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Try These New Restaurants When You Visit Puerto Princesa

These newcomers are shaking up Puerto Princesa’s food scene!

By: Keith Anthony S. Fabro | June 12, 2018
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new restaurants Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa City is often known as the gateway to the island destinations in the province of Palawan. But what most tourists (and even some locals) don’t know is it has an interesting food scene full of dining places ready to provide you with the tickle in the palate you need. That’s why asking where to eat in this city is daunting; there are just so many dining places and eateries worth your time!

1. Three Dames Café

Where: 2nd Floor, Malvar Square, Malvar Street, Puerto Princesa City

new restaurants Puerto Princesa

Three Dames Café looks like a photo studio—one that serves heavenly brownie with melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Images: Left, Michelle Amparo; Right, Three Dames Café Facebook Page

Three Dames Café is a café, creamery, and lounge all rolled into a chic, comfy, and cozy space. The name of the place comes from its three lady owners, who are friends sharing the passion and love for cooking and food. Since its opening, Three Dames has been trying the scheme of a rotating menu which has a selection of sweet and savory starters (PhP136 to PhP170) that are good for sharing.

It also offers a selection of hot and cold coffee-based (PhP50 to PhP180) and non-coffee-based drinks (PhP110 to PhP125), as well as various desserts (PhP85 to PhP167). Bestsellers include the Cheesy Potato Balls (PhP136), Overloaded Nachos (PhP270), and Barbecue Beef Ribs (PhP245).

2. Kaka’s Restaurant

Where: Rubydina’s, Lanzanas Road, San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

new restaurants Puerto Princesa

Everything at Kaka’s Restaurant is MSG-free, perfect for the health-conscious ones.

Images: Kaka’s Restaurant – Palawan Facebook Page

Kaka’s Restaurant is inspired by some of the province’s oldest and most successful restaurants. It specializes in dishes made from the freshest seafood and local produce. Kaka’s also prides itself in using fresh and MSG-free ingredients in its authentic Filipino offerings (PhP120 to PhP270), thus assuring even the most health-conscious of customers.

Diners can expect many Filipino favorites served with a twist, including Baby Bamboo Shrimp (PhP250), Sizzling Coco Squid (PhP230), and Tinumok Palawan (PhP225). Aside from being a restaurant, Kaka’s also serves as a music and art hub where everyone is encouraged to soak up the works of creative local artists and, sometimes, cultural shows.

3. Feisty Chef Resto

Where: UN’R Building, Manalo Extension, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

new restaurants Puerto Princesa

Feisty Chef Resto’s indulgent black angus steak platter is a must-try.

Images: Feisty Chef Resto Facebook Page

If hearty and savory dishes packed with flavor are a staple for you, then Feisty Chef Resto is definitely a place you should visit. This restaurant is owned and managed by an accommodating Filipino-Canadian couple who have grown to love the laidback Palawan lifestyle. It offers simple and delicious food (PhP90 to PhP990) inspired by the flavors of the world.

Feisty Chef Resto also has weekly Sunday Specials wherein the meal of the day every Sunday is a new dish made with the freshest and best ingredients. Their portions are big and good for sharing with friends. Make sure to try their delectable Flourless Chocolate Cake (PhP150) or New York Style Cheesecake (PhP150). They also serve desserts (PhP60 to PhP150), with beverages that range from brewed coffee and a selection of wines (PhP150 to PhP175) and spirits (PhP65 to PhP150) and non-alcohol beverages (PhP50 to PhP160).

4. CRAVE by Eightynine Café

Where: Junction Street Market, Junction 1, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

new restaurants Puerto Princesa

Mouth-watering chicken wings in a bucket at Crave by Eightynine Café

Images: CRAVE by Eightynine Cafe Facebook Page

For days when you crave for something but aren’t sure what it exactly is, CRAVE by Eightynine Café has got you covered. This stall located at a local food park boasts starters and desserts served in whimsical and creative ways which you can deem Instagram-worthy.

From fries that are a foot long (PhP130) to chicken wings or meatballs served in a bed of mashed potatoes in a bucket (PhP150), cheesecake on a stick (PhP150), to various sodas and fruit teas (starts at PhP89) with colors to match every mood, CRAVE by Eightynine Café clearly has something for the young (and young at heart!) foodies out there.

5. Campsite by Kusina ni Tito Ernie

Where: SM City Puerto Princesa, Malvar St. corner Lacao St.

new restaurants Puerto Princesa

Treat yourself with Campsite’s artisanal hearty kamote bread sandwich.

Images: Kusina ni Tito Ernie Facebook Page

Kusina ni Tito Ernie, one of the successful homegrown food businesses in the city, has pitched a tent at SM City Puerto Princesa and named it Campsite by Kusina ni Tito Ernie. Tito Ernie is a family-owned and managed restaurant specializing in making its own artisanal ingredients. In this newest venture, the selection of snacks lives up to the standards they are known for: organic, slow-cooked, fuss-free.

When you drop by, try Campsite’s freshly fried beignets (PhP25 to PhP35), artisanal hearty kamote (sweet potato) bread sandwiches (PhP100 to PhP200), refreshing tamarind and all-natural drinks (PhP70), and also their “straight to the point-good quality” Batangas brewed coffee (PhP50).

The food spaces we listed here would certainly make you feel right at home. Their decadent dishes plus their cozy ambiance are nicely put together. If they pass your lavish taste, then head over to one, if not all of them!
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