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5 Recommended Spots in Palawan for Your New Year’s Eve Family Celebration

Welcome the New Year amid Palawan’s wonders as your holiday destination!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | September 17, 2020
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spots in Palawan, holiday destination, New Year's Eve family celebration

Tired of the same scene every New Year? Why not spend it in a new landscape like Palawan?

Images: @_afshin, @bacaubayresortcoron

It’s only September, but with the year being especially tough, many already wish for it to end. So as early as now, why not plan to say goodbye to this challenging year in one of the best islands in the world? It wouldn’t be difficult, as there are teeming spots in Palawan perfect for celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Don’t know where to look? Yoorekka got you covered. These remarkable spots in Palawan showcase the province’s wonders, and these holiday destinations also give you a memorable way to end the year. So read on and see five of the most remarkable spots in Palawan for a New Year's Eve family celebration!

1. Club Paradise Palawan

Location: Dimakya Island Coron
Rates: Start at PhP13,600

Spots in Palawan - Holiday Destination - Yoorekka Philippines, spots in Palawan

The gorgeous ambiance of Club Paradise makes it an enjoyable place for a New Year’s Eve party.

Image: Club Paradise Facebook Page

The first spot in Palawan on our list is the Club Paradise Palawan; besides its vast area and various amenities for a holiday destination, it hosts an annual themed New Year’s Eve party. Their countdown parties include a dinner buffet featuring international dishes. Diners would also get live entertainment from bands and DJs who will play music to hype the party. To top it all off, this spot in Palawan ends the night with a dazzling fireworks display.

2. Cadlao Resort & Restaurant

Location: Caalan, 5313 El Nido
Price range: Room prices are available upon request or booking; Food ranges from PhP150 to PhP990

Spots in Palawan - Holiday Destination - Yoorekka Philippines, holiday destination

The view at Cadlao Resort and Restaurant is breathtaking.

Image: Facebook Page

The beautiful sunsets at Cadlao Resort and Restaurant are just as beautiful as any bright fireworks display. This spot in Palawan is just 10 minutes from El Nido; the resort has a relaxing ambiance that is perfect for whole-day relaxation. For your end-of-the-year celebration, you’d be glad to know that the resort also holds a New Year’s Eve dinner since it is one of the holiday destinations in Palawan, filled with good music, fireworks, unlimited food, and drinks. After partying, you can stay in one of the comfortable rooms at this holiday vacation spot in Palawan that showcase views of Palawan’s wonders: El Nido Bay and Cadlao Island.

3. Astoria Palawan

Location: Kilometer 62, North National Hwy, Brgy. San Rafael, Puerto Princesa City
Rates: Start at PhP5,400 a night

Spots in Palawan - Holiday Destination - Yoorekka Philippines, New Year's Eve family celebration

Astoria Palawan is extra festive during the holiday season.

Images: @daninfantado, @anna21kiseleva

Astoria Palawan is not just a hotel for a tropical getaway but also a family-friendly holiday destination. During the holiday, they adorn the entire resort with festive lights that are great backdrops for pictures. This spot in Palawan is known for holding a spectacular New Year’s party. The festival includes live bands, fire dancers, and a fantastic fireworks display along with the delicious food for a New Year’s Eve family celebration. While waiting for the party, you can relax and pamper yourself at amenities like the spa. You can also explore the beach at this spot in Palawan, where you can see the spectacular view of Honda Bay and the mountains of southern Palawan.

4. Bacau Bay Resort Coron

Location: Governor's Drive, Sitio Jolo, Poblacion 5 Coron
Rates: Range from PhP6,500 to PhP12,125, depending on the room type

Spots in Palawan - Holiday Destination - Yoorekka Philippines, spots in Palawan

Looking for a tranquil spot for New Year? The Bacau Bay Resort is a place to visit.

Images: @_afshin, @bacaubayresortcoron

Bonding with your family this New Year? Bacau Bay Resorts is our next spot in Palawan and is a perfect place to have a New Year’s Eve family celebration. The Coron-based resort offers a serene atmosphere during the day and a chill spot for diners at night. The resort’s ambiance is one of the reasons to be the holiday destination for tourists; it is also the highlight of their New Year’s Eve celebration, live entertainment, and a buffet of delectable food. While waiting for the evening, your family can explore this spot in Palawan with vast recreational facilities like the majestic mangrove plantation, swimming pool, and spa.

5. Chez Rose Beach Bar & Restaurant

Location: BM Road Bry San Pedro, Puerto Princesa
Beach Entrance Fee: PhP20 (kids), PhP50 (adults)

Spots in Palawan - Holiday Destination - Yoorekka Philippines, holiday destination

The party vibe at Chez Rose Beach Bar and Restaurant is accompanied by great food and music.

Image: Chez Rose Beach Bar & Restaurant Facebook Page

You might enjoy the Chez Rose Beach Bar and Restaurant if you’re looking for a spot in Palawan for a music-filled night. This holiday destination has a beach-side resto, a known party spot featuring live music from DJs and local bands. You can enjoy the music while savoring their Filipino, French, and Asian cuisines. The bar also serves drinks to go with your dishes. Along with musicians, you can also expect performances from fire dance artists and pole dancers at this tourist spot in Palawan.

July 2023 Update: Food is not yet available at Chez Rose Bar and Restaurant, so bringing your food is allowed

From beach parties to dazzling fireworks displays, there’s no shortage of ways to spend your New Year’s Eve at Palawan!

Want to see more of Palawan’s wonders? Visit Yoorekka Magazine for the best recommendations!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on September 17, 2020.

Rates/prices may change without prior notice.

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