm

Image: Deerma Philippines

The Deerma HX20 Shoe Dryer features an intelligent constant-temperature system that rapidly eliminates moisture from your footwear, ensuring they are dry and comfortable. This technology maintains an optimal drying temperature, preventing potential damage to your shoes while efficiently removing dampness.

Equipped with a unique U-shaped air outlet, this best shoe dryer distributes warm air evenly to dry two pairs of shoes simultaneously.

electric shoe dryer

It can dry two shoes at the same time

Image: Deerma Philippines

Deerma HX20 Electric Shoe Dryer also has multiple drying modes for different types of footwear. The telescopic hose allows for deep drying, reaching the innermost parts of your shoes to ensure no moisture is left behind. Whether you have delicate sneakers or rugged boots, this dryer can handle them all.

This electric shoe dryer also ensures that your shoes are dry and hygienically clean, sterilizing them for up to 99.9%.

Deerma HX20 Shoe Dryer also has a space-saving design, so it’s easy to store around the house.

Positive Reviews:

“Super duper love ko to, kase talagang naghahanap ako ng gamit na makakapagpatuyo sa mga sapatos kong nabasa sa ulan. 5 stars sa lahat. Salamat seller. Perfect sya lalo na ngayon at tagulan.” - by Kate D.

“I'm using this to dry my helmet and shoes. item works perfectly. worth the purchase as it can be used in drying other stuff too.” - by Boj A.

Get this best shoe dryer for only PhP1,799 (originally PhP3,200 / 44% off).

Drying your shoes has never been easier or faster than with the Deerma HX20 Electric Shoe Dryer. This rainy-season essential is a reliable and efficient solution for keeping your footwear dry, comfortable, and germ-free.

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