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Do You Like When It’s Raining? These 5 Activities in Palawan Will Make You Enjoy the Island While Raining

You can still have fun things to do in Palawan, even when pouring!

By: Keith Anthony S. Fabro | June 23, 2023
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So the weather is uncooperative, but you’re in Palawan and ready to experience island tours. What should you do now?

Images: Palawan Divers – El Nido Facebook page

Picture this: You have been planning to spend a vacation and do fun activities in Palawan for the longest time. So you spent some of your hard-earned savings to make it happen, researched in-depth the island tours and beaches you’ll visit, and took some days off work. Then you finally get to the island, and it’s all you thought it would be—except it’s raining. So what should you do now? Many great activities in Palawan answer this question, but one thing not to do is pack up and leave!

Lucky you, the province offers various things to keep you entertained even in the gloomiest weather. Try this list of things to do in Palawan while it’s raining to start your Palawan adventures.

1. Go on a food trip!

Activities in Palawan - Things to Do in Palawan - Palawan Adventure, activities in Palawan

Feast on a plate of seafood when in Palawan.

Images: Kawayanan Grill Facebook page

Palawan is more than beaches and mountains, and there are a lot of activities in Palawan that you should try. It is also teeming with restaurants that promise a satisfying gastronomic experience, whatever the weather. One excellent dish to try on a rainy day is Vietnamese Pho (locally known as “chao long”), which you can find in some popular Palawan spots. Fond of eating something exotic? Try Sizzling Crocodile Sisig (pork hash) or Tamilok (woodworm). Popular picks like grilled fish and other tasty seafood are also worth trying.

Palawan has good Italian restaurants where you can gorge on superb brick-oven pizza, pasta, and artisanal gelato. These prove interesting culinary scenes and things to do in Palawan, ready to impress all the foodies and adventure seekers! To add to your activities in Palawan, try some international dishes!

2. Have a spa or massage.

Activities in Palawan - Things to Do in Palawan - Palawan Adventure, things to do in Palawan

Recharge yourself by having a one-of-a-kind spa experience.

Image: Marina de Bay Facebook page

One relaxing activity in Palawan during rainy days is to pamper yourself at a spa center, which is easy to find in Palawan. Getting a massage is easy; most offer this service if you’re booked at a resort. Meanwhile, most spa spots have various massage options; you can choose from the traditional Filipino massage to Thai or Swedish massage to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

So whether you’re stressed about the weather or want to relax as you wait out the rain, don’t delay your Palawan adventure; signing up for a spa treatment as one of your activities in Palawan is the way to go.

3. Discover Palawan’s nightlife.

Activities in Palawan - Things to Do in Palawan - Palawan Adventure, Palawan adventure

Booze party on a rainy day, anyone?

Images: SAVA Beach Bar Facebook page

Palawan might be lagging in nightlife, but saying it has none is a misconception. A nice thing to do in Palawan for your night adventures is to find pubs and bars in Puerto Princesa City up and running until the wee hours. As an island province, the lively nightlife scene, especially in Coron and El Nido, is close to the sea, so you can hang out as one of your night activities in Palawan and grab a drink even on a rainy day. One last tip to double the enjoyment: when at a bar, don’t just sit in the corner; talk to people and make new friends as you groove to the music!

4. Explore the underwater scene.

Activities in Palawan - Things to Do in Palawan - Palawan Adventure, activities in Palawan

How about diving in El Nido?

Image: Palawan Divers - El Nido Facebook page

Taking a risk in bad weather is a terrible idea! If it’s just a drizzle or a rain shower and the sea is calm, no one will stop you from diving—probably on top of your beach activities in Palawan checklist already, as the waters of Palawan are perfect for diving. To get an idea of your next thing to do in Palawan is what to expect underwater, imagine you’re inside a giant aquarium brimming with marine life of different sizes and colors, and you already have a general picture of the thriving marine life.

If you’re reluctant to this Palawan adventure with the weather issue in mind, don’t worry. If it’s stormy and the conditions are too risky, your diving instructor will surely advise you to forget the “you only live once” mantra for the time being and to postpone this activity in Palawan.

5. Go to the beach and enjoy the view.

Activities in Palawan - Things to Do in Palawan - Palawan Adventure, things to do in Palawan

San Vicente’s Port Barton Beach is still lovely, even with a backdrop of gray skies.

Image: Blue Palawan Beach Club Facebook page

There are plenty of tourist spots that you should visit and add to your activities in Palawan, like beautiful beaches that you can still visit during this season. Among the provinces with exceptional beaches are El Nido, Coron, Linapacan, San Vicente, Puerto Princesa City, and Balabac. They’ll still leave you in awe, even on a rainy day! Swimming at the beach on a rainy day can still be appealing. But always take extra precautions and know when to avoid the waters, especially when it’s raining hard and there are lightning and thunderstorms.

This list of things to do in Palawan shows you can still enjoy activities in Palawan, even on rainy days!

Visit Yoorekka Magazine for more travel updates and guidelines in Palawan!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. Have a great trip!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on June 26, 2018.

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